PIPA visit with Samuel Lofts in South Africa

PIPA’s chief of sales and co-owner Thomas Gyselbrecht and Pieter Oberholster, PIPA agent UK & South-Africa, flew to South Africa and spent time with Mr Samuel Mbiza and the world famous Mark and Billy Kitchenbrand of Kitchenbrand’s Loft.

The visitors

This special, informal gathering was held in Walkerville on Friday 3rd of February 2017 and Mr Samuel Mbiza, the owner of Samuel Lofts, was the host for this memorable day. Mr Samuel cordially welcomed his guests in an African way - with a grand Botswana cultural dance performance from a young group of vibrant youths. Mr Samuel told his history and what inspired him as a South African to grow an interest in the sport after Thomas Gyselbrecht asked him. Mark Kitchenbrand stated that Mr Samuel is a very interesting person to be associated with because Samuel’s passion excites him. “He’s got a passion for excellence and he wants to take this sport to the next level”, Mark Kitchenbrand exclaimed.

Looking at the pigeons

Thomas Gyselbrecht asked Mr Samuel what his goal in the pigeon sport was. In response, Mr Samuel said that it’s two things, mainly passion and to win. “I think most of the people have the similar spirit in this sport, which is the winning spirit. Fanciers race pigeons to win. I need to win and to be on the top rank in the sport”, answered Mr Samuel.

He added that his other vision in this sport is to bring transformation in the African society, both economically and socially. “I am also introducing this sport to the black society, using the sport to take the youth out from drugs and crime, instill the love for the sport in them and empower all age groups to aspire economically”, said Mr Samuel.

The gathering was successful, exuberant and informative. Pieter Oberholster wishes to thank Samuel, Mark and Billy for a wonderful and interesting PIPA visit and wishes them success, assistance and advice where needed with their dynamic future ventures.

In front of the lofts