A report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Coutances

One hundred and thirty-one members sent nine hundred and eleven pigeons to Coutances for the British Barcelona Club young bird race. After a one day holdover, they were liberated at 09.15CEST into a westerly breeze. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

J & J Brady

J and J Brady of Benfleet took first open and first section J on 1692ypm. Their cock must have flown the majority of the race solo as there were not many birds into section J. Its bloodlines are Jos Thoné x Ewin Scheffer x Des Coulter on the dam's side, with the sire on this side of the pedigree being Navajo Chief and the dam, Zuni. This cock was motivated by being allowed a widowhood box.

Alan & Jill Webber

Mr and Mrs Webber of Abingdon timed two pigeons together on 1565 and 1563ypm to take second and third open, first and second section D. Alan and Jill timed a cock first, closely followed by a hen. The cock was sent sitting twelve day eggs and its sire was a gift bird from Eamon Kelly containing Daniel Aerens bloodlines. The dam is from a gransdon of Bartoli bred by S and P Kulpa. The hen that they timed was bought from Roger Lowe.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge also timed two pigeons, both on 1545ypm to take fourth and fifth open, first and second section G. Derek's two youngsters came from his old Smit-van Winkle and Planet Brothers family of Janssens.

Ray & Brendan Eccles

R Eccles and Son from Baldock were sixth open and third section D on 1525ypm. Ray and Brendan clocked a hen bred down from a Jingles hen from Mr James of Bristol. The grandsire was bought from the late Derek Smith of Great Ayton and contains Lolita bloodlines.

Seventh open and fourth section D on 1490ypm went to W Smullen of Dunstable.

Mr and Mrs Ken Hine of Hayes were eighth open and fifth section D on 1467ypm.

Mick & Lyn Chaplin

Mick and Lyn Chaplin from Woking clocked a youngster on 1465ypm to take ninth open and third section G. Mick and Lyn timed a chequer pied cock sent racing to the perch.

Cook & Taylor

Completing the top ten and in second section J on 1432ypm are Cook and Taylor from Cambridge. Joan and David clocked a blue, white flight hen bred from a hen they purchased from Mark Bulled and containing his Red Bull bloodlines.

Around the sections

S & K Brimecome

S and K Brimecombe and Son of Portsmouth clocked a youngster on 1405ypm to take first section A. Stan and Ken timed a Ko Nipius hen bred from their own stock and raced on the darkness system.

Kevin & Vera Cooper

Mrs and Mrs Cooper of Liss were second section A on 1382ypm. Kevin and Vera's pigeon was gifted to them by Tommy Powers, the sire of which came from a Frans Vuegels cock purchased at Lier Market. The dam came from Tom's Huybrechts family.

Johnny Attrill

Johnny Attrill of Salisbury was third section A on 1301ypm. Johnny's youngster was a son of Nightmare containing Boshua bloodlines.

Mark Gower

Mr and Mrs Mark Gower of Fordingbridge timed two pigeon to take first and second section B on 1235 and 1112ypm respectively. Mark and Julie's first on the clock contains Van Rijn bloodlines with the dam coming from Brian Hawes while the sire was direct from Leo Van Rijn. Second to time was a De Weerdt hen, the sire coming direct, whilst the dam came from Andy Parson's stock.

Brian Young

B and P Young of Bournemouth were third section B on 943ypm. Brian timed a blue hen containing De Rauw Sablon x Van Rijn bloodlines. The sire came from Terry Wareham and the dam was from the late Arty Baverstock.

Graham Clift (r) & George Harding (l)

Graham Clift of Tirley was first and third section C on 1420 and 1300ypm. The section winner is a full brother to Graham's section winner with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club winner earlier in the season. The sire was bred from a son of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Dream, whilst the dam was a gift bird from Steve Bennett of Bristol and contains Geritt Lahuis bloodlines.

Raymond Beaconsfield

R Beaconsfield of Marlborough was second section C on 1332ypm. Ray timed a mealy Janssen cock from Ponderosa Stud.

Gary & Josephine Lewis

Section E was won by G Lewis from Newport on 1324ypm. Gary  timed a cock bred from his old family of pigeons when crossed with Soontjen bloodlines from Dave Harris of Newport. Gary also timed three other youngsters within nine minutes of his first arrival.

Tom & Ann Howarth

T Howarth of Northwich was second section E on 1249ypm. Tom's pigeon was an R and B Smith x A Stanway and was sent sitting a two day old squeaker.

Mrs and Mrs Shore from Crewe clocked a youngster on 1094ypm to take third section E.

Third section J went to Trevor and Adrian Wilson from Bishops Stortford on 1297ypm.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Coutances.