A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Messac on 17th May 2015

The British Barcelona Club race from Messac was released after one day holdover on the seventeeth of May 2015. The following is a report on the provisional result accoding to member's telephone verifications.

Mark Gilbert & Karen Gilbert

First and second open, first and second section D went to Mark Gilbert of Winkfield with a three year old hen being clocked first on 1412.4ypm and the second, a two year old cock on 1412.1ypm. Mark also took sixth and seventh open on 1399ypm and 1398ypm respectively. Both of his first two pigeons come from the same sire, which was second open from Saintes with the National Flying Club and was also in the top nine of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshore and Oxfordshire Federation in its first five races. This sire contains Syndicate Lofts, Dutch Master bloodlines when paired to an M & D Evans pigeon out of Golden Gaby. The dam of Mark's second pigeon is a daughter of Drappa's Champion Champ. Mark timed two further pigeons, a cock from a grandson of Jan Hoymans Harry when paired to a daughter of Starlight and Melissa and a bird bred from a direct George Catuess cock and a daughter of Southfield Supreme.

Pete Wells

P J Wells of Dunstable took the next two open results and the next two in section D, with a two year old on 1410.9ypm and then a yearling on 1410.2ypm. The sire of both Pete's pigeons was bred by Simon Schofield with the second on the clock being a daughter of the 11 hen. Pete timed a further pigeon to provisionally take eighth open, this being bred from a pair of Derek Human Cattryses.

Tom Powers

Tom Powers of Whitehill was first section A and fifth open with a yearling, widowhood cock on 1402ypm. This is this pigeon's third race this year and it is bred from a cock Tom imported from six times Dutch national winner Dennis Veugelers and which is closely inbred to Champion Superman. The dam is a daughter of Peggy's Boy, Tom's winner of first open from Cholet with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club and containing Huybreght bloodlines.

Marg Cowley

Mr & Mrs Cowley of Dorchester clocked three pigeons to take ninth, tenth and eleventh open and first, second and third section B. Their first was a two year old hen on 1390ypm and containing Willy Everaet Soontjens x Stone and Son Soontjen bloodlines. Next on the clock was a Mike Staddon FVJ Vandeheede x André Roodhooft Vandenabeele, this being a sister to their winner from Niort in 2014. The third arrival was the nestmate to their section winner from Messac in 2014 and is a Pearson & Dransfield Busschaert x Soontjen when paired to a Mike Staddon, Nelson x Ganus hen.

Around the sections

Richie Thomas

Second section A was won by R Thomas from Portsmouth with a two year old cock on 1336ypm. Richie's first pigeon was bred by Kenny and Jimmy Wearn and contains Jan Aarden x Jeff Cooper x Brian Denny bloodlines. Richie sent sixteen pigeons and had fifteen on the day of the race with the last arriving the following morning.

Steve Slade

First and fourth section C went to Steve Slade of Calne. First on the clock for Steve was a Janssen hen on its second channel race of the season. Next up was a previous section winner from Guernsey containing Janssen Aarden bloodlines.

Paul Hyatt

Paul, Brian and Wendy Hyatt from Tewksbury were the runners-up in section C with a M & D Evans, Myrtle Lofts pigeon named On His Own, as it previously topped the federation by a large margin. The sire of this pigeon is Jester 320 and the dam is Lady Bliksem.

Mr/s Beckett  & Sons

Mr and Mrs Beckett and Sons from Dunston took the first two positions in section E with a two year old hen on 1331ypm and a yearling hen on 1321ypm. First on the clock contains mixed bloodlines with a Delbar base and was flying natural, sent sitting four day old eggs. The Beckett's second bird is a granddaughter of Christines's Dream, the winner of this race for the partners in 2014.

Kevin & Julie Kingston

Kevin and Julie Kingston and Family of Cottingham were third section E on 1274ypm. The farthest flying members on the day at four hundred and seventeen miles, the Kingstons timed a broken pigeon they obtained from a fancier who retired from the sport two years ago. Flying on the natural system it was sent sitting eighteen day old eggs.

Mr & Mrs Chaplin

Section G was won by Mr and Mrs Chaplin of Woking with a yearling on 1339ypm. Mick and Lyn timed a dark chequer pied cock raced on the widowhood system and on its first channel race of the season. A pure Jan Aarden, its grandsire is Champion Padfields Invincible and both parents were purchased as youngsters from the House of Aarden stud. The partners clocked a second pigeon shortly afterwards to also take second section.

Crammond & Langstaff

Crammond and Langstaff of Fontwell were third section G with a four year old, widowhood cock on 1247ypm. This cock had been to Carentan earlier in the season. The sire was bred by Mark Gilbert, being a grandson of Dutchmaster and Gerrie on the dam's side and James Bond on the sire's. The dam is a Syndicate Lofts Gaby Vandenabeele, a direct daughter of Golden Gaby x Angie.

Willie Healy

W Healy of St Helier, Jersey timed a five year old on 1332ypm to take first section H. This is Willie's second section win and he timed Snowflake, a Jan Aarden x Late Joe Lewchio of Alloa. This cock was sent feeding a fourteen day old squeaker.

Paul Davies

P Davies of Jersey took the next two in the section, both five year olds on 1266ypm and 1241ypm respectively. Paul's first on the clock was lost for a year as a youngster, returning as a yearling and winning the club from Messac that season. As a two year old it topped the club from Saintes and in subsequent years acheived excellent section positions with the British Barcelona Club.

Mark & Hana Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow was first into section J with a four year old on 1327ypm. Mark timed Bump, his best racing hen and flown on the widowhood system. Bred from the best of Mark's old family, Bump is a previous winner of second from Bordeaux, twenty-ninth Bordeaux, eighteenth Alençon and seventy-third Cholet.

D Wilton & Son

D Wilton and Son were second section J with a yearling on 1317ypm. The partner's clocked a widowhood hen, the sire of which was bred by Mark Bulled from a son of Legacy, first open Tarbes Grand National in 2012. Having already been to Falaise this season, this hen was fourteenth open from Fougères as a youngster.

Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing were third section J with a three year old on 1259ypm.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Messac.