A report of the British Barcelona Club race from Messac on 17th May 2014

Two hundred and ninety five members entered two thousand, three hundred and sixty one birds into the British Barcelona Club race from Messac. They were liberated at 7.45am into a light north easterly wind turning south west on route. The following is a report of the provisional result based on telephone verifications.

Christine & Paul Beckett

First open and first section E was timed by Mr and Mrs Beckett and Sons from Dunston. (1358ypm) The family started racing in 1998 as Arthur and Christine plus their sons Paul and Colin. Since then Arthur has sadly passed away so Christine now is at the helm. They currently race a team of twenty old birds and they breed approximately fifty young birds each season. There is no particular strain housed at the loft but the partners believe in pairing winners to winners. Their winner from Messac is named Christine's Dream and is a two year old, natural hen sent sitting six day old eggs. Her bloodlines are Busschaert x Wim Moens.

Paul, Wendy & Brian Hyatt

First section C and second open went to P, B & W Hyatt of Tewsbury. (1340ypm) Paul and Brian timed a four year old M & D Evans Gaby Vandenabeele cock, the same pigeon that was sixtieth open from Carentan with the BBC two weeks previously. The partners have raced Myrtle Lofts' pigeons since 2000 and they are all raced on widowhood or roundabout. The partners have decided to concentrate on national races to try to achieve the ultimate first place.

Chris Whittingham

Second section E and third open was C Whittingham from Stafford. (1335ypm) Chris timed a two year old De Klak x Janssen Gaby Vandenabeele cock, the parents of which were bred by Gary Richards.

Geoff Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper from Peasdown St John timed second section C and fourth open. (1328ypm) The partners timed a two year old hen on its second channel race of the season. Named Evie and flown on widowhood, the Coopers are preparing this hen for the Pau international. It is exceptionally well bred as its two grandsires are Farm Boy and Legend. It is also a half sister to Georgia Jean which won eighth open Pau international.

Lawrence & Marg Cowley

Fifth open and first section B went to Mr and Mrs Cowley from Dorchester. (1318ypm) Lawrence and Marg timed a widowhood cock having its first channel race. It breeding is Pearson and Dransfield Busschaert x Soontjen when paired to a Mike Staddon Lou Wouter x Chris Gordon hen.

Sixth open and third in section C was timed by Mr and Mrs Anthony from Camborne. (1306ypm)

Johnny Attrill

First section A and seventh open went to J Attrill of Salisbury. (1302.7ypm) Johnny timed his all pooler, a four year old named Nightmare with numerous section positions to its name.

B & S Stone from Belper were third section E and eighth open. (1302.1ypm)

Colin Carpenter

Ninth open and second section B was timed by C Carpenter and Son from Poole. (1300ypm) Colin and son, Callum, timed a two year old Janssen cock bred from birds gifted to them from Steve and Tracey Bastable. The sire of this cock won a car for Steve Bastable. Raced on roundabout this pigeon has scored previously from Messac in club racing.

Tenth open went to B J Locke from Worcester. (1299ypm)

Around the sections

Rob Harbour with grandson Max

Second section A was timed by Rob Harbour from Newport on the Isle of Wight. Ron timed a yearling cock raced on the natural system and sent feeding a two week old youngster. The sire to this cock is an Ad Schaerlaeckens and the dam is a Deweerdt. Messac was its third race of the season. Third section A went to the partnership of Bartlett and Jones of Southampton.

Fournier and Harrison from Bridport were third section B.

Pete Wells

First and second section D went to P J Wells from Dunstable with two birds timed in quick succession. The section winner is a five year old, blue hen with many prizes and the bloodlines of Pete's old Janssen family which go back to Super Lou which won 52 x first prizes. In the race from Carentan this same hen was tenth section. Pete's second in the clock is a yearling blue chequer cock, the sire of which was bred by Simon Schofield of Leeds. Its bloodlines are Jos Thoné crossed with a daughter of Miss Leeds, one of Simon's top racers.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading was third section D. Roger's first home was a two year old widowhood cock named Red Ron. It is a son of Fast as Lightning, the winner of the British Barcelona Club young bird national by twenty five minutes. Roger sent twenty one widowhood cocks and had seventeen of them on the day with a further two arriving the next morning.

Tony Welch

The top three positions in section G were all timed by Mr and Mrs Welch from Chichester. Their first in the clock was a blue Janssen cock bred down from stock obtained from Lou Severe. This stock in turn being bred from that of Martin Mitchell.

Kevin Johnstone

Section H was won by K Johnstone from Jersey. Kevin timed a dark chequer cock which was gifted to him by Nigel Legg of Guernsey and had to be broken to its new loft. It was bred out of a son off Jim and Ann Donaldson of Scotland, named Doonan and a Kevin Murphy hen off Jim Donaldson's Rennes Lass bloodlines. Kevin has dedicated his section win to his good friend, the late Laurence Le Ruez to whose lofts he now flies.

Smoke Rise

Second section H went to W Healy, also from Jersey. A black pied, three year old cock named Smoke Rise this pigeon was raced on the natural system and sent sitting ten day old eggs. The bloodlines are Jan Aarden on the sire's side and Joe Letchio from Alloa x Geoff Kirkland on the dam's. Last season Smoke Rise was first section and sixth open from Fougeres. Third section H was timed by P Davies from St Clement.


Section J was won for the second time this season by Nigel Lane of Romford. Nigel timed Goderic, which on the sire's side is bred down from the successful Barcelona pigeons of Family Huizer. On the dam's side it stems from a hen given to Nigel by Harm Vredeveld from his old long distance stock.

Second section J went to Gosling and Jarvis from Mountnessing. Keith and Mike clocked their section winner from two weeks previously. A two year old widowhood cock, this was only its third channel race. In all three it has been the first bird back to the loft. Third section J was timed by A B Coker from Wickford.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Messac.