Karl Ziefle (Germany) wins Final Race and Jan Hooymans (Netherlands) Car Nomination Race of the 18th South African MDPR

The final of the 18th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race will be held on Saturday 25 January 2014. Karl Ziefle (Germany) succeed Ton De Kovel and Henk Jurriens as winner of the most renowned one loft race in the world.


Belgian Topperformances

De Schrijver-Branteghem wins 4 pigeons from 7 basketted pigeons in top-300 Final Race. One of the best performances from this year! They win $12,000 with winner in $500- and $200-Pool !

Dominique Velghe (left), 33th price in Final Race, 1st Belgian pigeon with 100% André Verbesselt-pigeon (Inbred Bak 17)

Family Wouters with their 34th place in Final Race, 2nd best of Belgium, click here to see pedigree.


Today the auction of the winners is already be held:

1st : 210.000 Rand (13.625 EUR)
2nd : 145.000 Rand (9.408 EUR)
3rd : 185.000 Rand (12.003 EUR)
4th :  90.000 Rand (5.839 EUR)
5th :  85.000 Rand (5.515 EUR)

Sale 1-2-4-5 are purchased by Mike Ganus from Ganus Family Lofts.

Auction room

Dutch entrants and buyers

40th Open winners Durkan Brothers and proud breeder Pieter Oberholster

More photos from auction in Album

Pedigree Winner Karl Ziefle and top-500

Karl Ziefle, 1st SCMDPR 2014!

Click here to see top-500 from Final Race


Top-55 - Jan Hooymans & Hu Zhen Yu win The Zandy Meyer Memorial Car Nomination Race ($100.000) - Super Performance of Helmut & Alfons Klaas (3 pigeons in top-50!)

Typhoon, NL13-1395493, from Jan Hooymans & Hu Zhen Yu, 43th in Final Race, was the first pigeon of 163 pigeons who were nominated for The Zandy Meyer Memorial Car Nomination Race !

Jan Hooymans & Hu Zhen Yu win a car of $100.000!

Pedigree of Typhoon, Car winner in SCMDPR 2014

Jan Hooymans and Arie Dijkstra celebrating their victory!

Alfons Klaas confirms his reputation as the best One Loft Race fancier in the world by having 3 pigeons in the top 50!

Mike Has A Very Good One, AUGFL2013 438, from the Ganus Family Loft (USA), wins 53th place in Final Race but did amazing results in Training races and Hot Spots. Father of Mike Has A Very Good One is a halfbrother to Filip Normans 1st SCMDPR 2008 winner!

2nd from the right: Lloyd & Kelly (UK), win with Forgot 11th place in Final Race. The father of Forgot is bred from Morning Glory, winning 1st section, 2nd open Pau National Flying Club twice! His mother is Little Margaret, 1st section, 1st open NFC Pau 2004. The mother is bred by G&C Cooper from their Farmer George line

Vladimir Laš with his wife Gabriela (Slovakia) are in South Africa and can celebrate their 6th place in Final Race!

First Arrivals - Karl Ziefle (Germany) wins !

After 9h 43min 49sec flight the first pigeon arrived on the loft of Sun City Million Dollar Race. And the winner is... Halover, DV07164 13 270 from Karl Ziefle (Germany)!

Performances of Halover, winner SCMDPR 2014!

Family Kearsey (Australia) is very happy with the 5th place in SCMDPR 2014!


Waiting for first arrivals

Weather conditions are little bit changed. Due to more headwind then expected, in combination with the distance of 661km, the organization expect a very difficult race.

People are waiting for the first arrivals. They can follow the arrivals on big screens

Click here to see a movie of the liberation of SCMDPR 2014 from this morning

3.478 pigeons were liberated this morning 6pm local time (5:00 CET, 4:00 GMT) in Prieska (661km - 410.73 miles)
Weather conditions by liberation: Fine and clear weather, light tail winds, 20°C (68 °F), warming to 31°C this afternoon.

Good luck to all participants!

The skyline in Johannesburg this morning


Welcome Dinner - This evening about 200 foreign and local fanciers were participating the Welcome Dinner. August Daelemans, coördinator for Belgium, asked in his speech 1 minute of silence for the death of Zandy Meyer, SCMDPR Director, passed away last June.

Stefan Van Bockstael and Dirk Schreel from Belgian Federation KBDB were invited by the Organization to participate Welcome Dinner

More pictures of Welcome Dinner you can find in the album.

Latest Race information

Last night at 3am the 2 trucks with 3.478 pigeons depart to the releasing spot at 661km. There was a stop this morning at 9am and this noon at 1.15pm to drink and feed the pigeons and this evening at 6pm the pigeons arrived on the releasing spot.
The weather forecast for tomorrow: 5-16 km/h tailwind, 22°C in the morning, 31°C at noon. And this night at 3am the organization will decide, depending on the weather forecast, if they will release at 661km or come to a closer distance.

Three thousand four hundred and seventy-eight pigeons will compete in tomorrow's final of the South African MDPR.

It is hard to predict which pigeon will win the final race. However, ace pigeon rankings always give a good idea of which pigeons are currently in top form. We therefore listed these two rankings for you:

  • Race Race Averages: the table of the best performers across all five hot spot car races, ranked according to their total flying time
  • Grand Averages: the best birds across all races (hot spot car races and training flights), also ranked according to their total flying time

Car Race Averages:

Check out the full list of all ace pigeons in the hot spot car races here.

Grand Averages:

Check out the full list of all pigeons here.

Will the winner be a surprise or will it be a bird that has already proven its skills? We will find out tomorrow!


Three thousand four hundred and eighty-six pigeons had their last training flight of 78 km on Saturday 18 January. In Johannesburg this morning, the basketing of all these birds for the grand finale of the 18th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race started. The organisation even had to acquire a second truck because so many pigeons are participating in this year’s final. All people present at the basketing were allowed to help so everyone sees that the basketing is done transparently. According to them, most of the pigeons are in top form for the final. In the photo gallery below the article, you can find a couple of photos taken during Thursday's basketing.

To make sure that every pigeon is cared for equally, all foot rings were taped off with a small piece of plastic before the start of the first race. That way, it was impossible to know which pigeon belonged to which fancier. During the basketing, the piece of plastic was removed to double check whether the foot ring and the electronic ring, put around the other leg of the pigeon, matched. Afterwards, the organisation taped off the foot ring with a new plastic strip and lastly a stamp was put on the wing. All baskets are put in a separate room equipped with a fan to keep the room at the right temperature. A person is also keeping watch to make sure nothing happens with the pigeons.

The pigeons will probably be transported by truck to the liberation site tonight because it is cooler (around 16°C) than during the day (maximum day temperatures around 30°C). The birds will stay at a secret location known to nobody but the organisation for security reasons.

The distance of the final race of the 18th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race will be approx. 670 km (south-west of Johannesburg). Usually, it is a final race of 550 km but given the weather conditions and tail wind predicted for Saturday, the final entrants will be liberated 120 km further. This new distance is of course set to 670 km under the assumption that the predictions for Saturday turn out to be correct. Should the weather and wind direction change, so will the distance, in which case we will inform you.

Click on the photo below to see a short video of a pigeon's basketing this Thursday morning:

Preview of the 18th South African MDPR

Last year, 2,793 final entrants were liberated in Douglas at 6:00 South African time (5:00 CET, 4:00 GMT) for a race of 553 km (343.62 miles). After nearly 8 hours of flying, Untamed Desert was clocked as winner of the 17th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. The lucky winners were Henk Jurriens and Ton De Kovel from the Netherlands.

Henk Jurriens with his first prize winner Untamed Desert

Ton De Kovel, co-winner of the 17th South African MDPR (on the right)

Who will hit the jackpot this year? We will soon find out. Just like last year and the year before, PIPA will bring you live coverage of the final race weekend of the most prestigious one loft race in the world. You can expect news flashes of:

  1. the basketing of the pigeons for the final race
  2. the welcome function
  3. the final race:
    1. information on the liberation
    2. weather updates as the race progresses
    3. announcement of the winner(s)
    4. top 25
  4. the prize presentation
  5. the auctioning of the birds which finished in the top ten of the final race

This year's final race weekend schedule

The South African fever is rising. Many fanciers are packing their bags in hopes of winning the race that will make them famous instantly. Given the performances of the German fanciers in the last two years, with an entirely German top 3 in 2012 and two top 3 and three top 5 positions in 2013, the chances of a German winning the 18th edition aren't that small. However, they shouldn't count their chickens before they're hatched. Who will eventually win the 2014 edition and in which weather conditions, it is still to be determined. And you can follow it all live right here at PIPA!