Poussart Daniel, "The 'David' under the Goliath's in the Long Distance"

Daniel POUSSART, Bourlers - B (2008)



We went to visit probably one of the 'smallest' Long Distance colonies in our country, but the 'biggest'… you could say, strongest performers in the 'Long Distance' and 'Grand Distance', namely those of Daniel Poussart from Bourlers. For the people who aren't very good at geography or for those whose 'schooldays' are a long way behind them… Bourlers is a village in the south of the province Henegouwen near the French border, and is a municipality of the city Chimay. A beautiful region with a whole range of festivals and tourist attractions… including the Abbey of the Cisterian monks in Chimay, well-known for its delicious Chimay-regional beer (trappist) and cheese… its woody surroundings are ideal for relaxing walks or a challenging bicycle ride or a motor race on the Chimay circuit, its many regional dishes… and for the gourmets who like to enjoy the culinary highlights of the region, we can highly recommend "L'auberge de Poteaupré" in Chimay. Good, we digress from our subject, even though it is important situate the position… certainly in the case of Daniel Poussart, because this is anything but ideal for shining in the Long Distance, because it lies entirely in the 'frontline', and is anything but central. It is the area where the people from Brabant and Limburg train their pigeons from Momignies, Chimay and Villers-la-Tour.

Mini colony

Daniel Poussart is a 38-year old nurse by trade. He used to work in the operations department in the hospital but has in the meantime worked his way up to director of the 'rest and care home' department where he is responsible for 64 employees and the residents of the home. A responsible job that demands a lot of time… but in his free time he has, next to the necessary attention for his children, the pigeon sport as his 'great passion'. There he can calm down and forget his busy work schedule. Daniel has a great preference for the Long Distance races, especially the 7 à 800 Km races, and the international 'Grand Distance'.
Daniel approached the pigeon sport with a concept based on the time that he can spend with the pigeons, so… do what you can, what is within the possibilities. That's why he has a real mini colony… certainly in Long Distance terms. He has maximal 10 breeding couples, 30 widowers (15 à 16 old + 14 à15 yearlings) and 60 youngsters, 'never' more. He usually participates in the 'national Long Distance races' with 2 pigeons, up to in exceptional circumstances 5 pigeons. A colony that in numbers can be perfectly compared to that of maestro Marcel Aelbrecht from Lebbeke… and in performances also seems to be a worthy successor to Marcel… even though he has without doubt an unfavourable position for races such as Brive, Limoges and Souillac.
The youngsters usually race 5 à 6 races up to 200 km. Nearly all the young cocks are given a chance as a yearling in widowhood… As a yearling they are entered up to 500 km, sometimes up to Limoges… but usually only up to the interprovincial 'Tulle'. A well thought through tactic in order to give his pigeons the chance to grow into a full Long Distance pigeon, and to gently give them enough experience. Once they are 2 years old they are given the 'national Long Distance races' and the selection irrevocable.
The criteria for reaching the breeding loft is performing within the 'top 100' at national level.
That sport friend Daniel has been successful despite everything, in achieving such a strong honours list.... bears witness to the performance capabilities and the strength of his pigeon pedigree, which is mainly based in 2 basis lines. On the one hand the line of the brothers "Montauban 1+2+3" and on the other hand the line of the "Castres".

The 'Super Breeding couple
Le Crack B97-9049494 x Didi Rhône Lady B97-3299385

Pedigree : Click here

The 'top breeding couple' by far is formed by the "Crack" ring B97/9049494 x "Didi Rhône Lady" ring B97/3299385.
The "Crack", originating from Marcel Denis (via J.M.Calice),won a magnificent honours list as a yearling including:
La Souterraine 1.033 p.
8° La Souterraine 3.796 p.
24° La Souterraine 2.263 p.
Toury 1.292 p. 31° Argenton 1.154 p.
40° Bourges 1.428 p.

Pedigree : Click here

The feminine half of the top couple is formed by the "Didi Rhône Lady" whom Daniel obtained from his good friend Paul Santens from St.Martens-Latem, who bought her from Frans Harinck from Desselgem. She comes out the "Golden Didi", full brother of the famous 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KDBD: "Kleine Didi" from Et.Devos… x "Rhône Lady", a direct Haerinck-Poelmans or the line from where the 1° Nat Barcelona 2007 also descends, and a 100% Nouwen-Paesen out a crossing of 'Son Narbonne' x 'Half-sister Rhône Princes').

Out this miraculous breeding couples stem the 3 Montauban-brothers, namely:

Pedigree : Click here

Pedigree : Click here

- "Montauban 1" 843/03 won:
'05 Brive Nat 20.310 p. 1798
'05 Montauban Nat 7.303 p. 3
'05 Jarnac S/Nat 3.702 p. 93
'06 Cahors Nat 6.654 p. 1626
'06 Jarnac S/Nat 4.182 p. 167

- "Montauban 2" 820/03 won :
'05 Montauban Nat 7.303 p. 41
'06 Cahors Nat 6.654 p. 112
'06 Jarnac S/Nat 4.182 p. 97

- "Montauban 3" 225/03 won :
'05 Montauban Nat 7.303 p. 42

What a family of 'powerful Long Distance racers'! Daniel has now a new Montauban topper in the lofts, called "Montauban 4", who stems from the same line as the "Castres", he won:

- "Montauban 4" 415/06 wins include:
'08 Brive Nat 14.521 p. 183 Nat Zone 5.921 p. 116
'08 Montauban Nat 5.438 p. 302 Nat Zone 1.906 p. 15
'08 Souillac Nat 7.315 p. 340

With this the "Montauban 4" is a good candidate to classify between the 'National Ace pigeons Long Distance KBDB' in 2008!
What a family of 'powerful Long Distance racers'!

Super breeding hen "Rare Pearl" B01-8015832

A second top line in the lofts of Daniel Poussart is this of the "Rare Pearl" ring B01-8015832 (a daughter of the stock pigeon "82 Denis" 082/96, originating from Marcel Denis from Bailleux… and who was a half-brother of the "Crack"). The "Rare Pearl' is likewise a breeding mother in a thousand, especially coupled with "Frère Sauvage 498/93", and is already mother of:
- The "Olympic" 765/02: winnings include
67° Nat Béziers 5.934 p. + 84° Intnat 6.602 p. (in '04)
- The "Nerveux" 837/03
winnings include '05 Montauban Nat 7.303 p. 96 Nat Zone 2.455 p. 26
- De "Castres" 742/05 won:
'05 Castres CFW 835 YL 1 S/Nat 1.682 YL 4
'06 Bourges Prov 1.094 p. 50
'06 Clermont Ferrand 907 p. 15 Intprov 4.546 p. 40
'06 Narbonne Nat 6.033 p. 60 Intnat 9.634 p. 68
Won in 2008 about place 550 Nat Barcelona 11.484 p. (provisional forecast)
- The "Orange" 427/06:
wins 90° Nat Orange 4.587 p. in 2008 (54° Nat Zone C against 2.505 p)
- The "Narbonne" 445/06:
won in his very first international race 24° Intnat Narbonne 12.218 p. and 14° National 6.801 p.
One for one magnificent top racers!
In 2005 Daniel donated a "Fils 82" ring 05-9065575 (and so brother of "Rare Pearl") to sport friend Robert Chantrenne from Virelles. This clapper proved in Virelles his 'noble origin' and won in 2008, in addition to the 34° Nat Montélimar 8.634 p., also the "King's trophy" with 26° Semi Nat. Jarnac 2.124 p with the first nominated pigeon! A top reference that counts…

These stock lines were crossed with each other, and Daniel tries to keep these 2 breeding lines as pure as possible and to breed further. Newcomers to the loft have to prove themselves first before they are crossed with the own stock. At the moment there is 1 breeding couple formed by 2 direct Etienne Meirlaen-pigeons (line Marseille), and 1 couple Depasse-Lardenoye pigeons (the red Jan Theelen pigeons).
That Daniel Poussart can go further with his own stock was proved by the following 2 talent full 'class pigeons':
- The "Carcassonne" 776/02 who won:
'06 Aurillac Nat 6.611 p. 295 Nat Zone C 3.663 p. 48
'06 Carcassonne Nat 3.911 p. 43 Intnat 10.448 p. 88
'06 Perpignan Nat 6.765 p. 440 Intnat 14.812 p. 986
'07 Montélimar Nat 7.873 p. 65 Nat Zone C 4.499 p. 39
- The "Montélimar" 737/04 whose wins include:
'08 Montelimar Nat 7.837 p. 65 Nat Zone C 4.499 p. 39

Admit it… there are not many Long Distance fanciers in our country who, with such a 'small colony' as Daniel Poussart, could produce such a 'catalogue' of crack pigeons… who moreover have bred and raced the pigeons themselves! It's like looking for a 'needle in a haystack'! Since Daniel Poussart started with the pigeons from his current address in 1996, he has sharpened his selection criteria (read: racing at least 'top-100' National), so that there is only a place for the 'real toppers' in his breeding loft. A strategy and principal which he has determinedly stuck to and where he is now reaping the benefits from! It is for us and our 'big boss' a unique experience to be able to admire these earlier quoted 'crack pigeons' one by one, and believe us… we haven't seen or heard the last of the Daniel Poussart colony! This may be one of the smallest, but without doubt… one of the 'richest' breeding sources in our country! We would like to thank the Poussart family for their enormous hospitality and wish them success and a great future in the pigeon sport. Maybe we should make an appointment for the next 'top performance'… that won't be long in coming! If all the calculations and forecasts are correct we will see Daniel at the end of November on the podium in Oostende by the 'National Ace pigeons Long Distance KBDB', and 'who knows'… this could be the beginning of a long series (admire the long row of top notations at National and provincial level up until now)! We are very pleased for him!

3° National Montauban 05 (7.303p)
14° National Narbonne 08 (6.801p)
24° Int.National Narbonne 08 (12.218p)
24° National La Souterraine 98 (22.843p)
26° National Narbonne Yearl. 00 (6.929p)
43° National Carcassonne 06 ( 3.911p)
43° National Montauban 05 (7.303p)
44° National Montauban 05 (7.303p)
44° National Montauban 00 (7.220)
49° National Marseille 01 (4.615p)
51° National Narbonne Yearl. 00 (6.929p)
60° National Narbonne 06 ( 6.033p)
63° National Limoges Yearl. 00 (23.550p)
63° National Béziers 03 (6.336p)
65° National Montélimar 07 ( 7.873p)
67° National Béziers 04 ( 5.934p)
72° National Montélimar 08 (8.634p)
90° National Orange 08 (4.587p)
96° National Montauban 05 (7.303p)


2° Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
4° Nat.Zone Cahors 06 (2.679p)
5° Nat.Zone Limoges Yearl. 00 (4.551p)
6° Nat.Zone Narbonne Yearl. 00 (2.423p)
8° Nat.Zone Béziers 02 (2.101p)
8° Nat.Zone Limoges Yearl. 00 (4.551p)
10° Nat.Zone Narbonne Yearl. 00 (2.423p)
11° Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
12° Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
13° Nat.Zone Limoges derby 05 ( 1.438p)
15° Nat.Zone Montauban 08 (1.906p)
19° Nat.Zone Limoges 05 (2.789p)
22° Nat.Zone Béziers 03 (2.502p)
26° Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
29° Nat.Zone Brive 06 (3.238p)
39° Nat.Zone Montélimar (4.499p)
40° Nat.Zone Montauban 00 (2.716p)
46° Nat.Zone Montélimar 08 (4.715p)
48° Nat.Zone Aurillac 06 (3.663p)
50° Nat. Zone Montauban 02 (2.502p)


Provincial La Souterraine 98 (1.033p)
Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)
Provincial Castres 05 (289p)
Régional (CFW) Montauban 05 (2.014p)
Régional (CFW) Castres 05 (1.045p)
2° Provincial La Châtre 05 (1.198p)
3° Interprovincial La Souterraine 98 (3.079p)
3° Provincial Bourges 00 (2.258p)
3° Provincial La Souterraine 00 (1.211p)
3° Provincial Montauban 00 (1.907p)
3° Provincial Narbonne 00 (1.478p)
3° Provincial Bourges 03 (1.308p)
3° Provincial Bourges 04 (1.074p)
3° Provincial Bourges 08 (661p)
4° Provincial Narbonne 08 (646p)
4° Interprovincial La Châtre 05 ( 3.286p)
4° Provincial Chateauroux 03 (2.367p)
4° Interprovincial Castres 05 (1.636p)
5° Provincial Limoges 00 (1.770p)
5° Provincial Narbonnne 00 (1.478p)
5° Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)
6° Régional (CFW) Narbonne 08 (1.213p)
6° Provincial Bourges 02 (1.539p)
6° Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)
6° Provincial Jarnac 08 (742p)
7° Provincial Chateauroux 00 (1.378p)
7° Provincial Bourges 01 (1.632p)
7° Provincial Béziers 03 (780p)
8° Provincial Narbonne 06 (563p)
8° Provincial Chateauroux 06 (1.279p)
8° Provincial Chateauroux 00 (1.652p)
8° Provincial La Souterraine 00 (1.058p)
9° Interprovincial La Souteraine 00 ( 7.089p)
9° Provincial Bourges 03 (1.412p)
9° Provincial Bourges 03 (1.770p)
10° Provincial Béziers 02 (733p)
11° Provincial Cahors 06 (623p)
11° Provincial Brive 08 (1.690 p)
11° Provincial Marseille 01 (636p)
11° Provincial Souillac 08 (660 p)
12° Provincial Limoges 00 (1.770p)
12° Provincial Chateauroux 04 (1.472p)
12° Provincial Orange 08 (607p)
13° Provincial Carcassonne 06 (662p)
13° Provincial Jarnac 05 (987p)
13° Provincial Montauban 08 (623p)
14° Provincial Nevers 05 (1.613p)
15° Provincial Clermont-Ferrand 06 (1.907p)
15° Provincial Tulle 07 (1.360p)
15° Provincial Marseille 04 (783p)
15° Provincial Limoges 05 (1.266p)
15° Provincial Chateauroux 05 (685p)
15° Provincial Bourges 08 (661p)
16° Interprovincial La Souterraine 00 (4.715p)
16° Interprovincial Chateauroux 03 (4.864p)
18° Provincial Montauban 02 (759p)
19° Provincial Chateauroux 02 (1.276p)
19° Provincial Chateauroux 03 (1.210p)
20° Provincial Montélimar 08 (1.394p) 20° Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)