Platteeuw Daniël & Didier, "Magnificent international winner of extremely tough Dax (2006)"

PLATTEEUW Daniël and Didier, Zillebeke
from left to right Michel Steverlinck, Didier Platteuw, Michel Bickele and Daniël Platteeuw


"Michel" 1st international Dax 2006

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The winner “Michel” is a 2-year-old blue cock of medium size with yellow eyes which originates from the famous André Brouckaert blood x Jules Tronquoy x Comyn Platteeuw x Teetaert Marc x Luc Sioen; which is not difficult to understand if you know that the victory was obtained in the lofts of Michel Steverlinck and that, at the time, the most famous breeders of André Brouckaert ended up in the lofts in Zillebeke. Michel spared neither time nor effort to bring the very best bloodlines to his loft.
We would also like to mention that the grandmother 3201286/2000 on mother's side desends from 'Rikky 245' Luc Sioen x sister 'Serpentje' 3106710/1996 100% Vanhee; 'Serpentje' won 2° nat. - 4° internat. Barcelona hens 1995

As we said, this is a young winner but he already has an impressive set of prizes.
He won the 73° semi-nat. 2957 pigeons 52° prov. 1655 pigeons reg. 9° 311 pigeons as a youngster; as a yearling, he won Orléans 42° 234 pigeons St.Vincent reg. 101° 657 pigeons nat. 1806° 10020 pigeons and finally Narbonne 11° reg. 159 pigeons nat. 744° 4664 pigeons internat. 997° 5870 pigeons.
He flew the Ablis race in the bad weekend (28th of May) in 2006, then he missed his prize in the Angoulème and Brive races but he dotted his i’s and crossed his t’s in Dax by scoring a victory by a large margin.
The hen is rarely shown before the cock is basketed but in this case “Michel” was offered the opportunity to see his hen 10 to 15 minutes before taking off and apparently, it incited him to this heroic effort……