Poussart Daniel, "Paying a visit to the 'Master' in Bourlers"



Bourlers is a small village located about five minutes away from Chimay, in the heel of the “Hainaut” region. This is where Daniel Poussart lives with his wife and two kids. Daniel is racing pigeons since 1996. Before he settled in Bourlers, he was playing as a 14-year-old together with this brother Olivier and his grandfather and that's when he learnt about all the finer points of pigeon sport.

The lofts
The beautiful garden lofts were completely built by Daniel and his brother. It holds 40 spots for widowers and is divided into 4 departments. The breeding loft is located in the back and contains a section for the widow hens. There is a loft for the young pigeons on the other side of the garden. We must stress that the installation of our host is extremely tidy. Nothing has been left to chance. The pigeons are being spoiled by their master and they return this favour by putting up nice performances.

Raised breeds
Among the strains we find 2 sons of “BANDIT” of Daniel DUTRANOIT coupled to “L'OEIL D'ACIER”, a sister of “KRACK 98” (1st National Bourges). These two pigeons have provided Daniel with the first champions: “PORTOS”, “ARAMIS”, ….

Pigeons of Marcel DENIS in Bailleux came to reinforce the breeding loft in 1997: all the breeders of CALICE Jean-Marc were taken over.
In essence, all pigeons descend from 2 pigeons: the 3rd national Brive 1993 and “BARCELONE” (3 times 1st local).
At present, the colony of the Master from Bourlers consists of 12 breeding couples. These pigeons are being coupled around Christmastime. The founder: “KRACK”, B97-9049494, is also part of this team. The pigeon descends from a brother of “BARCELONE”. He was only raced for two seasons. As a young pigeon, he achieved 10 out of 10 and the next year, he won (a.o.) a 1st Prov. from La Souterraine against 1033 pigeons and a 1st “Entente” from Toury against 1.292 pigeons. Daniel had an intelligent response to these achievements: he decided to stop racing this pigeon and moved him to the breeding stable. Not an easy decision to make but Daniel can slap himself on the back now because he is reaping the rewards since “KRACK” is the father of the three pigeons that created a furore in the Montauban race of 2005. “MONTAUBAN I”, “MONTAUBAN II” and “MONTAUBAN III” ended 3rd, 43rd and 44th national respectively in a race with 7.303 opponents. In order to produce these three champions, “KRACK” was coupled with a blue hen, B97-3299385, coming from the loft of his friend Paul SANTENS in St Martens-Latem. This hen is a daughter of “GOLDEN DIDI”, who is a brother of “KLEINE DIDI” at DEVOS' in Deerlijk. “KLEINE DIDI” obtained the title of Ace Pigeon long distance of the KBDB for two times and was crowned World Champion long distance in 1997 as well. On maternal side, there is a pure NOUWEN-PAESEN pigeon from Peer, which descends from a brother of the 1st International Marseille 2001 and a daughter of the 1st euro Perpignan who is at the same time a half sister of “RHONE PRINCESS”, the best hen of the Barcelona hens race from 1991 to 1995.

“82 DENIS” B96-9103082 , a beautiful blue “Sproet”, is a half brother of “KRACK”, a golden breeder. He is the great-grandfather of “PORTOS” who won a 26th nat. Narbonne 2000 in which 6.929 pigeons participated. 107th nat. Limoges 2000 against 23.550 pigeons and he closed off the season of 2000 as 3rd ace pigeon yearling LCB. “ARAMIS” is another one of his great-grandchildren. He achieved, a.o., a 63rd nat. Limoges 2000 against 23.550 pigeons and ended as a 5th ace pigeon yearling LCB that same year..

Among the daughters of “82” we find “LA PERLE RARE” B01-8015832, who is the mother of L'OLYMPIC” who became 67th in the nat. Béziers race of 2000 against 5.934 pigeons as well as “NERVEUX”, who obtained a.o. the 92nd nat. Montauban 2005. She was also the mother of “LE CASTRE” who ended 4th in the nat. Castres 2005 race (delayed release) against 1.682 yearlings and 1st CFW. To produce these champions, “LA PERLE RARE” was coupled with a brother of “SAUVAGE”, “de 498” B93-20498.

Another main pigeon is “LE SAUVAGE”, B99-9081321. Before this pigeon was moved to the breeding loft, he was a superb traveller. He never missed a prize in a long distance race: he participated 14 times and won 14 prizes!!! He became the best pigeon in the Marseille races from 2001 to 2005, not only on national level but on an international level as well. This first-rate racer is a grandson of the 3rd national Brive 1993, his pedigree shows names such as DENIS from Bailleux and DENEUFBOURG. On the maternal side, he descends from the breed of DENIS Marcel. “SAUVAGE” lives up to his name: it is extremely difficult to hold this pigeon in your hands: a real bundle of nerves!!!

The game
As we mentioned before, the loft consists of 40 widowers which are being coupled around the first of April. The hens are not raced due to lack of time and they are not showed systematically to their better half before the latter are put into the baskets. About 50 to 60 young pigeons are raised each year with the intention of keeping 20 couples for the year to come. The youngsters are raced but no importance is attached to the results they achieve. At the end of the season, they move to the widowers' loft and they raise a youngster just like their older loft mates. This method makes coupling much easier the next year.

Selection does not take place until the birds have reached the age of two years. A two-year-old has to achieve 2 prizes out of 3 long distance races in order to keep its place in the loft. Daniel pays special attention to the freshness of the pigeon upon its arrival and again one hour later. This is to judge the pigeon's ability to recover. Daniel does not believe in entering his pigeons for speed races in order to prepare them. He prefers to release his birds himself, the first time at a distance of 30 km followed by a distance of 100 km before putting the pigeons in the baskets for each long distance race.

All the pigeons are vaccinated with Colombovac Pox against paramyxo and pox. This vaccination is followed by a 10-day-treatment for paratyphus. Before the season starts, they also get an anti tricho treatment and a vet performs a droppings test. Three days before the pigeons get basketed for a long distance race, they undergo a reminder of the tricho treatment.

For the sake of completeness we have to add that a droppings test is performed after every long distance race. As you can tell: nothing is being left to chance. As far as feed is concerned, Daniel puts his trust in a trademark to which he adds some vitamins.

Coming across Paul Santens from Sint-Martens-Latem
Daniel is a senior nurse at the hospital of Chimay. One day, he got acquainted with someone in the operating room. As you may have guessed, this person was a pigeon fancier: Paul Santens. From that day on, they were best friends. Daniel would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for his help and friendship.
This proves once more that pigeon sport can establish real bonds of friendship.

Important fact
Narbonne 2000 Two yearling pigeons got their baptism of long distance racing on the occasion of the Narbonne race: “PORTOS” and “L'ESPOIR 2000”. Daniel had noticed these two fourteen days before, in the Limoges race. They ended as 107th and 1087th nat. in a race with 23.550 competitors. Daniel Poussart was the first Belgian fancier to finish recording in the Narbonne race; he recorded the first pigeon at 7:10 PM (26th nat.) and the second one came in 18 minutes later (51st nat.).

Montauban 2005Another excellent achievement of the loft in Bourlers: 4 prizes in the national top 100 (total of 7.303 pigeons). These 6 racers were two years old and this Montauban race was their first long distance race.
It was an extremely tough Montauban: north wind and burning heat in the afternoon. But the protégés of Daniel were noticed nevertheless and ended 3rd, 43rd, 44th and 96th national. The first 3 pigeons were three brothers that descended from the couple of “KRACK” and “SANTENS”.

Carcassonne 2006 Daniel and his brother Olivier had each basketed 2 pigeons for the last race of the Rhône valley. These 4 birds had been ringed in 2002 and came from Daniel's breeding loft. This race was again a success although racing circumstances were difficult. Three pigeons ended in the national top 60: 20th, 43rd and 64th against 3.911 pigeons. On an international level, three pigeons were among the 127 first: 37th, 88th, 127th against 10.448 pigeons. The first two were brothers once again..

Some results

3rd National Montauban 05 (7.303p)
24th National La Souterraine 98 (22.843p)
26th National Narbonne Yearl. 00 (6.929p)
43rd National Carcassonne 06 ( 3.911p)
43rd National Montauban 05 (7.303p)
44th National Montauban 05 (7.303p)
44th National Montauban 00 (7.220p)
49th National Marseille 01 (4.615p)
51st National Narbonne Yearl. 00 (6.929p)
60th National Narbonne 06 ( 6.033p
63rd National Limoges Yearl. 00 (23.550p)
63rd National Béziers 03 (6.336p)
67th National Béziers 2004 ( 5.934p)
96th National Montauban 05 (7.303p)

2nd Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
4th Nat.Zone Cahors 06 (2.679p)
5th Nat.Zone Limoges Yearl. 00 (4.551p)
6th Nat.Zone Narbonne Yearl. 00 (2.423p)
8th Nat.Zone Béziers 02 (2.101p)
8th Nat.Zone Limoges Yearl. 00 (4.551p)
10th Nat.Zone Narbonne Yearl. 00 (2.423p)
11th Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
12th Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
13th Nat.Zone Limoges Derby 05 ( 1.438p)
19th Nat.Zone Limoges 05 (2.789p)
22nd Nat.Zone Béziers 03 (2.502p)
26th Nat.Zone Montauban 05 (2.455p)
29th Nat.Zone Brive 06 (3.238p)
40th Nat.Zone Montauban 00 (2.716p)
48th Nat.Zone Aurillac 06 (3.663p)
50th Nat. Zone Montauban 02 (2.502p)

1st Provincial La Souterraine 98 (1.033p)
1st Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)
1st Provincial Castres 05 (289p)
1st Regional (CFW) Montauban 05 (2.014p)
1st Regional (CFW) Castres 05 (1.045p)
2nd Provincial La Châtre 05 (1.198p)
3rd InterProvincial La Souterraine 98 (3.079p)
3rd Provincial Bourges 00 (2.258p)
3rd Provincial La Souterraine 00 (1.211p)
3rd Provincial Montauban 00 (1.907p)
3rd Provincial Narbonne 00 (1.478p)
3rd Provincial Bourges 03 (1.308p)
3rd Provincial Bourges 04 (1.074p)
4th InterProvincial La Châtre 05 ( 3.286p)
4th Provincial Chateauroux 03 (2.367p)
4th InterProvincial Castres 05 (1.636p)
5th Provincial Limoges 00 (1.770p)
5th Provincial Narbonnne 00 (1.478p)
5th Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)
6th Provincial Bourges 02 (1.539p)
6th Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)
7th Provincial Chateauroux 00 (1.378p)
7th Provincial Bourges 01 (1.632p)
7th Provincial Béziers 03 (780p)
8th Provincial Narbonne 06 (563p)
8th Provincial Chateauroux 06 (1.279p)
8th Provincial Chateauroux 00 (1.652p)
8th Provincial La Souterraine 00 (1.058p)
9th InterProvincial La Souteraine 00 ( 7.089p)
9th Provincial Bourges 03 (1.412p)
9th Provincial Bourges 03 (1.770p)
10th Provincial Béziers 02 (733p)
11th Provincial Cahors 06 (623p)
11th Provincial Marseille 01 (636p)
12th Provincial Limoges 00 (1.770p)
12th Provincial Chateauroux 04 (1.472p)
13th Provincial Carcassonne 06 (662p)
13th Provincial Jarnac 05 (987p)
14th Provincial Nevers 05 (1.613p)
15th Provincial Clermont-Ferrand 06 (1.907p)
15th Provincial Marseille 04 (783p)
15th Provincial Limoges 05 (1.266p)
15th Provincial Chateauroux 05 (685p)
16th InterProvincial La Souterraine 00 (4.715p)
16th InterProvincial Chateauroux 03 (4.864p)
18th Provincial Montauban 02 (759p)
19th Provincial Chateauroux 02 (1.276p)
19th Provincial Chateauroux 03 (1.210p)
20th Provincial Montauban 05 (708p)

There is no doubt that the name of Daniel Poussart will be showing up many times in the top of the rankings next season. This man knows what he wants, maybe a first national... Who knows...