Nijboer combination (Nunspeet, NL) has been a strong performing father-son combination for years

Father John and his son Alex have been part of a highly successful combination for quite a number of years now, racing from the town of Nunspeet.

They have added several important victories to their palmares along the way, thanks to a pigeon family built around the lines of Jan Hooymans, Stef Bals, Ton van den Hoogen and the Eijerkamp family. In this report, we take a closer look at some of the best performing birds in this team, and that includes Amazing 04, Kygo, First Harry and the Twin Brothers.

The father and son combination consists of father John and his son Alex. John is now retired, while Alex works as a production manager in a major recycling company in Zeewolde. He sometimes struggles to find enough time to spend in his pigeon lofts. Be that as it may, the combination has done remarkably well in recent years. They are racing in a union with 30 very ambitious members, and this union is part of District 3 in the Northwest region of Province 8, with around 750 members, which is a lot.

Bullseye for Amazing '04

This talented cock was obtained from Ton van den Hoogen, and he stems straight from 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Ireen. Amazing '04 gradually developed into a fantastic stock breeder, breeding a series of highly talented descendants here in Nunspeet. He is for instance the sire/grandfather of as many as 9 top 50 finishers NPO, including 5 top eights. And his descendants appear to be particularly consistent athletes; his youngsters and grandchildren already have several championship titles to their name. For the pedigree of Amazing '04, click here.

Amazing 04 quickly became a household name in Nunspeet.

Kygo, Twin 18 & Twin 19. Pigeons that can make a difference

The exceptional breeding potential of Amazing '04 was discovered very early on, and it began with the birth of NL16-1234167 in 2016. This blue cock was eventually renamed Kygo, and he has two victories in important competitions to his name. Besides, he was 1st ace pigeon sprint in the club, as well as 2nd ace pigeon middle distance in the Midfond Union of around 400 members.

Kygo, the blue coloured, highly talented son of Amazing '04. His pedigree can be found here.

The aforementioned Amazing '04 had been paired to NL15-1536683 'Lotus' for a while, and they bred two very special birds indeed. Lotus was inbred to Olympic Schanulleke, which was obtained from the Visser-Meijboom combination. Twin 18 and Twin 19 are pigeons that stem from this combination. These two cocks were born in 2018 and they have repeatedly demonstrated their potential. To begin with, Twin 18 (see pedigree) won a 5th NPO twice, against 4,586 and 8,235 pigeons. And Twin 19 (see pedigree) was the 8th best young bird in the province, with an 8th of 2,453 pigeons as his best result. He has already won four prizes per 100 in his early career.

Twin 18 and Twin 19, from the couple Amazing 04 x Lotus.

And Amazing '04 not only bred some high quality racing cocks. He is also the sire of the three year old hen NL17-1800808 Macy. She excelled in two NPO races, finishing in the top ten twice. She took her first top ten in Peronne as a young bird of 4,211 pigeons. She was beaten to the line that day, having to settle for second place. And last season she was sent to Issoudun, where she added a 4th NPO of 5,595 pigeons to her palmares. For the pedigree of Macy, click here.

Macy, winner of two teletext prizes with a velocity of 1100-1200 metres per minute.

First Harry, an excellent grandson of the world famous Harry

In 2014, John and Alex introduced the world famous Harry bloodlines in their pigeon breed, when they obtained a son of Jonge Harry of Anton Ruitenberg. This First Harry developed into a top class breeding bird. He is now the sire of three first prize winners and grandfather of a 3rd, 6th, 8th, 17th and 27th NPO. An impressive list of references! He is also the sire of Sarah, winner of a 1st Laon of 1,037 pigeons, and Fast Harry, winner of a 9th NPO Laon of 11,041 pigeons.

NL14-1510031, First Harry. Click here for his pedigree.

Emperor Champion middle distance Union in 2018 & 4th in 2019

The combination from Nunspeet can look back on two highly successful seasons. Their pigeons were able to compete with the best week after week, across the different competitions. They have been been a major contender in the different loft championships but they have been successful in several pigeon championships as well. For instance, Marike (see pedigree) finished in the top 100 in the PIPA Ranking, while Sereen (see pedigree) finished in the top 100 of best pigeons in the WHZB. These two pigeons were born in 2018, which shows that the pigeons of the Nijboer combination are well suited for modern-day pigeon racing.