Pitbull Dynasty of Rudy Van Reeth (Herenthout, BE) has done tremendously well both at home and abroad

It was thanks to Pitbull and his fantastic descendants that Rudy Van Reeth developed into an internationally renowned fancier. And numerous other lofts at home and abroad have been highly successful with the help of Pitbull's descendants. And this bloodline is also very well suited for crossbreeding, as you can tell from the many references.

The fantastic breeding bird 'Pitbull'

This phenomenal breeding bird has won six first prizes as a racing bird, but he proved even more talented as a breeder. Pitbull descendants have claimed a grand total of 75 first prizes, along with several ace pigeon titles at national and provincial level. The following titles were won by Pitbull descendants in recent years:

1. prov. ace pigeon sprint YBs KBDB 2014
1. prov. ace pigeon sprint YBs KBDB 2015
2. Nat. ace pigeon sprint YBs KBDB 2015 (Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans)
3. Nat. ace pigeon sprint YBs KBDB 2014 (‘Tornado’ – Yves De Wit)          
4. NL Olympiad pigeon 2017

And they claimed the following first prizes:

1st Quievrain - 1,008 pigeons
1st Quievrain - 1,022 pigeons
1st Quievrain - 821 pigeons
1st Noyon - 1,012 pigeons
1st Noyon - 822 pigeons
1st Noyon - 556 pigeons             
1st Noyon - 426 pigeons
1st prize - 1,422 pigeons
1st prize - 775 pigeons 

The Pitbull bloodline allows for easy crossbreeding with the lines of two other renowned players from around the area: Dirk Van Den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts. And a crossbreeding with the golden bloodline of the record breaking Bolt (Leo Heremans) has produced some fabulous descendants as well.

For instance, Pidcock was a 6th National Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB in 2018, while Miracle was a 7th National Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB 2008 for Dirk Van Den Bulck. Both these pigeons are related to Rudy Van Reeth's prestigious Pitbull dynasty for 50%.

BE15-6199160, a fantastic stock breeder - she is the grandmother of Pidcock, among others
The best of Dirk Van Den Bulck (Brother Goede Rode x Olymp. Rosita) x the best of Stefaan Lambrechts (an aunt of Lincia)

Lichte Leo - BE11-6168960, the grandfather of Pidcock, among others
A direct Stefaan Lambrechts. He is an uncle of Lincia & a half brother of top breeder Blauwe Stefaan

Goed Dikke - BE14-6060003 - An aunt of Miracle
Stems straight from Brother Goede Rode (VD Bulck) x Dikke duivin (VanReeth)

Dikke Duivin - BE14-6125374 - aunt of Miracle

Stems straight from Brother Goede Rode (VD Bulck) x Dikke duivin (VanReeth)

Bred from an uncle of Miracle x a sister of Kittel, which makes this a 100% Dirk Van Den Bulck

Like we said earlier, the combination of the super class bloodlines of Stefaan Lambrechts and the Pitbull strain has led to some fabulous descendants:

Grijze Pitbull - BE14-6060743 - A direct son of Pitbull, crossbred with top class breeding hen Blauw Stefaan
(Blauw Stefaan is a top quality breeding hen & a sister of the 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB 2010)

Laat Goede Rode - BE14-6119875 - as his name suggests, he stems straight from Goede Rode (top class breeding bird of Dirk VD Bulck)
This makes him a half brother of Kittel x top breeder Blauw Stefaan.

A brother of the previous pigeon, and himself an excellent breeding bird as well - the sire/grandfather of at least five first prize winners and a 1st-2nd-11th NPO

Recent top references

Tornado was a 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB for Yves De Witte in 2014, and he is now a top class breeder for Stefaan Lambrechts.

Het supperke - BE12-6037819 - winner of 6 first prizes & the grandmother of Tornado and others. She stems directly from Pitbull x Lichtje, an original S. Lambrechts

Several other direct sons and daughters of Pitbull have developed into high value breeding birds as well:

Pitbulleke, the sire of at least three first prize winners

Lady Pitbull, a top class breeding hen and the dam of several top ten finishers

Grijze Beer is the sire of two first prize winners and 2 equivalent first prize winners (beaten by a teammate)

Zwarte Pitbull - BE14-6306413 - a top class breeder and a direct Pitbull x Blauwe Stefaan

Willem De Bruyn won a title of 12th National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2017 and 9th Dutch Yearling PIPA Ranking, as well as a title of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2018, each time with a crossbred of the Pitbull dynasty.

Mr. & Mrs. May claimed the title of 2nd UK Olympiad pigeon Poznan 2019 with Sarah's Jul

Grijze Kittel - BE15-6198211 - he is the grandfather of Sarah's Jul, 2nd UK Olympiad Pigeon YBs Poznan 2019
A grandson of superstar Kittel (VD Bulck) x Goed Laat (Van Reeth)

Other combinations with the Kittel bloodline proved very successful as well, including the world class strain of Bolt (Leo Heremans)

Son Kittel, a proven top breeder and a direct Kittel, crossbred with a full sister of the legendary Bolt (Heremans)

Another super class breeder; a granddaughter of Kittel x a niece of Bolt

These stars (and many other birds) seem to underline the fact that top quality bloodlines are guaranteed to deliver one day. The Pitbull dynasty has left its mark on numerous world class lofts both at home and abroad, in an unprecedented manner. The crossbreeds with the top class bloodlines of Goed Rode, Kittel, Olympic Rosita (Dirk Van Den Bulck), the best of Stefaan Lambrechts, and of course Rudy's own champions (including Dikke Duivin, a half sister of Pitbull), have proven particularly successful.