Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) has a phenomenon among his ranks again in 2019

Wout has done it again. His phenomenal newcomer New Prince, with ring number NL18-3816237, has surprised his opponents in Province 2 quite a few times this season. This of course in the one day long distance, Wout's favourite competition.

Over the past few years, Wout has been able to produce a truly unique pigeon from his top quality breeding loft a couple of times. This is the result of the deliberate investments that he made since his fresh start in 2010.

New Prince, 1st, 3rd & 4th NPO against an average of 4,621 pigeons!

New Prince was born in 2018 and he was raced in the Natour competition, where he won six prizes in six races. He really excelled in the one day long distance in 2019, with a top four placing in the NPO over a distance of 571, 593 and 659 km. New Prince was also 4th pigeon champion in the one day long distance at provincial level, and he was in fact the only yearling to finish in the top 30 of that championship. New Prince was not the only star of 2019: a full brother of Golden Prince (NL17-3728851) had a great season as well, claiming a 3rd NPO from Argenton of 2,621 pigeons this year, over a distance of 622km. For the pedigree of NL17-3728851, click here.

Click here for New Prince's pedigree.

NL17-3728851, a brother of Golden Prince and winner of a 3rd NPO Argenton.

Blue Prins breeds yet another brilliant descendant

Last year Wout was able to compete with the strongest teams in the Netherlands thanks to Golden Prince. This pigeon won a race in the one day long distance NPO, and he claimed a total of three top 10 placings in the NPO competition. As a result, he was 1st provincial ace pigeon in the one day long distance as a yearling, and 4th best one day long distance pigeon in the WHZB competition. We wrote an article about Golden Prince last year, which you can reread here. 

Golden Prince, click here for his pedigree.

Blue Prins, Wout Spierings's legendary pigeon

Pigeon breed from Waalwijk makes a difference in the one day long distance every season

In the past several years, Wout has obviously become one of the top performers in races longer than 500km. We saw him win several championship titles last year, and he was in great form in this year's one day long distance competition as well. Wout ends the season as 2nd not nominated in the competitive Province 2 of Brabant 2000. New Prince was 4th provincial pigeon champion and he finished in 10th place nominated. And Wout not only relied on New Prince to win championship points, he also scored points with the aforementioned brother of Golden Prince, and with NL17-3728908. This racing cock called Special Prince was 24th best provincial pigeon champion in the one day long distance. Click here for his full pedigree.

NL17-3728908, Special Prince

We noticed that Blue Prins features in the pedigrees of many of Wout's best birds. Blue Prins was perhaps at his best when he was paired to Daughter Alexia. Together they bred for instance Princess Alexia, 4th best young bird of The Netherlands in 2015. Click here for Princess Alexia's pedigree.

Princess Alexia, one of Blue Prins's best descendants.