Meet the 3 breeding heavyweights of DVV Pigeons (Moortsele, BE)

The entire pigeon family of DVV Pigeons in their previous formation was auctioned off in December 2017, and Johan & Rudi, who had agreed to continue racing together, decided to obtain some of their own pigeons. The reason was simple: they wanted to make a fresh start with the right tools.

Rudi Vandeputte (l) and Johan De Vroe

And it proved a successful approach. After two seasons of racing, Johan Devroe and Rudi Vandeputte have seen three of their breeding cocks rise to the highest rank. They are the bloodlines which the lofts in Moortsele and Lemberge evolve around!

Blue Lucien BE13-4142510

Blue Lucien is highly regarded by Vroe-Vandeputte. This should not come as a surprise, with Blue Lucien being the 2015 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance and the 6th best Belgian old birds over 5 national races in the PIPA ranking. Johan and Rudi knew what to expect from this bird, even more so given the many stock breeders in Blue Lucien's pedigree.

The sire of Blue Lucien is none other than Lucien, BE08-4331461. Lucien was a top class racing bird and winner of a 1st Prov. Orléans 1,029 p. (the fastest of 4,090 p.), a 3rd Prov. Blois 988 p., and a 23rd Nat. Bourges 10,903 p.

The dam of Blue Lucien is a granddaughter of the renowned Dream Pair. This granddaughter, Geschelpte Dikke BE09-4164252, is also a grandchild of De Schonen and De Schichtige, the grandparents of het Vroeke1st Nat. Bourges. Geschelpte Dikke won the following prizes as a yearling:

3rd   Blois 2,032 p.
52nd  Vierzon 3,614 p.
27th  Blois 1,574 p.
58th  Orléans 1,525 p.
73rd  Bourges 2,230 p.
194th Argenton 7,358 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of Blue Lucien.

Blue Lucien proved to be an invaluable breeding bird as well, as was to be expected. We run you through the most prominent results of his best descendants.

Daughter: 026-17

2nd Blois 68 p. - 44th Prov. 838 p.
3rd Châteauroux 490 p. - 27th Prov. 3,786 p. - 38th Nat. Zone 6,198 p. - 81st Nat. 18,499 p.
3th Chevrainvilliers  50 p.
9th Châteauroux 403 p. - 82nd Prov. 5,209 p. - 130th Nat. Zone 8,085 p. - 646th Nat. 27,081 p.
10th Bourges 1065 p. - 99th Prov. 7,297 p. - 56th Nat. Zone 10,791 p. - 1010th Nat. 38,456 p.
20th Toury 570 p.
25th Orleans 249 birds, 221st Prov. Orleans 5,307 birds
108th Prov. Montluçon 1,814 p. - 90th Nat. Zone 2,656 p., 530th Nat. 9,857 p.

Daughter: 037-17

6th  Noyon 428 p.
46th Bourges 1,065 p. - 275th Prov. 7,297 p. - 231st Nat. Zone 10,791 p.
39th Noyon 552 p.
40th Toury 570 p.

Daughter: 037-18

14th Orleans 170 p. - 218th Prov. Orleans 3,498 p.

037-18 is the dam of 624-19:

4th Chevrainvilliers 218 p.
6th Orleans 193 p. - 29th Prov. 3341 p.
9th Châteauroux – 483 p. - 66th Prov.-5,165 p. - 26th Nat. Zone 7,593 birds - 917th Nat. 22,476 p.
9th Noyon – 106 p.
14th Chevrainvilliers – 386 p.
16th Châteauroux – 299 p. - 155th Prov. 3,930 p. - 110th Nat. Zone 5,686 p., 1588th Nat. 19,529 p.

Daughter: 038-18

1st Chevrainvilliers 50 p.
6th Châteauroux 139 p., 131st Provincial 1806 p.
7th Châteauroux 265 p. - 92nd Provincial 2,355 p.
10th Argenton 373 p. - 57th Prov. 3,446 p. - 97th Nat. Zone 6,398 p. - 350 Nat. 16,496 p.
11th Bourges 189 p. - 86th Prov. – 1915 p. - 68th Nat. Zone – 2093 p. - 510. Nat. 10,401 p.
12th Toury 191 p.
13th Montluçon 259 p. - 50th Prov. 2,542 p. - 42nd Nat. Zone 3,434 p. - 254. Nat. 14,104 p.
62nd Bourges 687 p. - 491st Prov. Bourges 4,900 p. - 366th Nat. Zone 5,673 p.

The following prizes were won in the 2019 season with descendants of Blue Lucien:

Daughter Whiteflag Lucinda 503-19 wins:

2nd  Orleans – 193 p. - 8th Prov. 3341 p.
19th Châteauroux III 299 p. - 208th Prov. 3,930 p. - 171st Nat. Zone 5,686 p. - 1965th Nat. 19,529 p.
28th Chevrainvilliers 588 p.
32nd Châteauroux II 483 p. - 255th Prov. 5,165 p. - 168th Nat. Zone 7,593 p. - 1900th Nat. 22,476 p.
74th Argenton 822 p. - 359th Prov. - 5,620 p. - 542nd Nat. Zone - 8,939 p. - 1067 Nat. 23,258 p.
82nd Noyon 808 p.

Daughter 522-19 wins:

7th  Chevrainvilliers – 478 p.
20th Noyon – 708 p.
66th Noyon – 953 p.

Granddaughter 624-19 wins:

4th  Chevrainvilliers – 218 p.
6th  Orleans  193 p. - 29th Prov. 3341 p.
9th  Châteauroux 483 d. - 66. Prov. 5,165 p. - 26th Nat. Zone 7,593 p. - 917th Nat. 22,476 p.
9th  Noyon 106 p.
14th Chevrainvilliers 386 p.
16th Châteauroux 299 p. - 155th Prov. 3,930 p. - 110th Nat. Zone 5,686 p. - 1588th National 19,529 p.

Great-granddaughter 525-19 wins:

3rd   Orleans  193 p., 12th Prov. – 3341 p.
3rd   St.Quentin  129 p.
7th   Chevrainvilliers  218 p.
12th  Noyon  808 p.
14th  Noyon  953 p.
25th  Noyon  708 p.
37th  Chevrainvilliers  588 p.
37th  Chevrainvilliers  386 p.
48th  Argenton 822 p. - 224th Prov. 5,620 p. - 356th Nat. Zone 8,939 p. - 693rd Nat. 23,258 p.
47th  Bourges 534 p. - 483rd Prov. 6,042 p. - 547th Nat. Zone 8,545 p. - 1983rd National 28,446 p.
33rd  Blois  308 p. - 223rd Prov. 5,208 p.
376th Nat. Zone Châteauroux III  5,686 p.

Great-granddaughter 614-19 wins:

1st  Noyon 106 p.
8th  St.Quentin 129 p.
10th Chevrainvilliers 218 p.
22nd Châteauroux II 483 p.

Great-granddaughter 528-19 wins:

14th Châteauroux III 299 p. - 148th Prov. 3,930 p. - 102nd Nat. Zone - 5,686 p. - 1540th Nat. 19,529 p.
32nd Noyon 808 p.
36th Noyon 588 p.

PEC Duiver BE16-4040138

The next top class breeder that Johan and Rudi have kept in their own team, and that has been highly successful is PEC Duiver BE 16-4040138. This cock initially originates from the PEC Elite Center, and he stems from a crossing of different bloodlines, combined in an impressive pedigree. He became the sire of Blue Ace 324-17 at a young age, and Blue Ace was a 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2017.

The sire is Halfbrother Ace Norma, BE15-4013260. He wins a 5th Melun of 1,179 p. and an 89th Prov. Blois of 1,930 p. Ace Norma was herself a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB and a 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB in 2015.

Halfbrother Ace Norma is a grandson of New Freddy BE09-5052387 from his father's side, and he was paired to Beautiful Eye of Bart Geerinckx, a daughter of top pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke. He is related to Sister Norma of the PEC from his mother's side, and she is a 100% Verreckt-Ariën hen bred from James Bond (4th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance old birds 2008) and Gina (1st Prov. Gien 5,843 p.).

The dam is Sister 2nd Nat. Bourges BE15-4013226. She wins a 25th Interprov. Brive and a 53rd Interprov. Limoges. As her name suggests, she is also the sister of 025-15, winner of a 2nd Nat. Bourges of 19,885 p., as well as a half sister of Louise, a 1st Nat. Bourges of 19,735 p.

The sire of the sister 2nd Nat. Bourges is Salvador (PEC), which is himself a grandchild of James Bond (Verreckt-Ariën). The dam is Magic 700, a daughter of 2 top breeders for Bart Geerinckx: Fluwelen 18 and Miss Magic.

Click here for the full pedigree of PEC Duiver.

Besides Blue Ace 324-17, this PEC Duiver is also the sire of:

027-18 Aretha

10th Châteauroux 135 p. - 102nd Prov. Châteauroux 1,042 p. - 46th Nat. Zone Châteauroux 1,104 p.
20th Issoudun 228 p. - 150th Prov. Issoudun 2,223 p. - 108th Nat. Zone – 2,780 p.
49th Provincial Vierzon 1,055 birds
144th Provincial Bourges - 116th Nat. Zone Bourges 2,093 p. - 822nd Nat. Bourges 10,401 p.
75th Provincial Bourges 898 p.
431st Nat. Zone Bourges 5673 p.

Johan and Rudi bred some natural born winners from the (line of the) PEC Duiver again in 2019:

Daughter PEC Princess 570-19 wins:

1st   Chevrainvilliers  347 p.
4th   Châteauroux III 299 p. - 26th Prov. 3,930 p. – 12th Nat. Zone 5,686 p., 468th Nat.  19,529 p.
12th  Chäteauroux II  483 p. - 114th Prov. 5,165 p. – 55th Nat. Zone 7593 p.
14th  Orleans 193 p. - 98th Prov. 3,341 p.
60th  Argenton 822 p., 287th Prov. 5,620 p., 446th Nat. Zone 8,939 p. - 867th National 23,258 p.
221st Prov. Blois 5208 p.

Daughter 501-19 wins:

2nd  Chevrainvilliers 443 p.
7th  Orleans  193 p. - 40th Prov.  3,341 p.
5th  Chevrainvilliers  59 p.
27th Noyon  808 p.
30th Blois  308 p. - 213th Prov.  5,208 p.
52nd Chevrainvilliers 588 p.

Granddaughter 556-19 wins:

1st  Chevrainvilliers 235 p.
9th  Melun 138 p.
70th Argenton 822 p. - 328th Prov. 5,620 p. - 512th Nat. Zone 8,939 p. - 994th National 23,258 p.

Granddaughter 642-19 wins:

2nd  Chevrainvilliers 588 p.
59th Noyon 708 p.

Son Antonio BE13-3080242

The third sensational breeding bird for De Vroe-Vandeputte is Son Antonio, BE13-3080242, a direct Rudi De Saer that is related to several Vandenabeele bloodlines. This son of Antonio is the sire of the following prize winners:

Dark Rudi

Best old bird of Belgium long distance 6 & 7 races in 2016

Small Rudi

Co-winner of 1st provincial / 4th National general champion KBDB 2015
4th best yearling long distance & extreme long distance - 4 races
9th best yearling long distance & extreme long distance - 3 races
20th best yearling extreme long distance - 2 races

Rudi’s 863

20th best young bird 5 national races in 2015

The sire is Antonio BE10-3020860, the big star of Rudi De Saer. Antonio claimed a 1st Nat. Souillac 7,760 p., after which he developed into an incredibly gifted breeder. His full brother New Tours wanted to show that he is just as capable, and he went on to win a 1st Nat. Cahors in 2014. The parents of these two national winners are Zoon Groten and 't Goedje.

The dam is Black Lola BE10-3155220, a very successful racing bird. Her sire is Golden Antoine and her dam is One Eye Blind.

Click here for the full pedigree of Son Antonio.

And here we have another youngster of Son Antonio that did really well:

Daughter: 013-18

7th   Orleans 232 p. - 91st Prov. Orleans 2,445 p.
21st  Châteauroux 265 p. - 177th Prov. 2,355 p.
325th Nat. Zone Montluçon

The following Son Antonio descendants did really well over the course of 2019:

Son Prince Antonio 506-19 wins:

3rd  Chevrainvilliers 235 p.
5th  Orleans 620 p. - 58th Prov.  6154 p.
57th Noyon 588 p.

Granddaughter Jolien 624-19 wins:

4th  Chevrainvilliers 218 p.
6th  Orleans 193 p. - 29th Prov. 3341 p.
9th  Châteauroux 483 p. - 66th Prov. 5,165 p. - 26th Nat. Zone 7,593 p. - 917th Nat. 22,476 p.
9th  Noyon 106 p.
14th Chevrainvilliers 386 p.
16th Châteauroux 299 p. - 155th Prov. 3,930 p. - 110th Nat. Zone 5,686 p. – 1,588th Nat. 19,529 p.

Granddaughter 616-19 wins:

1st   Chevrainvilliers 218 p.
30th  Chevrainvilliers 347 p.
40th  Chevrainvilliers 588 p.
478th Nat. Zone Châteauroux 5,686 p.

Granddaughter 631-19 wins:

7th  St. Quentin 129 p.
8th  Noyon 106 p.
14th Noyon 588 p.
20th Chevrainvilliers 386 p.
31st St.Quentin 374 p.
35th Chevrainvilliers 347 p.
94th Noyon 953 p.

Grandson 632-19 wins:

5th  Chevrainvilliers 235 p.
43rd Orleans 620 p., 396th Prov. Orleans 6,154 p.
21st Orleans 193 p., 165th Prov. Orleans 3,341 p.

As you can see, the descendants of these three stock breeders did terrific again in 2019. They have been leaving their mark in the different championships as well, along with the young birds from the other bloodlines:

1st Champion Union et Liberté Gent-Merelbeke youngsters 1+2 longer middle distance
1st Klokke Roeland Union et Liberte with 1st nominated
1st + 2nd + 3rd ace pigeon young birds longer middle distance Union et Liberté (gold-silver-bronze rings)
18th National Champion shorter middle distance young birds 2019.
1st OVV Interprovincial 2019 young birds 1+2
2nd Champion young birds FVOV 1+2
9th FVOV Fond young birds 2019

Click here for the young birds' results from 2019.

Just so you know, the old and one year ols hens have been quite successful too - click here for the results of the hens in 2019.

Etoile, Best Belgian pigeon in Bourges 2018-2019

The last pigeon in this overview is Etoile BE18-4099015, the best Belgian pigeon from Bourges with 3 x top 30 in Bourges in the zone. She is one of the new stars for DVV Pigeons. Her sire is a son of Dream Pair, and the dam is Grey Cools hen.

Click here for Etoile's pedigree.

Click here for Etoile's list of achievements.

The future

With three top quality breeding cocks in their team, Johan De Vroe and Rudi Vandeputte have a bright future indeed. This became evident over the course of last season, for instance in Argenton II and Orléans, where Johan and Rudi were particularly successful. Click here to reread our previous report, in which we discuss these two races.