Two provincial victories are the icing on the cake after a brilliant season for Jan & Symen Timmermans (Donkerbroek, NL)

Jan & Symen Timmermans have been a household name for years, especially in the young birds' competition. If their team is in full throttle, they are almost impossible to beat.

Thanks to an incredibly strong team of pigeons that stems from the Embregts/Theunis combination, Jan & Syman have managed to raise the bar season after season. And this year was another big success, with two provincial victories to their name. And not only did they win these races, they pretty much dominated the competition.

The town of Donkerbroek is located in the east of Province 11, Friesland '96, and it is part of the Ooststellingwerf municipality. This is the home base of both the company and the pigeon family of Jan Timmermans, wo works as a surveyor. Jan set up his own company, which gradually developed into a successful business, employing 17 people. He looks after his pigeons together with his father Symen, and you can tell from their results that this has been an excellent combination.

The south facing lofts with two sections for the young birds in the front.

Valuable collaboration with Embregts/Theunis

Jan has been good friends with Peter Theunis of the Embregts/Theunis combination for quite a while now. Peter has a similar approach to pigeon racing, and it was thanks to him that Jan & Symen have been able to raise their game. They agreed to start working together about 5 years ago, and to race the Embregts/Theunis pigeons exclusively. Although they do occasionally look for deliberate reinforcements together as well. Jan told us his team has been making significant progress since; the combination has been one of the leading names in Province 11 since 2014. 

Display of strength in race from Arlon; 1,2,3,8,9,10,11,12,13 etc.

We do wonder if a team has ever been that strong in a young birds' race in Province 11. They had an impressive 9 pigeons in the top 13 NPO! The combination has basketed 60 birds for this race on 19th of August, racing against a total of 3,691 pigeons in Province 11. The combination claimed a total of 40 prizes, making them the top performers that day. The pigeons were raced in widowhood, and they are kept in a loft that has an exposed front, with a wind break netting to protect them from harsh winds. The partners were not shown but they are allowed to spend about three hours together on Saturdays. The pigeons have a lot of space available, and they are plenty of hidden corners for the couples as well.

The corridor in front of the lofts with several (deep) boxes on the left, the front side of the loft with the wind break netting on the right.

The winner in the race from Arlon is NL19-4203997. This small-sized racing hen with a magnificent eye managed to beat her own teammates. Her new name is 'Space Gold'. She is named after her parents, which have already proven to be successful breeding birds. Her pedigree (click here for the fulll version) shows that Space Gold is a sister of Miss Goldy and Miss Witbuik. They both won an ace pigeon title in the long distance club, and Miss Witbuik even managed to take an 8th place in the WHZB competition young birds.

'Space Gold', winner of a 1st NPO Arlon.

The story repeats itself in the natour race from Bierges

The natour race from Bierges was scheduled to take place on 7th of September, a race with 12,020 opponents at the start line. Apparently, none of them proved strong enough to beat the 75 pigeons of Jan & Symen, who claimed a 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 14, 18, 30, 31 etc. at provincial level (75/53). The winner is a strong looking blue racing cock with ring number NL19-4203952, who now goes by the name of 'Mister Witbuik'. That same breeding pair had already bred NL19-4203951 this year, winner of a 9th NPO Arlon. This 951 also took an 8th place in the same race. Click here for the pedigree of the winner.


'Mister Witbuik', winner of the race from Bierges of more than 12,000 pigeons.

One of the champions of 2019 in the province

You can tell from the provincial championships that the team not only excelled with the young birds. This is their palmares:

1st YBs mdidle distance not nominated
1st YBs middle distance nominated
1st general long not nominated
2nd general long not nominated
3rd pigeon champion one day long distance
2nd pigeon champion YBs middle distance

Besides their title of 2nd pigeon champion young birds middle distance, they were also 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th pigeon champion.

Racing bird NL19-4203883, 2nd pigeon champion in Province 11, having won a 3rd NPO Arlon, etc.  (Click here for her pedigree)