DVV Pigeons (Moortsele, BE) strikes again in Argenton II and Orléans

De Vroe Vandeputte Pigeons, or DVV Pigeons in short, was without doubt one of the best performing lofts in recent weeks: Johan and Rudi were very successful both in Argenton II and in the provincial race from Orléans one week later.

Rudi Vandeputte (left) and Johan De Vroe - together they are DVV Pigeons

Johan Devroe won a 29th and 30th Nat. Argenton of 23,258 young birds in Argenton II on 24th of August, and the two pigeons arrived back in Moortsele within half a minute of each other!

The pigeon that claimed a 29th national is BE19-4086572 stems from a son of New Rudi BE15-4122561, winner of a 1st Nat. Brive of 5,929 yearlings for Frederik Everaert (Zwijnaarde, BE). He was paired to a daughter of Antonio Antonio BE10-3020860 of Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE). And Antonio has a 1st Nat. Souillac of 7,756 pigeons to his name. In other words, to grandfathers of this hen have won a national first prize!

Click here for the full pedigree of BE19-4086572.

The second pigeon, which finished in 30th place at national level, is BE19-4086530. He stems from Son Glamour Boy BE17-4207057 and Black Opium BE17-4207028.

And Son Glamour Boy is a son of Glamour Boy, a 100% Luc-Bart-Jurgen Geerinckx bird, bred from top class birds Fast Boy and Glamour. The dam is 829 Princess BE13-4142829, which is a daughter of Dream Pair Kleine Schoonen x Van Gaver hen.

The dam is Black Opium, and she is in turn a grandchild of Droomkoppel, since her sire is Son Dreampair BE09-4164325. Her dam is Grey cools Hen BE10-4297465, which is a direct Rik Cools.

Click here for the full pedigree of BE19-4086530.


It is remarkable that both these pigeons are descendants of the Dreampair/Droomoppel. This stock pair does appear in the pedigrees of many of DVV Pigeons's best birds.

The national top prize winner in the old birds' race from Argenton happens to be related to the Dreampair as well. This hen with ring number BE17-4207044, which claimed a 38th Nat. Argenton 5,158 old birds, is in fact a grandchild of Dreampair.

The sire is Magic Boy BE15-6020092, a direct LB&J Geerinckx. He is a son of Fast Boy and Miss Magic.
The dam is De Prinses BE08-4002554, a daughter of Dreampair, that proved invaluable both as a racing and breeding bird. This is her palmares:

11. Nat. Bourges 41,783 p.
1. Toury 441 p.
8. Prov. Blois 3,701 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of BE17-4207044.


After the national race from Argenton we had last weekend's provincial flight from Orléans, which was another great success for Johan and Rudi. Johan claimed several provincial top prizes with his young birds in Moortsele:

7-8-12-29-40-98-… against 3,341 young birds

He had three pigeons in the provincial top 12, and we reckoned they are worth taking a closer look at!

We start with the winner of a 7th Prov. Orléans, BE19-4086515. The sire of this hen is The Last Son BE17-4207045, which is in turn the son of De Provinciaal 109 and Geschelpte Prinses (a daughter of Droomkoppel).

The dam is Miss Ace Belgium, a daughter of 2 national ace pigeons, namely New Freddy and Amalia!

Click here for the pedigree of BE19-4086515.

The winner of an 8th Prov. Orléans is BE19-4086503. She is a daughter of Blue Lucien BE13-4142510, an 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance 2015 and Daughter Primo BE12-2080206, a direct Albert Derwa that has developed into an outstanding breeding hen over time.

Click here for the pedigree of BE19-4086503.

The third pigeon, winner of a 12th Prov. Orléans of 3,341 young birds, is also the best young bird of the loft this season. This hen with ring number BE19-4086525 wins 12 prizes per 10 (no doubles):

 3 St-Quentin 129 p.
11 Noyon 106 p.
14 Noyon 953 p.
25 Noyon 708 p.
37 Chevrainvilliers 386 p.
37 Chevrainvilliers 588 p.
 7 Chevrainvilliers 218 p.
47 Bourges 534 p.
33 Blois 308 p.
48 Argenton 822 p.
 3 Orléans 190 p. -12th Prov. 3341 p.

BE19-4086525 is a daughter of Son Blue Velvet BE17-4207326, a son of De Lucien and Blue Velvet. Blue Velvet BE15-4211666 is the winner of a 1st Nat. zone Bourges 5,014 pigeons.
The dam is Kleindochter Tiets BE17-4207238. Her parents are Last Son Tiets, a nationally renowned racing bird, and Blue Daughter Grootten, an excellent breeding hen.

Click here for the pedigree of BE19-4086525.

And click here for an overview of their young birds' results in 2019.