Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) is victorious in Châteauroux and adds national first prize to his palmares

Just two weeks after his prestigious first prize NPO from Issoudun Peter Janssen went on to win another top result: a national victory from Châteauroux.

Peter Janssen awaits the arrival of another race winner

National win in Châteauroux

Every one day long distance fancier had just one thing on his mind last weekend: the national sectoral races. The pigeons of sector 3 were released in Châteauroux at 6:50am, with two sectors having a postponed release on Sunday. The race in sector 3 was quite special, with the winning pigeon of Peter Janssen reaching a velocity of 1299 m/min. The race came to a close with a speed of 1051 m/min.

Chanti, a fantastic winner

NL17-1032935 Chanti, winner of a national first prize Châteauroux sector 3 of 10,300 pigeons

The two year old hen NL17-1032935 Chanti is a fantastic winner for the Châteauroux classic. Chanti had already come in first place in the middle distance race from Chalons en Champagne in mid-May, taking the win in province 9 East Holland against an impressive 16,785 pigeons. She has now added a national victory to her palmares as well. We take a look at Chanti's full pedigree so far:

1st National Châteauroux sector 3   -  641 km - 10300 p.
1st NPO Province 9                               2871 p.
1st Northern Union Zone 1                        5469 p. 
1st Chalons en Champagne Province 9 -  342 km - 16785 p.
1st Quiévrain District 3 CC 3       -  231 km -  1042 p.
2nd Province 9                                  13208 p.
1st Nanteuil                                     1610 p.
10th Issoudun Province 9 South      -  618 km    1626 p.
25th NPO Province 9                              4173 p.

Click here to reread the PIPA report that features Chanti's victory in Chalons en Champagne. To reread our report on her NPO victory from Issoudun, click here.


As we have come to expect from the pigeons of Peter Janssen, the pedigree of this winner (click here for the full pedigree) features several national ace pigeons and Olympiad Pigeons. The sire of the 17-935 is a grandchild of DV01274-10-272, a 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance 2012 and an Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2013. This pigeon is related to a number of Dirk van den Bulck pigeons from her mother's side as well, including BE13-6139803 Kittel, a 1st National Ace Pigeon sprint young birds KBDB.

New generation does an excellent job

At the end of the 2018 season Peter decided to move some of his best birds to the breeding loft. As a fancier, you can never predict if your other racing birds will be able to fill in the gaps. But in this loft there were clearly plenty of talented birds to make up for the loss: Peter's 2019 racing birds, including Chanti, have given their opponents a hard time yet again. We have the utmost respect for this team.