Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) sweeps the podium in Quievrain with a 1-2-3 of 2,510 pigeons

Stef Bals demonstrates his potential yet again, winning a 1-2-3 Quievrain of 2,510 pigeons, and taking 15 prizes with 17 pigeons. Over the past two years, this promising young fancier (25 years old) has shown repeatedly to be one of the leading names at national level.

The 25 year old Stef showed throughout the 2018 season that he is already one of the big names in our sport, having claimed several top results and championship titles in major competitions. His results in the provincial race from Sens (374km) were particularly memorable. He claimed a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of 4,971 pigeons, and he claimed 15 prizes 1:4 with a team of 17 pigeons (88%). Click here to read more about this fantastic result. Besides these and many other brilliant results, Stef also claimed a title of 1st Not Nominated Loft Champion Middle Distance in Province Brabant 2000. The 2019 season sees him continue his winning streak, with top results almost on a weekly basis. Here are some notable examples:

Niergnies 170 km 20,420 p.: 2-11-14-32-36-48-50-51-98-104-124-226-268-etc. (25/36)
Melun     344 km 13,540 p.: 17-18-20-21-22-35-37-87-119-138-etc. (19/22)
Quievrain 130 km  2,510 p.: 1-2-3-10-11-12-34-37-etc. (11/12)

His result from Quievrain on 22nd of June, in which he won a first, second and third, was particularly remarkable. We will take a closer look at his first three pigeons later on.

Stef started the season with about 30 to 35 racing birds raced in total widowhood. He has an additional 8 breeding pairs, and a group of around 75 youngsters. About 80% of his pigeon collection is now related to the breed of Hok Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL), combined with other introductions. For instance, he bred several talented descendants from a cock of Eijerkamp paired to pigeons of Hok Huijsmans. His team races in the sprint, the middle distance distance, the one day long distance and in the young birds' races, but Jef's main focus is the middle distance competition. He does moest of the care-taking by himself, although he does get some help from his father occasionally, who would for instance feed the pigeons (which Stef prepares), darken the birds or take the pigeons away for a training flight, with Stef awaiting them at home. The undisputed stars in Stef's breeding loft are NPO Men and his son NPO Men. They are both the sire of several talented pigeons.

NL10-2047584 NPO Men

Racing bird NL10-2047584 NPO Men, obtained from fellow fancier and great champion Maarten Huijsmans, has really left his mark on Stef's pigeon family. NPO Men is a grandchild of Miss Universe, which is in turn one of the founders of Maarten Huijsmans's own breed. Miss Universe is the dam and grandmother of a countless number of first prize winners. NPO Men is the sire/grandfather of:

1st NPO Sens             8,503 p.
1st Prov. Sens           4,971 p.
2nd Prov. Sens           4,971 p.
3rd NPO Melun            5,597 p.
1st Quievrain            5,899 p.
2nd Niergnies           20,420 p.
4th NPO Melun            5,597 p.
4th Prov. Sens           4,971 p.
4th Prov. Pont st. Max. 13,240 p.
5th NPO Fontenay         7,798 p.

NL13-1338982 Son NPO Men

A son of NPO Men, this racing cock is well on his way to following in the footsteps of his own sire. He could well become Stef's new stock breeder one day. He is already the sire of:

1st Niergnies        6,295 p. (and 2nd 20,420 p.)
1st Quievrain        2,510 p. (and 1st 11,565 p.)
4th Prov. Melun      5,579 p.
4th Prov. Sens       4,971 p.
5th Pont st. Max.   13,240 p.
5th NPO Fontenay     7,798 p.

Quievrain 1-2-3 of 2,510 pigeons

NL18-1185822 Jody, 1e Quievrain (2.510 d)

Jody is quite a promising name indeed. She is a daughter of Son NPO Men (and thus a granddaughter of NPO Men). Click here for her pedigree. She has some excellent results to her name as a one year old, including:

1st Quievrain          2,510 p. (and fastest of 11,565 p.)
1st Niergnies          6,295 p. (and 2nd of 20,420 p.)
12th Melun             4,032 p.

This is her sister's palmares:

4th Prov. Melun          5,579 p.
4th Prov. Sens           4,971 p.
5th Prov. Pont st. Max. 13,241 p.

NL18-3807861 Iza, 2nd Quievrain (2,510 p.)

The 2nd place winner in Quievrain was Iza, who finished a mere second behind the winner of the race. Her sire is another grandson of NPO Men, and her dam is Blue Pearl, a granddaughter of Miss Universe, a stock breeder for Maarten Huijsmans. Blue Pearl has a 1st Prov. Pont St. Maxence (13,240 p.) with a two minute lead to her name, as well as a 3rd Prov. Sens (4,971 p.) behind two teammates. Click here for Iza's pedigree.

NL18-1186221 Jana, 3rd Quievrain (2,510 p.)

The third place winner, who finished almost alongside the number two in the race, is Jana. Judging from Jana's pedigree, we can tell that both her sire and her dam are related to the bloodlines of super class breeder Miss Universe.

A promising young fancier who works with top quality birds

Given his age (he is 25 and he turns 26 next week) and his splendid results over the past two seasons, Stef is indeed a young and promising fancier. He puts it this way: "I consider myself a pigeon racing fanatic. I invest a lot of time in this hobby, especially in my head. I always try to raise the bar, both for my pigeons and for myself. Besides, I am still increasing my knowledge of pigeons." With this mindset, and with the help of a number of top quality birds, Stef has managed to become one of the top players in The Netherlands. With several more races coming up both for the old and the young birds, we reckon Stef will continue to produce spectacular results in the near future.