Hok Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) have the best old bird over the first three national races of 2019 in their collection

The pigeon to hold first place in the PIPA ranking over the first three national races of 2019 is none other than Blauwe Witoog BE17-6053446. In addition, the team's first and second nominated were the first pigeons to be clocked both in Bourges and Chateauroux. A touch of class!

Kurt and Gaston are now racing together as 'Hok Van de Wouwer'

You will no longer come across the name of Gaston Van de Wouwer in the race results. Kurt decided to join the team, which means Gaston and Kurt are running a combination called 'Hok Van de Wouwer' as of this season. They did change their name but their successful collection of top quality birds was left untouched. And this allowed them to have an excellent early 2019 season, with great results in the first three national races of the longer middle distance, as well as in the provincial race from Issoudun. We take a look at the achievements of the 10 old bird and 2 one year old hens in these different races:

18/5 Vierzon Prov. 2,288 olds: 3-58-164-284-476-484-572 (7/10)
         National 20,956 olds: 158-814-1886-3062-4737-4788 (6/10)

25/5 Bourges Zone 7,052 olds: 44-55-64-219-571-1000-1501-1670 (8/10)
         National 24,055 olds: 100-120-142-628-1721-3192-4890-5451 (8/10)
25/5 Bourges Zone 6,524 YLs: 285-1447 (2/2)
         National 17,969 YLs: 675-3803 (2/2)

01/6 Issoudun Prov. 1,400 olds: 6-11-42-77-81-102-203-223-265 (9/10)
01/6 Issoudun Prov. 2,147 YLs: 32-88 (2/2)

08/6 Chateauroux Zone 5,715 olds: 15-104-108-185-288-960-1025 (7/10)
         National 20,520 olds: 61-341-350-592-858-3030-3283 (7/10)
08/6 Chateauroux Zone 7,980 YLs: 245-362 (2/2)
         National 24,611 YLs: 677-962 (2/2)

Their first and second nominated pigeons were also the first pigeons to arrive home in the national race from Bourges old birds (100th and 120th Nat.) and Chateauroux old birds (61st and 341st Nat.). This leaves Gaston and Kurt with four top prizes for the national championships KBDB longer middle distance.

1st best old bird in the PIPA ranking over 3 national races

One hen that really stood out for team Van de Wouwer is without doubt Blauwe Witoog BE17-6053446. This super lady is in fact the best old bird of Belgium after the first three national races of the season: Vierzon, Bourges and Chateauroux! Meanwhile, she claimed another top result in the provincial race from Issoudun on 1st of June. This is her palmares:

-Blauwe Witoog BE17-6053446

 3rd  Prov Vierzon         2,288 p. ’19
100th Nat Bourges I       24,055 p. ’19
341st Nat Chateauroux     20,520 p. ’19 
11th  Prov Issoudun        1,400 p. ’19

And she won the following prizes earlier on:
20th  Nat Chateauroux III 18,499 p. ’17
216th Nat Chateauroux I   27,081 p. ’18
36th  Prov Chateauroux II  2,394 p. ’18
794th Nat Bourges II      38,456 p. ’17
10th  Prov Le Mans           359 p. ’18
219th N.Zone Argenton I    6,640 p. ’18
50th  Prov Gueret          1,044 p. ’18
165th Prov Blois           2,744 p. ’18
257th Nat Argenton III     3,322 p. ’18

The three races that put her in first place in the PIPA ranking are in bold in her pedigree.
She stems from the golden line of stock breeder Kaasboer of Van de Wouwer from her father's side, combined with pigeons of Wim De Troy and Niels Broeckx. The dam is a daughter of New Freddy (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB) through PEC-Geerinckx paired to Erna, a direct Bart Geerinckx (the dam of Laura, 1st Nat. Bourges in 2010).
Click here for the pedigree of Blauwe Witoog 446

In strong form

You can tell from these results that Hok Van de Wouwer has an excellent track record, and they are getting high marks for the KBDB championships and ace pigeon championships along the way as well. We agree that we are still too early in the season to make any assumptions but there is no denying that they have already won some fantastic results this year. It is up to their opponents to try and do better.
Gaston and Kurt are doing everything they can to continue their winning streak, and to add a few more success stories to their palmares in the next few weeks. Hok Van de Wouwer is a name to keep an eye on.