Sangers-Ung (Eefde, NL) take the top spot in the regional sprint championship not nominated

In a season of extremes Marcel Sangers has turned out to be a consistent performer, claiming top results at the highest level! With the last sprint of the old birds' race competition done and dusted, the multi-winner from Eefde is now 1st not nominated and 2nd nominated in the regional sprint championship.
And this of more than 300 fanciers and 7,000 pigeons. This despite the fact that Marcel prefers the conditions to be a bit more demanding compared to what we had so far in 2019. Be that as it may, the Dutch wonder boy displays his strength nonetheless!
The race from Tienen (8th of June) marks the end of the sprint competition for the old birds, and saw Sangers-Ung take first place in the regional championship. Marcel, his son Brian and his partner Chantal Vredeveld are working closely together to achieve great results, and their approach has been successful again this season. Let's take a look at the achievements of Sangers-Ung and Brian Sangers in this year's sprint races:
– (13-4) Tienen 174 km
District  1,334 p.: 14-16-17-19-20-37-46-58-59-61-62-64-66-82-83-85-90-91-94 (46/99)
Region    3,918 p.: 18-20-21-23-24-56-65-90-91-93-94-97-99 (59/99)
– (20-4) Bierges 195 km
District  2,322 p.: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-20-21-22-23-29-30-31-32-41-53-58-71-72-99 (63/93)
Region    7,193 p.: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-33-34-36-37-55-60-62-63-89 (67/93)
– (27-4) Quievrain 263 km
District  1,954 p.: 5-6-7-37-38-39-40-41-42-45-46-48-51-52-57-58-59-65 (59/91)
Region    5,903 p.: 6-7-8-81-83-84-86-87-88-92-93-99 (63/91)
– (4-5) Niergnies 306 km
District  1,597 p.: 8-18-21-22-27-33-34-36-37-55-57-59-60-61-65-77-78-79-89-90 (52/93)
Region    5,184 p.: 15-45-58-61-75-86-87-89-90 (57/93)
– (25-5) Quievrain 263 km
District  1,210 p.: 15-16-23-41-56-58 (17/27)
Region    4,152 p.: 28-30-53-85-etc. (18/27)
– (8-6) Tienen 174 km
District    833 p.: 6-7-12-13-14-16-61-63-64-66-67-68 (16/27)
Region    2,882 p.: 11-12-34-36-38-43-etc. (21/27)

Sangers Pro

This new career highlight is a logical consequence of the strategy that they adopted over the last couple of years. Marcel combines his powerful Superkweker dynasty mainly with pigeons of Van Den Bulck and Lambrechts, and this is proving to be a formula that can make a difference. "They could have excelled even more if the conditions had been more demanding than in previous weeks, but we are of course still very happy with the current course of events", Marcel explains. And it seems a parallel can be drawn with the introduction of 'Sangers Pro' products as well. "Chantal told me earlier that I should put my ideas and knowhow about supplements into good use. Supplements have become indispensable in modern-day pigeon racing, although there is still a long way to go in terms of quality. I helped Chantal compose a number of products, which we put to the test in recent years. It was a major success! Sangers Pro has been officially on the market since this year's spring exhibition, with Chantal as the ambassador. And I'm not really surprised to see so many fanciers taking big strides forward since using Sangers Pro!"
Marcel was one of the first to acknowledge that using Sangers Pro does not suddenly turn a donkey into a race horse. "What Sangers Pro does, is create the right conditions to achieve great results. However, you still need top quality pigeons to win races." And it is no secret that the pigeon collection from Eefde has plenty of quality. To illustrate, we talk you through some of the stars of the 2019 season:


One of the key players on their road to a championship title is NL17-1826135 Sabrina. She is a wonderful hen that became 1st ace pigeon province 8 after 5 races in 2019. This is her list of achievements so far:
      1st prov. ace pigeon sprint 2019 after 5 races
      1st prov. ace pigeon sprint 2019 after 4 races
      1st Morlincourt 366 km  -   339 p. / 2nd – 1,749 p. / 4th – 23,392 p. 2019
      5th Quievrain 263 km    – 2,120 p. 2018
      5th Quievrain 263 km    – 1,954 p. / 6th – 5,903 p. 2019
      6th Bierges 195 km      – 7,193 p. 2019
      8th Quievrain           – 4,624 p. 2018
      19th Bierges            – 4,402 p. 2018
      21st Soissons           – 4,541 p. 2019
      22nd Niergnies          – 1,597 p. 2019
      33rd Geel               – 6,739 p. 2018
      44th Geel               – 6,217 p. 2018
      47th sprint pigeon NL PIPA Rankings 2018
Her sire is King, a 100% Van Den Bulck and also the sire of Da Capo, winner of a 10th NPO Gien 5,615 p. 2018, a 15th NPO Gien 9,395 p. 2017, and a 17th NPO Bourges 5,094 p. King is a son of New Kittel, a substitute Olympiad Pigeon and full brother of Kittel.
The dam is Britt, winner of a 1st Vervins of 381 p. and a daughter of Time Gun, winner of a 4th NPO Orleans 7,784 p. and a son of De Superkweker, a stock breeder of Sangers.

Click here for Sabrina's pedigree


Lily & Fransa

The absolute star of 2018 needed a bit of time to get up to speed in 2019, but NL15-1421103 Lily clearly found her stride in the past several weeks! Lily can look back on quite an impressive palmares:
      1st regional ace pigeon sprint 2018
      1st ace pigeon middle distance District 2018
      1st ace pigeon old birds sprint District De IJssel 2018
      1st Soissons            – 1,733 p.
      1st Soissons            – 1,132 p.
      1st Laon                –   797 p.
      3rd Soissons            – 5,339 p.
      3rd Laon                – 2,756 p.
      7th Niergnies           – 7,100 p.
      8th Soissons            – 1,606 p.
      8th Laon                – 1,247 p.
The sire is a son of Hayabusa King, the winner of as many as six first prizes in big races, and now an excellent breeder for Marcel Sangers.
The dam is Gone Wild, a terrific breeding hen and a direct Alwin Petrie, bred from Petrie's Gigi, a Europe Cup pigeon and winner of 2 first prizes teletext. Gone Wild has also bred the winner of a 1st Soissons 1,154 p., and the 4th fastest in Chimay of 10,239 pigeons, behind his teammates.

Click here for Lily's pedigree
In 2017, Gone Wild was also the dam of NL17-1826248 Fransa. This is a fantastic racing hen and one of the stars of this team again in 2019! This is her palmares:
      1st Chimay              –  1,804 p.
      2nd snelste Chimay      – 10,239 p. behind teammate (within a second)
      3rd Bierges             –  7,193 p.
      3rd Nanteuil            –  1,708 p.
      5th Quievrain           –  4,624 p.
      6th Niergnies           –  7,100 p.
      20th Isnes              –  5,079 p.
      20th Biergies           –  4,402 p.
      20th Tienen             –  3,918 p.
      23rd Nanteuil           –  2,168 p.
      28th Quievrain          –  4,152 p.
      5th ace pigeon middle distance District 2018
The sire of Fransa is Skittel, a 100% Van Den Bulck and a direct son of the iconic Kittel x New Golden Lady, a fantastic pair. Kittel is of course a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB, and now the breeder of several generations of new champions.

Click here for Fransa's pedigree


And here is another excellent racing bird: NL16-1259921 Chica. She comes straight from Marcel's close friend Arjan Moespot. Chica is a highly reliable hen and winner of:
      3rd ace pigeon sprint District De IJssel after 2 teammates 2018
      5th ace pigeon sprint District De IJssel 2018
      1st Nanteuil            –   242 p. / 2nd regional 2,168 p.
      8th Quievrain           – 5,903 p.
      8th Chimay              – 2,066 p.
      9th  Bierges            – 7,193 p.
      13th Tienen             – 5,819 p. after 9 teammates
      27th Niergnies          – 2,122 p.
      41st Geel               – 6,739 p.
      42nd Laon               – 1,970 p.
      68th Niergnies          – 7,100 p.
The sire is Smartboy, a son of Cancellara and winner of a 2nd Duffel 10,205 p., a 5th Chateauroux 1,690 p., a 7th NPO Chateauroux, and a 10th Orleans 4,130 p. Smartboy is a grandson of Salinero, 1st ace pigeon middle distance in the region, and of Canon, 1st ace pigeon one day long distance in the District with a 1st and 3rd NPO. He was paired to Danara, winner of a 1st and 2nd NPO.
The dam is Donatella, which stems from a crossing of Leidemans x Vandenabeele, bred straight from Don Giovanni, winner of 3 first prizes in the one day long distance and a 3rd-20th-21st-41st NPO.

Click here for the pedigree of Chica
We are about halfway into the old birds' season, and Sangers Ung has already claimed a first prize in one of the first championships of the season. And it seems he is still hungry for more. "We have some fantastic middle distance and one day long distance races coming up, where we hope to deliver another great result! We cannot take anything for granted of course but the pigeons are in great form, so we look forward to the next few months of racing!"