Turkish television station comes up with brilliant introduction film about pigeon racing (video)

Turkish television station TRT created the following video in which they briefly outline the ins and outs of pigeon racing in Turkey. They discuss the global character of the sport, and they also talk about Armando of course.

In just four minutes’ time they explain how races are organised, how the results are calculated, and the impact of the weather on the outcome of a race. They also discuss the concept behind one loft races, as well as the origins of this sport, which is rooted in Belgium. They also talk about how China has grown to become the leading market for pigeons today, as was demonstrated with the sale of Armando.


Things that seem self-evident to us pigeon fanciers are explained in plain language, aimed at those who are not quite familiar with pigeon racing. So do not hesitate to share this video through social media. It will turn you into a true ambassador of our beloved sport! In the end, promoting our sport among existing pigeon fanciers is not very useful. If we really want to reach an audience outside of pigeon racing, and explain what this sport is all about, videos like these are priceless.

Do not hesitate to share!