Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) again one of the champions of 2018 with the help of Kleine Dirk

After a briljant 2017 season with three provincial first prizes, the fanciers from Holsbeek did not really know what to expect of 2018. Their provincial first prize from Blois on 22nd of July put their minds at ease, and the remainder of the 2018 season was quite a success as well, as you can tell from the following report.

How it all started

"It takes a good breeding pair to make it to the top; it takes a solid team of breeders to stay at the top." With this in mind, the Jespers-Vanderwegen combination turned to Dirk and Louis Van Dyck in 2003. They obtained a small blue coloured cock, now called Kleine Dirk (BE03-6086339), and they had never expected this bird to be the starting point of a fantastic success story. Kleine Dirk is a grandson of Den Bourges (BE94-6323005), 2nd Nat. Bourges of 40,401 pigeons, and he is in turn a full brother of De Kannibaal (BE95-005), 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB.

Click here for the full pedigree of Kleine Dirk.

It takes two birds to create a breeding pair, and Kleine Dirk was paired to Fleur (BE05-2266436), a daughter of the famous Ace Four bloodline of Ad Schaerlakens. And that is how it all started.

The full pedigree of Fleur can be found here.

The introduction of Gaby Vandenabeele birds, in the form of Nero and Ronaldo, two grandsons of the famous Bliksem introduced in 2011, really pushed this team forward. From then on, this loft would be a force to be reckoned with every single season, and 2018 was no exception.

The 2018 season

Herman says the following about his olds and yearlings: "We sold all racing birds in late 2016, so we were left with some of our less talented pigeons. These pigeons had either struggled to find their way home after a race, or they were yet to prove their worth, making them unsuited for our auction."

However, these pigeons still managed to win a few prizes:

Soissons 21/04/2018  823 p: 1-12-34-36-37 8/9
Melun  05/05/2018  482 p: 22-25-26-44-45 5/8

The young birds had been training very well, and they were quite successful too:

Soissons (193km)  23/06/2018:   489 p.: 1-18-27-30-31...    24/64
Soissons 30/06/2018    446 p.: 1-4-5-6-7-8-12+-16-18-19-20...   38/62
Melun  (293km)  07/07/2018: 230 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-9-10-11-12-14-16-18-20-21...    35/58
Momignies (107km) 14/07/2018: 535 p.: 2-3-4-5-6-13-14... 27/54
Blois (447km) 21/07/2018 Club: 214 p.: 1-3-4-13-14...  13/30
                         Prov.:   571 p.: 1-15-18-39-41-44...   15/30

Chevrainvilliers (336 km) 21/07/2018 180 p.: 1-8-33-35...   8/22
Melun 04/08/2018  310 p.: 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-12...    36/44
Bourges (459km) Club 771 p.: 1-4-40-45-46-53...  20/44
                Prov. 2591 p.: 8...
                Zone  B2 7512 p.: 16...
                Nat: 23854 p.: 20...
Chateauroux  (508km) 18/008/2018  563 p.: 11-15-16-25-34...  26/34
Soissons 25/08/2018 768 p.: 1-2-3-10-11-12-13-19-23-25-26-27-28-29-30-32-33-35...    31/38
Argenton (546km) 01/09/2018  533 p.: 5-12-20-21-29-34...  14/38
Laon (164km)  08/09/2018  501 p.: 6-7-8-29-30... 22/28
Chateauroux  15/09/2018  381 p.: 14-26-29-33-34-41-43-56... 14/25

Vierzon time trial FRANCO-BELGE  28/07/2018

The time trial was a major success for the team:

3rd prize in BELGIUM
1st prize in tandem with Frenchman Dupouy Michel  

You can reread our report about this time trial here.

A few of the stars of 2018

BE18- 2010043 Beauty Dirkje 8th nat. ace pigeon KBDB longer middle distance

Beauty Dirkje won the following top prizes, and this led to his title of 8th nat. ace pigeon:

Bourges: Lokaal 771 p.: 1
Prov.: 2591 p.: 8
Zone B2: 7512 p.: 16
Nat.: 23854 p.: 20

Chateauroux: club 563 p.: 11
Prov.: 1406 p.: 19
Zone B2: 4523 p.: 49
Nat.: 17521 p.: 142

Argenton: Prov.: 1265 p.: 10
Zone B2: 3421 p.: 29
Nat.: 14496 p.:135

Sire: BE11-2070798 Leopard zoon Kleine Dirk

Grandfather: BE03-6086339 Kleine Dirk
Grandmother: BE08-3079179 Lilla, daughter De Figo, 1st nat. Bourges 2001

Dam: BE14-2170234 Lilla Dirkie

Grandfather: BE09-2040544 Blue Double Dirkje, bred from Kleine Dirk and his own sister
Grandmother: BE11-2070599 Lelia, bred from Kleine Dirk X Lilla

Click here for the full pedigree.

BE18-2010030 1st prov. Blois

She is the sister of a 1st Provincial Bourges 2017 of 3,126 pigeons, claiming a 15th national of 38,456 pigeons.

Sire: BE15-2162251 Pedro, a direct Paul Huls

Grandfather: BE13-2110231 Berreke, bred from “De Zoon” of Paulien and Valeska, a daughter of Dreamteam
Grandmother: BE07-5100751 Het Bont Goudklompje, bred from Black Jack, 1st olympiad Pigeon All-Round Belgium 2007.

Dam: BE14-2170033. She was herself an excellent racing hen with several national top prizes to her name, including a 146th National Bourges of 21,522 pigeons, a 129th National La Souterraine of 2,548 pigeons, a 138th National Issoudun of 2,212 pigeons, etc.

Grandfather: BE06-2147490 Bauer, bred from Kleine Dirk and Jarnacduivin
Grandmother: BE12-3088217 Tamara Lloyd, bred from Olympic Lloyd (1st Olympiad Pigeon Poland 2011, 3rd Europe cup All-round) and Tamara (a daughter of Bliksem Vandenabeele)

Click here for the full report on this pigeon.

The pigeon loft in 2019

The combination will have a team of about 60 one year old hens and 34 cocks raced in total widowhood for 2019, along with about 130 youngsters. We reckon they will be ready for another successful season of racing across all competitions.

Closing words

The descendants of Kleine Dirk continue to deliver, fifteen years after his introduction. This bloodline combines particularly well with the best birds of Ad Schaerlaekens and Gaby Vandenabeele, and this combination has given some fantastic results. We reckon there is a lot more to come from this breed. Good luck in 2019.