Jo Bauters (Gavere,BE) claims a national first prize in 2018 and another ace pigeon title KBDB

Jo Bauters has earned his place among Belgium's strongest pigeon breeds with the help of the fantastic breeding abilities of Fabian. The youngsters and grandchildren of this fantastic pigeon have been getting great results in the longer middle distance season after season.

Jo Bauters

Fabian puts Jo Bauters on the map

Jo Bauters has been omnipresent at the highest level in Belgium since his provincial first prize from Bourges in 2012, a fantastic victory won by Fabian (BE11-4239270). But no one would have guessed that this was only the first of many major achievements from this super class bird. He went on to win a 4th prize from Argenton at provincial level, before claiming a national first prize in a demanding race from Poitiers in 2014, as the only pigeon with a speed of over 1100 m/min. Jo then decided to put Fabian in the breeding loft, and that was a smart move indeed. Click here for Fabian's pedigree.

Fabian, 1st national Poitiers and the stock breeder for Team Bauters

Only the most experienced fanciers know how to find the best-suited partners for their stock breeders. Jo quickly understood that Bolleke (BE12-4181946) could be a perfect partner for his stock breeder. She had shown to be quite a talented bird in her brief racing career, claiming a 1st of 870 pigeons in Angerville as a young bird. And she really stood at as a one year old, claiming victory in Pont St. Maxence, and winning several top prizes in the longer middle distance as well:

Issoudun Zone        :   2  /   671 p.

Chateauroux Zone   :   3  / 1051 p.

Bourges Zone         :   6  / 1751 p.

This hen (with four first prizes to her name) was then paired to Fabian, and together they have bred an incredible number of top class descendants! Bolleke (see pedigree) is the dam and grandmother of a long list of great pigeons that gained a reputation both at home and abroad. Needless to say, things tend to get a bit easier with such high value breeding birds in your collection. As most of you know, this type of breeding pair is very rare. However, judging from the achievements of this racing team from Gavere, we might say that Jo Bauters does have a fantastic breeding pair in his family. However, it would be unfair towards some other breeding birds in this team to attribute all of his achievements to this one pair. NoahPirlo, Naomi and Ester have shown to be highly talented breeding birds as well. We now take a look at some of the descendants of Jo's large collection of top breeders.

Ellis, Best Belgian young bird in 2016

Basso (BE15-4143949), a grandson of Fabian and Bolleke, had some excellent results in the 2015 ace pigeon championships (click here for Basso's pedigree) and another very successful racing bird came to the fore in Gavere in 2016: Ellis (4076089-16) was outstanding in the young birds' races and she went on to become 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB in the longer middle distance. This is a competition in which the big guns compete against each other. She also came in first in the PIPA ranking, both with 3 and 4 prizes. Few pigeons have been able to win these titles but Fabian's granddaughter Ellis has been able to pull this off, based on these top prizes:

Chateauroux    :    5  /  5090 p.

Bourges           :    7 /  7821 p.

La Soutterraine :    7 /  6702 p.

Argenton          :   5 / 10761 p.

Ellis followed in the footsteps of her renowned grandfather, and team Bauters was once again in the spotlight (see pedigree). Many fanciers could only dream of having such a talented bird in their collection. In fact, Ellis soon showed to be a very promising breeding bird as well: she bred a number of youngsters that have won several early prizes for Team Bauters.

Ellis, 1st national ace pigeon KBDB 2016

Eria, yet another top class hen in the 2017 nationals

In 2017 we saw Eria (BE17-4155613) come into prominence in the most imortant longer middle distance races. This blue coloured hen not only won a four out of four in the nationals, including a 5th place from Bourges against more than 10,000 pigeons, she also became 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. This was a well deserved title, based on three excellent results at national level.

You can tell from her pedigree that she is related to Fabian. This shows again that good bloodlines never lie.

Eria, 5th national ace pigeon KBDB 2017

2018: another season with many highlights

Artemis: 4th ace pigeon KBDB 2018

It goes without saying that the champion from Gavere has a fantastic group of pigeons, with which he regularly wins national ace pigeon titles. One of them is Artemis (BE17-4155691), which was always up front in the national classics of the demanding 2018 season. This descendant of Fabian did really well as a yearling, with 5 prizes of at least per 100 in the longer middle distance! Artemis claimed a 3rd prize of 2086 pigeons from Bourges, as well as a 12 / 5209 birds and a 43 / 3086 birds in Chateauroux. This racing bird was successful in Argenton as well, finishing in 117th place of 20,000 pigeons, and as a result she was 4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. In other words, Jo Bauters has claimed an ace pigeon title in the championships KBDB longer middle distance three years in a row, which is something to be proud of. Click here for Artemis's pedigree).

Totti in Cahors: a new national win in 2018

Jo's racing birds showed their excellent form early on in the season, claiming 4 national top 100 prizes from Bourges in late May. Hulk (see pedigree) claimed a provincial victory of 3385 birds in East-Flanders, while finishing in 7th place national of no less than 20,284 old birds. The yearlings had a great day as well, with a 2nd place at provincial level, and a 10th, 78th, 93rd etc. at national level against more than 19,000 pigeons. The national opening classic took place in very demanding conditions, high temperatures and a strong headwind, resulting in the strongest birds coming in first. In hindsight, this race set the tone for the entire season: 2018 goes down in history as one of the most demanding ever, due to the harsh weather almost every single weekend. This year's highlight for Team Bauters came a few weeks later, when they claimed a 1st National Cahors with Totti (BE15-4143932). This pigeon was the strongest overall of 6356 birds. Click here for the pedigree of this national winner. Totti and the aforementioned Ellis happen to have the same grandfather: top class breeder Noah (BE10-4103964). This goes to show that all of the best pigeons in this family are closely related, which is something many renowned teams seem to have in common!


Fredo, best pigeon from Libourne 2017-2018

Jo Bauters is excellent at longer distance racing as well if he sets his mind on it; you can tell from the palmares of racing cock Fredo (BE14-4017662). This son of Noah (click here for Fredo's pedigree) did great in the national race from Tulle with a 28th of 6101 pigeons. But he focuses primarily on the national races from Libourne, where he excelled both in 2017 and 2018, claiming a coveted first prize in the PIPA ranking based on the following achievements:

Libourne 2017 national  :  14 / 3927 p.  and provincial :  5 / 796 p.

Libourne 2018 national  :  18 / 3176 p.  and provincial :  4 / 512 p.

Fredo, best pigeon from Libourne 2017-2018 

Team Bauters delivered a long series of top results in the national races again in 2018, both with the old birds, the yearlings and the young birds. The Bauters racing team can excel in any race that demands a combination of strength and stamina, such as Bourges, Cahors or Libourne. And that applies to both the cocks and the hens. Such talented birds as Hulk, Totti, Artemis and Fredo were eager to demonstrate their abilities throughout the year.

Jo has been getting one top result after another in the national races in recent years, and his success story really took off in 2012, thanks to a long series of victories by Fabian. Anyone fortunate enough to be able to build a team around the bloodline of such a talented bird can look toward the future with great confidence. Fabian has bred quite a few talented descendants over the years indeed, including Ellis, Eria, Artemis, Basso and Hulk, and it seems like this bloodline continues to deliver new generations that are almost just as talented as their predecessors: the youngsters, grandchildren, nephews and nieces are all top class birds, and that is what characterises many renowned breeds. This loft consists of well-defined and high value bloodlines. 

The loft of Jo Bauters

The team from the champion from Gavere has been writing history on a number of occasions in recent years. It all started with Fabian being transferred to the breeding loft, giving way to a long series of national and provincial top results on a yearly basis. This team is now in full bloom, thanks to a combination of a highly talented pigeon collection and an excellent fancier. You can tell from the 2018 results that Jo Bauters is still on the rise:

2018, 1st national Cahors with Totti ,

         4th national ace pigeon KBDB with Artemis ,

         1st provincial Bourges with Hulk ,

         Best pigeon from Libourne with Fredo , ...

The region around the town of Gavere has had a long-standing tradition of very successful pigeon racing champions, and it appears that a new champion has come to the fore recently, a champion who is set on keeping his place at the top. As you can tell from this overview, he has really been on a journey recently! Jo has many irons in the fire, and he is ready to strike when the time comes.

The Bauters family