Verreckt-Ariën, "'National Argentino' makes dream come true. 1st National Argenton 6.033 Yearlings '08"

Verreckt-Ariën, Tessenderlo






The classic from Argenton had a very smooth course thanks to a cloudless south-westerly wind. The fanciers from Antwerp could enjoy themselves till their hearts were content. The pigeons arrived home better than from Quiévrain! Still, it was the 'dream-team' Verreckt-Ariën from the Limburg's Tessenderlo who conquered the national victory by the yearlings and gave even more colour to their unbelievably fantastic season!
In June we made a coverage ( read June 2008) about the blitz start of this duo. At the time they had already 3 provincial and 1 semi-national victory in their pocket. Afterwards it was no longer quiet in the Schoterheide. The list of provincial and national top prizes only became more impressive!


The yearlings ( including the national winner) are raced in total widowhood. During the day they sit in front of the sleeping loft in the aviary and in the evening they are allowed to rust inside. Seeing that the condition and health remains under control, nothing is altered where the coaching is concerned.

National Argentino
The winner is a dark chequered cock. It was not the first time he has proved himself. Earlier this year he flew the 4th provincial Bourges I against 1.133 yearlings. Now he taught all his fellow countrymen a lesson from Argenton.
The 5035121-07 was given the all-saying name 'National Argentino'.
The father is 'Dikken Herbots'. He is a grandson of 'National I' from the Herbots brothers.
The mother is 'Jalousy 2' .
She was a super racer and won amongst other things
2nd provincial Le Mans (918 p.),
40th national Argenton (4.640 p.) and
90th national Bourges (12.549 p.).

Performances 'National Argentino'
1 Nat. Argenton 6.033 p.
1 Prov. 952 p.
4 Prov. Bourges 1.133 p.
305 Nat. 13.354 p.
51 Fed. Pithiviers 1.675 p.
107 Prov. Bourges 2.323 p.
133 Prov. La Souterraine 1.470 p.

1e Nationaal Argenton 6.033 Jaarse
'National Argentino'
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The report for 2008: Passed with the greatest honours!
1 Nat. Argenton II 6.033 yearlings '08
1 Nat Chateauroux 8.216 old '08
1 Prov. Gien 5.843 old '08
1 Prov. Chateuaroux 2.735 old '08
1, 3 Prov. Montlucon 2.028 yearlings '08
1, 5 Prov. Argenton I 1.482 yearlings '08
1, 3, 4 Prov Argenton II 952 yearlings '08
2 Nat Montlucon 8.521 yearlings '08
2 Prov. Bourges I 1.643 old '08
2 Prov. Montlucon 1.796 old '08
3 Nat Montlucon 7.332 old '08
3, 4 Prov. Bourges I 1.133 yearlings '08
3, 4 Prov. Bourges II 2.365 yearlings '08
5 Prov. Gien 3.131 yearlings '08
15, 17 Nat. Bourges 16.802 yearlings '08

Best performances for 2008:
1st Nat. Argenton (hens) 1.340 p '04
1st Prov Bourges 3.737 p '02
1st Prov. Chateauroux 2.424 p '06
1st Prov. Montlucon 2.264 p 06
1st Prov. Montlucon 2.163 p '06
1st Prov. Aurillac 1.069 p '06
1st Prov. Argenton Yls UPE 922 p '04
1st, 2nd Prov. LeMans 918 p '07
1st Prov. Limoges UPE 770 p '04
1st Prov. Argenton 558 p '04
1st Prov. Brive (15' ahead) 408 p '04
1st Superstar of the month July Golden Pigeon 2006
1st Word Champion Winning Magazine Long Distance (1 day) '06
2nd Word Champion Winning Magazine Long Distance (1 day) '07
1st Prov Champion KBDB Limburg Yearlings Long Distance '06

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