Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) win duo time trial from Vierzon

The Franco-Belge time trial race was launched a few years back to substitute for the cancelled time trail flight on the Mont Ventoux, in memory of Danny Van Bael and Frans Rans. The Franco Belge time trail is not quite as reputable as the race from Mont Ventoux just yet but that is about to change soon, with an increasing number of renowned players taking part.

A unique approach

The Franco Belge stands alone in the time trial competition, thanks to their unique approach. It is not only the individual result that counts (every fancier gets to basket two pigeons, each of which competes for a spot in the individual results); every Belgian pigeon is also linked to a French opponent that has to fly in southerly direction. The two partnering pigeons are released simultaneously, racing in opposite directions. It was in this duo time trial that Jespers-Vanderwegen, paired up with Michel Dupouy from Saint-Pandelon, a few kilometers to the south of Dax, had the highest speed per minute on average.

Miss Franco-Belge

The hen that claimed victory together with her French teammate is BE17-2017109, which is now called Miss Franco-Belge. She left her teammate behind right at the start, claiming a 5th place of 84 pigeons in the individual ranking. This result means a lot to Hermand and Johny, who had to start from scratch after selling almost their entire racing team in 2017.

Miss Franco Belge

Miss Franco-Belge is inbred to the successful Kleine Dirk bloodline from her father's side. Grandfather PouPou (BE12-2035778) won himself a 3rd Nat. Bourges 19,155 p. and he is the sire of some other top birds of team Jespers-Vanderwegen as well. Grandmother Bourgeke (BE06-2147464) won a 17th nat. Bourges 26,984 p. and she too has bred some other prize winners along the way. Her grandfather from her mother's side is Olympic Lloyd (DE07-110037), 1st Olympiad Pigeon Poland 2011. Her grandmother from her mother's side is a daughter of Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele paired to a daughter of Tieke, 1st provincial ace pigeon both in 2001 and 2002. Click here for the full pedigree of Miss Franco-Belge.

Herman and Johny were again among the top performers in Bourges II, with two youngsters finishing in the national top 100. Add to that a 1st prov. Blois with the young birds and a first prize in the Franco Belge, and we can only conclude that the team from Holsbeek has a bright future ahead.