Team Sangers (Eefde, NL) makes the competition pale in comparison in super season 2018

Inimitable – that’s the best way to define the performances of Team Sangers this year. Comparisons with Formula 1 come to mind immediately. No matter how hard the competitors try and no matter how big their reputation is – in the end the racing stable with the best equipment wins.

When we take a loot at the championship ranking after the old birds season, Team Sangers can barely keep the smile of their faces. There was nothing to do about Brian Sangers, Chantal Vredeveld and “manager” Marcel Sangers in 2018. There were a lot of - superior- victories and the impressive series of first prizes turned out to be unbeatable. Toppers in Kring De Ijssel – among them even National esteemed lofts – were left scratching their heads:

      1st champion not nominated Kring -500 km (13 races)
      1st champion not nominated middle distance Kring (7 races)
      1st champion not nominated speed Kring (6 races)
      1st champion nominated Kring -500 km
      1st champion nominated middle distance Kring
      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-6th-7th ace pigeon speed Kring -500 km
      1e-2e-3e-5e-7e-8e-9e ace pigeon speed Kring
      1e-2e-5e ace pigeon middle distance Kring

1st champion not nominated One Day Long Distance Noordelijke Unie

Right before the season of 2018 Paul Ung passed away. He was a good pigeon friend of Marcel who originates from the Philippines and had has share in Team Sangers for over 15 years, although in the background. The already monthly lasting victory march forms a suiting salute to Paul. Besides Sanger-Ung, in the Kerklaan in Eefde there’s also some pigeon racing done by Brian Sangers – Marcels son – which enthusiasm for pigeon racing has only increased the last few years. In 2018 he now races with his own team of cocks and hens on total widowhood and that immediately led to a thrilling success! In the Noordelijke Unie (department 7 until 11) Brian became 1st semi-National champion not nominated One Day Long Distance on flights Chateaudun (572 km), Bourges (627 km) and Chateauroux (678 km)! Especially nice since Brian first basketted two times 8 and one time 7 pigeons against a lot of respectable names who put a multitude of pigeons on these sectoral races…with the small basket to a great performance thus; it’s still possible!

Most important in winning the title is the NL14-1662622 Andara. In 2018 this blue hen made a mark on the NPO concourses with a.o.:

      27nd  NPO Chateaudun    4.997 p. 572 km
      44nd  NPO Chateauroux   3.891 p. 678 km
      62nd  NPO Bourges       2.642 p. 627 km
      128nd NPO Pithiviers    6.699 p. 527 km

Andara also already won 2n Niergnies 7.100 p. second to a loft companion and 5th Geel 6.739 p. after 4 loft companions…she origins of different Sangers pigeons.
Sire: Octava, half-brother of Fast Red (1st-7th-7th-23rd NPO), Red Fox (1st Duffel 9.173 p.) and Alydar (top breeder) … he is a son of Fast As Lightning 1st Heverlee 9.076 p. with 5th and 8th NPO paired with Anica, 1st Boxtel 7.743 p. and 1st Geel 471 p.
Dam: Presilla, marvelous hen from Pigem (2nd Nat. Chantilly 16.500 p.) x his daughter Amber, 1ste prov. Young ace pigeon NPO flights 36.981 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Andara

Also performing very well for Brian Sangers – and co-winners of the NU championship – were the performances of NL16-1259565 Pinata and NL17-4809683 Michelle. Both diamonds gained Teletekst markings for Brian, knowing:

      3rd NPO Bourges         4.271 p. 627 km with Pinata
      4th NPO Chateauroux     3.891 p. 678 km with Michelle

Click here for the pedigree from Pinata
Click here for the pedigree from Michelle

Each time with the best

It was actually already starting from racing week 1 that Team Sangers took the power, without never letting go on to the last week of the season of the old birds. The many championships are actually the result of the most important goal of the elite troops from Eefde: getting superior results of which they speak in the entire country! And that’s phenomenally working well…to name a few:

1st-2nd-5th-6th-7th-8th-9th Niergnies 7.100 p. almost 3 minutes lead
1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-9th-10th-11th-12th-13th-14th-15th-16th-17th-18th-19th-20th-21nd-22nd-25th pigeon champion speed with still 1 race
1st-2nd-3rd-5th-7th-8th-9th etc 7 pigeons with the 9 first pigeon champions!
1st-2nd-5th Teletekst Soissons 8.072 p. (also of 16.915 p.)
1st-2nd Laon 1.266 p. with 6 minutes lead!

Asked for their personal highlights Marcel and Brian immediately point out the middle distance concourse Soissons of June 2nd…a few weeks before they already shone on speed concourse Niergnies by gaining the first 6 prizes with a big lead in Kring De IJssel.

Read here everything about the spectacular results from Niergnies

Middle Distance Soissons although wasn’t less impressive, more so it was a department release with 16.915 pigeons in the race. In a inimitable way the victory was taken and with a dream result of 1st-2nd-5th against 16.915 pigeons a new highlight was added to the impressive palmares.

Click here to watch a video about the arrivals from Soissons

Winner on Soissons became the blue hen NL17-1826124 Gold Fever. She’s the daughter of the exceptional breeding cock Old Gold, also sire of:

– Kathy  1st Teletext race Chalons 5.940 p. 2017
– Kitty  1st prize Isnes 1.894 p.
– Kiki   1st ace pigeon region 2017
         15th Nat. Ace pigeon middle distance Nat. competition De Allerbeste 2017

Gold Fever is heavily inbred to De Super Kweker.

Click here for the pedigree of Gold Fever

The top class of the Sangers team mainly came to the surface with the ace pigeons on the different disciplines. One time – with still one speed race left – the supremacy couldn’t be more clear. After 6 speed race not less than 20 Sanger pigeons were in the top 25 ace pigeons of Kring De Ijssel – next to a big amount of other (Inter)national celebrities that battle for the greatest honor.

“We of course are having a very rough year with a lot of head wind. Because we are racing the longest distance in our “Kring” and region, we actually thought of having to lose often against the competition on shorter distances”, according to Marcel and Brian. They often knew exactly at which time to clock for a top pigeon and almost as many times they were surprised for that time by an earlier arrival…or even more head pigeons! Making a selection of all those marvelous pigeons to introduce is difficult, that’s why we look into a few ace pigeons in detail.

Lily, 1st regional ace pigeon speed 2018

The most constant topper of the loft Sangers is NL15-1421103 Lily … a top hen that already in 2016 won the 1st Soissons against 1.733 pigeons and in 2018 took 13 prizes out of 13 races – all 1:10. A fabulous performance! She was crowned with:

      1st regional ace pigeon speed 2018
      1st ace pigeon middle distance Kring De IJssel 2018
      1st ace pigeon old birds speed Kring De IJssel 2018

Sire is a son of Hayabusa King, the great winner of 6x 1st prize in big competition paired with Land Lady, daughter of First Knight Petrie. Dam is directly from Alwin Petrie of which sublime Gigi, Europe Cup pigeon and 2x 1st on Teletekst.
A child of Lily already won in 2018 a 1st Nanteuil 576 p. (2nd fastest 1.709 p.) …4th Laon 2.756 p. … 8th Laon 546 p. … etc.

Click here for the pedigree of Lily

Home Soon, 1st ace pigeon speed Kring 2018

Early on in the season NL16-1259568 Home Soon made its mark by winning 1st prize Tienen against 2.450 p.
Click here to win the report about this victory on PIPA.
Afterwards the strong cock didn’t hold back and went on winning (head)prizes. He was almost always among the first Sangers pigeons and crowned the following results:

      1st ace pigeon speed Kring De IJssel 2018
      2nd regional ace pigeon speed 2018 behind loft companion Lili
      2nd regional ace pigeon speed 2018
      4th regional ace pigeon middle distance 2018

Home Soon is a 100% Van Den Bulck bred from two pigeons directly from Flanders Collection, inbred to a super couple Broer Goede Rode x Golden Leo 40000.

Click here for the pedigree of Home Soon

Adora, again top 10 ace pigeons

A steady value is NL16-1259599 Adora…fantastic hen with already a big arsenal of top rankings… she managed to be with the ace pigeons for the third consecutive year, her titles being.:

      1st young ace pigeon after tour Kring De IJssel 2016
      2nd ace pigeon old & young birds after tour Kring De IJssel 2016
      3rd ace pigeon after tour Kring De IJssel 2017
      3rd ace pigeon speed Kring De IJssel 2018 behind 2 loft companions

Adora comes from a direct Petrie cock, of which toppers Usain x Chanel. Dam is strongly inbred with the Olympiade 003 of Leo Heremans.

Click here for the pedigree of Adora

Two top pigeons on the One Day Long Distance

For decades Marcels heart was in the One Day NPO concourses…He knew many of his successes there but after a new start a few years ago – where he tested his old Super Kweker lines with the namely best Van Den Bulck and Lambrechts blood lines – it was of greater importance to race the pigeons every week. Despite the untouchable status Team Sangers gained the last seasons on speed an middle distance races, Marcel still has a weak spot for the One Day Long Distance. Brian performed outstanding on it in 2018, but also two of the cocks

NL16-1259608 Da Capo is a pair of Van Den Bulck x the old Sangers lines. Sire is King, direct son of New Kittel (Reserve Olympiade pigeon and brother Kittel). Dam comes out of crack Fast As Lightning, winner 1st Heverlee 9.076 p. with 5th and 8th NPO and sire of a.o. Fast Red (1st-7th-7th—23rd), Red Fox (1st Duffel 9.173 p.) and Alydar (top breeder). Da Capo won a.o.

      10th NPO Gien           5.615 p. 559 km 2018
      15th NPO Gien           9.395 p. 559 km 2017
      17th NPO Bourges        5.094 p. 627 km 2017

Click here for the pedigree of Da Capo

Another much valued One Day Long Distance pigeon is NL16-1259638 Homesick … also of the pairing Van Den Bulck x Sangers. Sire is Bratt, full brother of the legend Kittel (1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB speed with lowest coefficient ever) and dam is again from Fast As Lightning, now paired with Eldani, the 1st provincial ace pigeon One Day Long Distance department 8 and Europa Cup pigeon. Homesick built its reputation in 2018 with a.o.

      12th NPO Gien              5.615 p. 559 km 2018
      30th NPO Pithiviers        6.699 p. 527 km 2018
      48th NPO Bourges           4.271 p. 627 km 2018

Click here for the pedigree of Homesick

Van Den Bulck & Lambrechts pigeons are week after week in pole position!!

Twee exponenten dus van de ‘nieuwe’ Sangers duif … echte winnaars die in staat zijn minuten los te vliegen … Duiven kortom van een heel nieuwe orde. De basis bleef de fameuze Superkweker-dynastie; de geweldige extra impuls die Van Den Bulck en Lambrecht duiven gaven, is wekelijks in de uitslagen terug te zien ... een kort overzicht:

So two exponents of the “new” Sangers pigeon…real winners that are capable flying minutes of lead… Pigeons of a whole new order. The base remained to be the Superkweker-dynasty; the great extra impuls that Van den Bulck and Lambrecht pigeons gave, is clearly to be seen in the rankings…a short resume:

7th of July;  1st-2nd-7th Nanteuil              576 p.
1st pigeon: NL17-1826214; of Rudy (Heremans) x Lily, Sangers 1st ace pigeon of 2018
2nd pigeon: NL17-1826248; of Skittel (son Kittel) x Gone Wild
3rd pigeon: NL16-1259568 Home Soon; 100% VD Bulck inbred Broer Goede Rode

30th of June;  2nd-4th-6th-9th Nanteuil         2.168 p.
1st pigeon: NL16-1259921; of Smartboy g’son 1st NPO 9.959 p. x Donna Bella
2nd pigeon: NL17-1826126; of son De Zoon Derwa x Sancy (daughter Kittel)
3rd pigeon: NL16-1259625; poft Max 3. NPO 10.386 p. x Surprise dam 1st-10.239 p.

23th of June;  3rd-4th-7th Laon                2.755 p.
1st pigeon: NL15-1421103  Lily; the super 1st regional ace pigeon Sangers in 2018
2nd pigeon: NL17-1826214; of Rudy (Heremans) x Lily, Sangers 1st ace pigeon of 2018
3rd pigeon: NL17-1826195; of Benny 1st-8.467 p. x Megan 1st-8.043 p.

10th of June;  1st and 2nd Laon                1.266 p.
1st pigeon: NL17-1826152; of Konica, brother Olympic Rosita Dirk Van Den Bulck
2nd pigeon: NL17-1826129; of son Chanel (Petrie) x Int. Olympiade (Heremans)

 2nd of June:  1st-2nd-5th TXT race Soissons  16.915 p.
1st pigeon: NL17-1826124 Gold Fever; inbred De Super Kweker Marcel Sangers
2nd pigeon: NL17-1826269; of Dominator, son Blauwe Gert x Van Loock Lambrechts
3rd pigeon: NL17-1826228; of Senza, half-sister Olympic Rosita Van Den Bulck

 5th of May:  1st-2nd-5th-6th-7th-8th Niergnies   7.100 p.
1st pigeon : BE15-4100298 Nikki; 100% Van Den Bulck rechtr. Flanders Collection
2nd pigeon: NL14-1662622 Andara; old Sangers & Janssen lines
3rd pigeon: NL17-1826230; of Da Capo, super grandson New Kittel VD Bulck

21st of April: 1st-5th-6th-7th Tienen           2.450 p.
1st pigeon: NL16-1259568 Home Soon; 100% VD Bulck inbred Broer Goede Rode
2nd pigeon: NL16-1259522 Coco; Sangers-Janssen duivin
3rd pigeon: NL16-1259599 Adora, of son Chanel (Petrie) x int. Olympiade (Heremans)

7th of April: 3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-9th-10th Boxtel  2.396 p.
1st pigeon: NL17-1826175; granddaughter Dominator (Lambrechts), Senza (sister Olymp. Rosita)
                       and 'Gold Dust' (sister Kittel)
2nd pigeon: NL17-1826269; of Dominator, son Blauwe Gert’ x Van Loock Lambrechts

Team Sangers is on the brick of the after tour concourses, where last year the supremacy more or less started with a fantastic chain of results. The season of the old birds which is closed by now, will enter the books as being spectacular and very successful. That’s a result of pigeons making the difference and support which goes over every little detail…off to new success is the creed of Team Sangers! 

Summary of best races Sangers-Ung and Brian Sangers 2018

- 07-04-2018 Boxtel (88 km) against 2.396 p.
  3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-9th-10th-21st-22nd-23rd-25th-26th-39th-51st-56th-79th-80th-82nd etc.
  (99 pigeons with and 50 prizes 1:4)

- 14-04-2018 Geel (140 km) against 6.739 p.
  5th-9th-11th-13th-14th-19th-23rd-24th-29th-31st-33rd-35th-40th-41st-42nd-45th-58th-62nd-63rd-65th-67th-68th-75th-77th-78th-79th etc.
  (101 pigeons with and 76 prizes 1:4)

- 21-04-2018 Tienen (174 km) against 2.450 p.
  1st-5th-6th-7th-12th-19th-22nd-23rd-24th-25th-39th-43rd-46th-48th-49th-52nd-53rd-57th-59th-86th-87th-88th-93th-96th-99th etc.
  (98 pigeons with and 71 prizes 1:4)

- 05-05-2018 Niergnies (306 km) against 7.100 p.
  1st-2nd-5th-6th-7th-8th etc.
  1st-2nd-5th-6th-7th-8th etc. Kring against 2.122 p.
  (89 pigeons with and 57 prizes 1:4)

Click here for the pedigree of Nicky

Rest of the summary of best races Sangers-Ung and Brian Sangers 2018

- 12-05-2018 Quievrain (263 km) against 2.120 p.
  5th-6th-7th-12th-13th-15th-29th-31st-40th-45th -etc.
  (92 pigeons with and 65 prizes 1:4)

- 20-05-2018 Niergnies (306 km) against 1.892 p.
  2nd-5th-10th-11th-12th-17th-18th-19th-20th-30th-35th-36th-38th -etc.
  Also 8th-15th-21st-23rd-24th-33rd-34th-36th-38th -etc.
  (78 pigeons with and 60 prizes 1:4)

- 02-06-2018 Soissons (364 km) against 4.541 p.
  1st-2nd-5th-21st-24th-41st-62nd-64th-66th-74th-81th-87th etc.
  1st-2nd-5th fastest out of 16.915 p.
  (63 pigeons with and 50 prizes 1:4)

- 10-06-2018 Laon (335 km) against 1.266 p.
  1st-2nd-8th-15th-27th-36th-40th-50th-51st-58th etc.
  (56 pigeons with and 24 prizes 1:4)

- 23-06-2018 Laon (335 km) against 861 p.
2nd-3rd-5th-13th-17th-31st-34th-43rd -etc.
  Also 3rd-4th-7th-20th-41st-81st against 2.755 p.
  (24 pigeons with and 15 prizes 1:4)

- 30-06-2018 Nanteuil (415 km) against 2.168 p.
  2nd-4th-6th-9th-23rd-24th-33rd-39th-46th -etc.
  Also 2nd-4th-5th-6th-13th-14th-19th-21st-26th against 720 p.
  (49 pigeons with and 25 prizes 1:4)

- 07-07-2018 Nanteuil (415 km) against 576 p.
  1st-2nd-7th-14th-20th-21st-26th-33rd -etc.
  Also 2nd-3rd-11th-26th-32nd-33rd-45th against 1.709 p.
  (23 pigeons with and 16 prizes 1:4)