Verweij- de Haan combination (Mijdrecht, NL) has a strong start to the international marathon season

The international long distance season took off last weekend with a race from Pau. The Verweij-De Haan combination put their cards on the table, with no less than four pigeons in the national top 100.

Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan are all smiles after a very successful 2018 race from Pau

Pau 2018

The number of participants in the international race from Pau is still on the rise: the opening classic of the ZLU program saw a record breaking 11,739 pigeons on the start line in 2018. The 2018 race was in fact the most successful edition ever even before the start had been given. The release was due to take place on Friday morning but the weather maps on PIPA showed that a release on Friday would be out of the question. The pigeons were eventually released early on Saturday morning 7am. There was excellent weather across all of France, with a slight northeasterly wind that gradually shifted to the northwest. 

Excellent series for Verweij-de Haan combination

The first Dutch pigeon to appear on the PIPA radar belongs to Jurrian van Amerongen from Bunnik (04:53'37"), who claims the national first prize in The Netherlands. At that moment, Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan still have to sit and wait another hour. Their first pigeon arrives home at 05:56'21", the team's second nominated NL14-1802121 Robben, and he claims a 5th national in the ZLU (of 3544 pigeons). Other teammates continued to arrive home in quick succession. The combination from Mijdrecht had four pigeons in the national top 100, which makes the 2018 race from Pau a big success. We now take a closer look at the eye-catchers of last weekend;

Robben, 5th National Pau 2018

NL14-1802121 Robben, 5th national Pau 2018 of 3544 pigeons

The first pigeon to travel the 1063km between Pau and Mijdrecht was NL14-1802121 Robben. This great looking red racing cock claims a national top 20 prize from Pau for the second consecutive season. This is his list of achievements so far:

5    National  Pau '18    3544 pigeons
19   National  Pau '17    3526 pigeons
39   National  Cahors     5810 pigeons

Robben is a grandchild of breeding pair NL04-1869008 Kopie Toon x NL03-2238944 Olympic Heintje. Kopie Toon is a brother of NL01-1675062 De Toon, one of the best long distance pigeons worldwide. Olympic Heintje (a Theelen hen from the line of Vale Marathon) became 4th marathon pigeon in the 2007 Olympiad in Oostende. Her bloodline can be found in the pedigree of many prize winners. Click here for Robben's full pedigree.

Pip, 13th National Pau 2018

Peter and Michel's chequered hen NL15-1552732 Pip arrived home in the slipstream of Robben. She arrived home at 07:14'59", and that was enough for a 13th national prize. The dam of Pip is a daughter of Toon (paired to his daughter). The parents of Pip (Milan x Inbred Toon 377) are breeding birds with a proven record; they are for instance the parents of a 21st Nat. Agen ZLU of 4679 p. (Will Grigg). Click here for Pip's pedigree.

Red Messi, 32nd National Pau 2018

NL15-1552762 Red Messi, 32nd national Pau 3544 p.

The team's third nominated arrived home at 07:57 am: NL15-1552762 Red Messi. This racing cock has a top result from Perpignan 2017 to his name (a 23rd National of 4789 p.), and he won three top prizes in three ZLU races last season as well. We think there is a lot more to come from this pigeon this season. His dam NL13-1091197 Chanel Messi, a granddaughter of Kopie Toon x Olympic Heintje, is developing into a highly valued breeding bird.

Miss Milos, 95th National Pau 2018

NL15-1552827 Miss Milos, 3rd national ace pigeon ZLU 2017 BOTB/WHZB

The team had to wait until 08:47am for their first nominated NL15-1552827 Miss Milos to come home. This blue coloured hen finished in the national top 100. Miss Milos is another descendant of Chanel Messi. Milos, the sire of Miss Milos, won a 1st NPO Montauban 1862 p. Click here for Miss Milos's full pedigree. A quick look at Miss Milos's pedigree explains why she was the team's first nominated:

2    Int.Eur.  Ace Pigeon hens Pipa Ranking 2017
3    National Ace Pigeon ZLU BOTB/WHZB 2017
9    National Perpignan       '17 4789 p.
15   National St. Vincent ZLU '17 3037 p. 

A great start; what's next?

The Verweij-De Haan combination could not have hoped for a better start, with a first prize in the SNZH (North and South Holland). Who would say no to a first prize in a prestigious race taking place in perfect weather conditions? The team from Mijdrecht is now hungry for more.