Annick Goeteyn (Deinze, BE) has a fantastic weekend with a provincial first prize from Orleans

It was bound to happen. After some very successful weeks, the team of Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem claimed their first major win of 2018 in the weekend of 26th of May, winning a provincial first prize from Orleans with the fastest pigeon overall of 5,790 birds. They were also victorious at club level in Bourges, finishing in 33rd place national. Well done!

The racing birds have had some fairly tough weeks recently, with strong headwinds and even sweltering temperatures during the weekend of 26th of May. And yet, we saw the usual names take their place at the front. The teams with the most talented pigeons and the best fitness inevitably lead the competition. As it turns out, the team of Annick Goeteyn and her daughter Kim Vanrenterghem have been in excellent from throughout the early season, although they had not been able to claim a first prize yet. Was it due to bad luck or a lack of form? In any case, they have had to settle for second or third on a number of occasions this season.

That changed last weekend, which was the opening weekend of the national racing season. The team of Annick and Kim really stood out in rather demanding conditions: very high temperatures and an increasingly strong east-northeasterly wind towards noon. They went on to win two first prizes in the club with the old birds: one from Bourges and one from Orleans. Their race winner in Orleans also claimed a 1st Provincial Orleans of 2,373 olds with a velocity of 1192 m/min, and he was also the fastest overall of 5,790 pigeons. We sum up the results from 26th of May:

Orleans club 338 olds: 1-9-16-19-45-50-55-71-82-89-93-109 (12/20)
Orleans Provincial 2,373 olds: 1-35-55-67-181-214-239-313-381-413-464-572 (12/20)

Bourges 341 olds: 1-18-19-39-54 (5/6)
Bourges National 20,280 olds: 33-478-484-978-1620 (preliminary results and 5/6 per 10)

It was a fantastic weekend!
The provincial flights leading up to this race were already quite promising:

19/5 Vierzon 579 olds: 4-6-23-25-31-43-49-66-109-121-139 (11/12)
19/5 Vierzon 197 yearlings: 6-27-51 (3/4)
12/5 Blois 216 olds: 3-12-18-19-20-21-22-25-34-44-50-61-64 (13/19)
12/5 Blois 176 yearlings: 6-10-32-49-54 (5/8)

These are very decent results that led to three first prizes so far, with of course a provincial first prize from Orleans and a few national top results from Bourges.

A victorious Milano making a brief victory lap before arriving home

Milano wins a 1st Provincial Orleans

The pigeon with the highest velocity of 5,790 pigeons from Orleans is called Milano. This talented racing bird has some excellent origins, being a son of the team's previous champion Orlandor, winner of a 1st Nat. Zone Tulle 2,572 p. and 4 national top 100 prizes. His dam is Milena, winner of a 1st La Souterraine of 214 p. and a granddaughter of top pair Tsaby x Kim. And both Orlandor and Milena are grandchildren of Nancy, the dam of stock breeders Lieske and Orlando for Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem. These are some invaluable Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines.

-Milano BE16-4072034

 1st Prov Orleans 2.373 p. ’18 (fastest of 5,790 pigeons)
 3rd Fontenay       322 p.
 3rd Fontenay       319 p.
169 Prov Blois   2,642 p. ’18
335 Nat Tulle    9,573 p. ’17

Click here for Milano's pedigree
Milano is a full brother of Dochter Orlandor BE12-3097343, which is in turn the dam of Renate, winner of a 1st Nat. Argenton of 11,215 youngsters in 2015 for Dirk and Bart Delodder. These pigeons are obviously made for winning races, even at national level.

Orlandor x Milena: the parents of Milano, winner of a 1st Prov. Orleans and the fastest of 5,790 pigeons

Fenna wins a 1st Bourges club – 33rd National

The Goeteyn racing hens were basketed for Bourges, where Fenna claimed victory at club level (at 1223 m/min). The team had a great day overall, with 5 out of 6 pigeons winning a national prize per 10. Fenna is another granddaughter of top pair Kim x Tsaby, being a daughter of Last Kim. Last Kim is the last daughter of the invaluable stock dam Kim 1, and she is a full sister of a 1st Nat. Gueret 2011 and of Nicky, the dam of Super Romeo for Gaby Vandenabeele. Her sire is Adel, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, and a grandson of both a 1st Nat. Souillac (Nasdaq-Casaert) and a 1st Nat. Brive (Alfred D'Huyvetter).

Fenna reaches home base, where she is about to claim a club win and a 33rd National

-Fenna BE16-4072014

 1st Bourges      341 p. (33rd Nat. Bourges 20,280 p.)
 1st Clermont     247 p.
 3rd Chateauroux  262 p. (20th Prov. Chateauroux 4,067 p.)
 9th Clermont     275 p.
108th Prov Blois 2,642 p.

Click here for Fenna's full pedigree

Adel x Last Kim: the parents of Fenna, 1st club and 33rd Nat. Bourges 20,280 p.

A proper start

It is fair to say that Annick and her daughter Kim Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem have had a very successful start to the national season. Their first results of the year are very promising indeed, especially with so many races still to come. A good start is half the work! As you know, pigeons that are in great form can often push their own limits; the team from Deinze has demonstrated this repeatedly over the years. Congratulations to Annick and Kim.