Alwin Petrie (Brummen, NL) claims 1st-2nd regional Bierges 7,088 p. with the renowned Gigi dynasty

We are in the fourth week of the 2018 racing season, and Alwin Petrie has ended a very successful month of April with a 1st and 2nd regional of 7,088 pigeons. It was a major success for his renowned Gigi dynasty, which has proven to be particularly tough to beat this season.

Alwin Petrie has had quite a successful early season, doing what he does best: winning races. Alwin's team of race winning birds that has been winning races across the country, was forced to take an extensive break, missing several racing seasons. The reason is that Alwin was forced to move do a new location due to the construction of a new dam. He had to race from a temporary loft, trucks were driving on and off his garden, and he had to move to a new home in two stages. Needless to say, he is happy to have this behind him. Alwin can now focus on his racing birds again, racing from a different location but relying on the same top quality pigeon breed, which his opponents know all too well!

This is his racing team's palmares so far:

7-4  1st Boxtel (81 km) region 4           of 2,396 p. (31/47)
14-4 1st and 2nd Geel (134 km) PV De Hoven of   509 p.
     And 2nd and 3rd region 4              of 6,739 p. (22/46)
28-4 1st and 2nd Bierges (187 km) region 4 of 7,088 p. (29/41)

Great results with Gigi

Alwin owes his double first prize from Bierges to two one year old hens that completed no more than 3 natour races as young birds. "This is actually not enough", Alwin told us, "but I had no other options given the circumstances. This means the team lacked some experience, although that did not keep them from winning the race. And that is what really matters." The race wining hen is NL17-1825207, a direct daughter of Gigi, one of the great stars of the Petrie pigeon lofts. Gigi claimed 4 first prizes, including two teletext middle distance flights: she won a 1st TXT Peronne 9,255 p., 1st TXT Breuil 5,858 p., 1st Strombeek 1,271 p., and 1st Meer 432 p., making her the Europe Cup winner of 2011. Her descendants have won quite a few races already, and a full sister of the winner from Bierges became 16th Nat. old ace pigeon in the "De Allerbeste" competition.

The sire of the 207 is the renowned racing bird Ganelon, a grandson of the old super class cock First Knight. First Knight, a son of stock breeder Masaratti, became an invaluable breeder for this team. His bloodlines can be found in several renowned racing birds, and he paired particularly well with the lines of Gigi - this was clearly a success formula. One of the sons of First Knight x Gigi is called Giga Noble, and he won 3 first prizes and 8 top 10 prizes. The descendants of First Knight have already won the following prizes:

      1st Lommel      10,290 p.
      1st Boxtel       9,252 p.
      1st Hensies      8,510 p.
      1st Meer         7,154 p.
      1st Bierges      7,088 p.
      1st Pommeroeul   6,824 p.
      1st Chantilly    3,784 p.
      1st Peronne      3,587 p.
      1st Peronne      3,384 p.
      1st Pommeroeul   2,643 p.
      1st Strombeek    2,005 p.

The 2nd prize from Bierges was won by NL17-1825225, a daughter of Gaga, Gigi's nest sister. Gaga became 3rd ace pigeon middle distance and 6th ace pigeon general sprint in province 8, winning for instance a 1st Peronne 2,570 p. Gaga was paired to Emerald, a son of stock breeder Masaratti. And a nest sister of the 225 wins a 3rd Geel of 6,739 pigeons this season. Click here for the full pedigree.

A new star is born

The star of this team so far is NL14-1662101, a full sister of Olympiad Pigeon Penelope and well on her way to becoming an Olympiad Pigeon herself. This promising hen has won the following prizes this season:

      1st Boxtel        2,396 p. 2018
      1st Geel            509 p. (2nd - 6,739 p.) 2018
      13th Tienen       2,281 p. 2018

And here are the highlights from previous seasons:

      1st Nanteuil        220 p. (6th - 2,211 p.) 2017
      3rd Reusel          470 p. behind 2 loft mates 2015
      6th Laon            186 p. (14th - 2,074 p.) 2017
      10th Epernay        250 p. (53rd - 3,400 p.) 2017
      13th Quievrain      823 p. 2016
      15th Duffel         649 p. 2015
      15th Duffel         403 p. 2015
      16th Asse Zellik  1,282 p. 2016
      31st Laon         1,970 p. 2017
      66th Vervins      3,644 p. 2017
      76th Isnes        5,079 p. 2017
      96th Chimay       5,433 p. 2017

This is another highly talented racing bird, bred (yet again) from a full brother of Gigi, crossed with a granddaughter of Royal Blue, 1st Ace Pigeon District Zutphen 2006 for Alwin Petrie.
Click here for the full pedigree.