Ivo Renders (Geel, BE) excels again in 2017

Ivo Renders has made a name for himself. He has been winning top prizes on a regular basis since switching over to the longer middle distance in 2010. He has a palmares many fanciers would be jealous of.

Great results in the longer middle distance

As we just mentioned, Ivo has successfully transitioned to the longer middle distance, achieving great results from day one. He won the title of General Champion Long Distance Club Antwerp in 2011, outperforming many other renowned lofts. We know Ivo as a fancier who gets great overall results with a select team of racing birds, claiming top 10 prizes on a regular basis. In 2013 he was able to claim a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th zone from Montluçon from 4,106 yearlings, having basketed just 14 pigeons. On top of that, he gets 7 national prizes per ten from Issoudun with 7 pigeons, against 5,670 old birds. And he continued to achieve great results in the following seasons. Ivo has been very close to claiming a national first prize on four occasions, having to settle for second each time. His list of national top 100 prizes is getting quite extensive; click here for an overview. Needless to say, it also resulted in a number of top prizes in a number of (national) championships as well. His impressive palmares from the past four years can be found here.

A great 2017 season

Ivo finished in 8th place in the national championship longer middle distance KBDB, claiming his fourth consecutive top 8 prize (he claimed a 3rd, 5th and 4th place in the previous three years). It shows that his 2017 season was a great success as well, with great results on a weekly basis. His most remarkable result was the unofficial title of National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking yearlings across 6 national races, which he won with racing bird BE16-6050554 (see below). He outperformed such renowned fanciers as Willy Daniels, Casaert-Senechal, Van Eynde-Govaerts, Jos & Jules Engels and Van Avondt & zoon.

Five champions of Team Renders

There were five racing birds that stood out in particular:

BE16-6050554 Eef

This is the big star of 2017, claiming the title of best one year old PIPA ranking across 6 national races with a coefficient of no more than 7.5645. He claimed 3 top 10 prizes at zonal level, just to name a few (see palmares above).

He happens to have great origins as well. His sire is Dubbele Semi, which is named after his parents: both Montluçon and Sproetje have won a 1st prize at semi-national/zonal level: a 1st National Zone B2 Montluçon of 4,106 pigeons and a 1st semi-national Blois respectively.

The dam is a direct daughter of De Gust, a stock sire for his good friend Ulrich Lemmens (Baal, BE), and winner of a 1st Provincial Bourges and a 1st National Zone Limoges. De Gust is the grandfather of Jozefien, winner of a 1st National Tulle.

Click here for Eef's pedigree.

BE15-6222827 Golden William

A great-looking racing cock. Golden William has won a 1st Provincial Chateauroux (2nd National of 2,143 pigeons) and a 20th National Zone B2 Bourges of 5,801 pigeons. He wins a 1st, 2nd, 5th, 11th and 14th from Noyon, and he is a half brother of at least two other first prize winners, including a 1st National Zone Bourges of 5,666 pigeons.

The sire is Jonge William, a son of Sproetje (1st semi-national Blois and now the grandmother of Best of Belgium 554).

The dam is Insanity 924 (Mariën x Wouters) and a sister of several prize winners of Ivo Renders. She comes straight from stock pair Fernand x Josephine - see pedigree. Two nest sisters were very successful a few years back: Insanity 15 and 16. Their achievements can be found here.

BE16-6050570 Insanity 570

This hen won a 5th National Argenton of 4,012 pigeons (2nd National Zone B2).

Her sire is a grandson of stock pair Fernand x Josephine (father's side) and De Reiger x Dochter Bourges, two pigeons of Michel Vandoninck (from his mother's side). A daughter of this second pair won an 8th National Bourges for Ulrich Lemmens.

The dam of this hen can also be found in Van Vandoninck's De Reiger, which is in fact a nest sister. She has a proven record as a breeding hen. The full pedigree of Insanity 570 is definitely worth taking a look at.

BE16-6050511 Vivianne

Another marvellous racing hen. She won a 1st Provincial Argenton of 3,313 pigeons (the fastest of 4,859 pigeons). She finished in second place national of 22,319 competitors.

The sire is Apollo, a full brother of the '600', 1st National Argenton for Vic Govaerts. Apollo is also ad escendant of De Raf (see below).

The dam is Soixante Neuf, which is already the dam of a 7th Semi National Vierzon of 4,639 pigeons. Soixante Neuf is a full daughter of De Raf (Raf & Lars Luyckx).

This is quite an impressive pedigree indeed - click here for the full version.

BE16-6050519 Insanity William 2

And then there is Insanity William 2. She wins a 16th National Argenton of 4,012 pigeons (5th National Zone B2), and she is a half sister of Golden William (see earlier). The sire is again Jonge William, a son of Sproetje (winner of a 1st Semi-National Blois and the grandfather of Eef).

The dam is Insanity 291, a sister of several prize winners and originating directly from stock pair Fernand x Josephine. Click here for the pedigree and enjoy.


It does not take a large number of pigeons to achieve great results in the longer middle distance. However, you have to make sure to keep only your best pigeons on board, and you have to work hard to build a successful pigeon family. Ivo Renders from Geel has clearly managed to create a successful team, occasionally outperforming some of the most renowned players. His stock pair Fernand x Josephin was an instant success, and their descendants have continued to breed highly talented racing birds. The introduction of Sproetje proved a great investment as well, as you can tell from the numerous top prizes over the years. And we are confident a national victory will follow sooner or later as well. Mark my words.