Annick and Kim Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem (Deinze, BE) perform like true champions right away

Annick and her daughter Kim have impressed us all in their debut season, claiming a zonal and provincial first prize, as well as a club title. This is a solid foundation towards future success indeed.

The new Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem combination saw the light of day in 2017. This is the team of Annick Goeteyn and her daughter Kim, who decided to enter the competition with their very own team.

The entire team of breeders of Vanrenterghem was sold on PIPA in the spring of 2017, and so the team had to start looking for a new pigeon family. This was a reasonable objective, since the Vanrenterghem pigeons had already shown in recent years to be highly capable birds.

Annick and Kim started the new season with a limited number of racing birds and a first round of youngsters of 2017. These were all direct descendants of the renowned Vanrenterghem breeding team, which is for 90% founded on world class bloodlines of none other than Gaby Vandenabeele, including most notably stock dam Lieske and her full brother Orlando. These two pigeons originate directly from the team from Dentergem, and were bred from Captian Blue (a son of bliksem x Dochter Wittenbuik) x Nancy. These two iconic breeders formed the basis for the two top pairs Tsaby 1 x Kim 1 (daughter Lieske) and Orlando x Nicofelia, which allowed the team to become one of the top players in Belgium. These pigeons have bred generations of talented racing birds, first prize winners at provincial, zonal and national level (including a 1st Nat. Gueret YBs 2011 in their home loft) and national ace pigeons (including Gaby Vandenabeele's Super Romeo). These achievements caught the attention of pigeon fanciers across the globe.

The previously discussed Stock pair 2: Orlando x Nicofelia

A flying start

We can all agree that Annick and Kim had an excellent start in 2017, one which many fanciers would be jealous of. They won quite a few first prizes this year, and they were bound to claim some important first prizes, which eventually they did in late july: they claimed a provincial first prize from Blois YBs and a zonal first prize from Tulle yearlings in just a week's time.

This was a memorable first season indeed, and it resulted in a championship title as well. Keep in mind most championship titles are yet to be announced by the time we publish this article. Still, the team has won the following prizes in their club, which is the Arend basketing club in Wortegem-Petegem:

1st General Champion Longer Middle Distance 2017
1st Champion Longer Middle Distance Olds 2017
2nd Champion Longer Middle Distance YBs 2017
3rd Champion Longer Middle Distance YLs 2017

Championship titles are a reflection of your team's performance throughout the season, and the team has done really well indeed.

The key players of 2017

One of the number one pigeons in this loft is super class hen Orlina, a provincial winner with several top prizes at provincial, zonal and national level on her palmares. Here is a brief overview of her best achievements:

-Orlina BE14-4033127

 1st  Prov Villemandeur      180 p.
 3rd  Prov Vierzon         5,825 p.
 3rd  Nat Zone Bourges II  1,380 p. ’16
 6th  Nat Zone Bourges II  1,458 p. ’17
 6th  Prov Chateaudun        410 p.
17th  Prov Vierzon         3,573 p.
29th  Prov Blois           1,127 p.
30th  Prov Issoudun        2,212 p.
38th  Prov Chateauroux     3,894 p.
137th Nat Argenton        19,925 p.

Could Orlina become the new leading name in the team of Annick Goeteyn? It does help that she is a full sister of supercrack Orlandor, and thus a daughter of stock pair 2: Orlando x Nicofelia
Click here for Orlina's full pedigree.

And then we have the two racing birds that gained national acclaim for team Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem, winning a provincial and zonal first prize: Full Power and Indy. Full Power comes from a pairing of stock pairs 1 and 2, which are closely related.

-Full Power BE17-4177030

 1st Prov Blois   5,334 p. (Weekend of 22/7)
15th Prov Orleans 6,375 p.
58th Prov Blois   4,517 p. (Weekend of 15/7)
29th Clermont       333 p.
39th Clermont     1,043 p.

Sire: G-Power BE11-4245866
He is the winner of a 5th Nat. Poitiers 12,379 p., 150th Nat. Limoges 18,390 p., 303rd Nat. Limoges  17,735 p., and a son of stock pair 1: Tsaby BE08-4281576 (a direct Gaby Vandenabeele) x Kim 1 BE08-4281517, a 100% Vandenabeele bred from two direct Vandenabeele pigeons (Tauber BE06-4377103 x stock dam Lieske BE06-4352099).
Tsaby x Kim1 are the parents of a 1st Nat. Gueret YBs in 2011, and the grandparents of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB Super Romeo (for Gaby Vandenabeele) and several other talented prize winners both at home and abroad.
Dam: Oreley BE14-4033200
She is a full sister of supercrack Orlandor, and a daughter of stock pair 2: Orlando BE09-4280780 (a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, and a full brother of Lieske: bred from Captain Blue 555/05 (son Bliksem) x Nancy 698/03) x Nicofelia BE10-4275172.
Click here for Full Power's full pedigree

Indy is inbred to the line of stock dam Lieske, paired to the bloodlines of long distance champion Joël Verschoot, with a hen that comes from his national bloodlines of winners: Agen and Cees.

-Indy BE16-4072035

 1st  Nat. Zone A2 Tulle 2,797 YL ’17 
 3rd  Nat Tulle         10,128 YL ’17
 9th  Argenton             418 p.
141st Nat. Zone Argenton 7,081 p. ’16
281st Nat Bourges I     20,649 YL ’17

Sire: Mr. Gabor BE10-4275140
He was himself a talented racing bird, winning a 39th N.Zone Chateauroux 4,390 p., 40th N.Zone Montluçon 3,716 p., 88th Prov. Tours 2,625 p., 63rd Prov. Vierzon 8,394 p. etc. He originates from Vertigo BE06-4352097, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele (a grandson of the iconic Vandenabeele birds Wittenbuik and Turbo) x stock dam Lieske BE06-4352099, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele (from Captain Blue 555/05 x Nancy 698/03).
Dam: Aarijn BE13-3160346
A direct Joël Verschoot (owned by Lars Uwe Korn). A super class breeding hen bred from the very best of the Verschoot pigeon team: Agen BE12-3041931 (1st Nat. Agen 5,313 p. in 2013) x Aske 1 BE09-3135332, which is the dam of Cees, 1st Nat. Brive 8,337 p. in 2013 (a direct daughter of stock bird ‘As’ BE04-3176837).
Click here for Indy's full pedigree

Tsaby: outstanding breeding cock from stock pair 1

The combination of Stock pair 1 x Stock Pair 2:  bound to give results

This pigeon breed has a bright future indeed, and not only thanks to the pigeons from their old breed. Direct youngsters of the two stock pairs are now paired together, and this has led to some spectacular results in the races. Top class racing bird Full Power is just one of many great pigeons. The following names come to mind as well:

-Nelson BE16-4072122: a magnificent yearling and winner of a 1st Arras 202 p., 17th Nat. Zone Chateauroux II 4,095 YLs, 108th Nat. Bourges I 20,759 YLs, 50th Prov. Chateauroux 4,740 p.
He is a half brother of Full Power, being a son of G-Power (son Tsaby x Kim 1) x Jewel BE15-4236232 (daughter Orlando x Nicofelia). Click here for Nelson's pedigree.
-Darco BE15-4236123: winner of a 86th Nat. Tulle 7,447 p. ’17, 34th Prov. Vierzon 2,095 p., 93rd Prov. Chateauroux 2,860 p.. He comes from a very similar pairing: Douglas  BE10-4275138 (son Tsaby x Kim 1) x Orfelia BE13-4035404 (from Orlando x Nicofelia). Click here for Darco's pedigree.
-Woody BE15-4236184: winner of two first prizes at club level, and a 2nd Nat. Zone Tulle 2,761 p. and 10th Nat. Tulle 7,322 p. ’16, 4th Prov. Vierzon 2,095 p., 90th Nat. Zone Chateauroux 9,969 p.
He comes from a pairing of those two stock pairs as well: Cartouche BE12-4176473 (son Tsaby x Kim 1) x Oreley BE14-4033200 (Orlando x Nicofelia). Click here for Woody's pedigree.

Annick and Kim have now witnessed themselves how the invaluable Tsaby x Kim 1 bloodline, when combined with unknown lines (crossings), can give excellent descendants, think for instance of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB '13 Super Romeo of Gaby Vandenabeele. Annick and Kim bred First Kimke, a very talented young hen and winner of the following prizes:

-First Kimke BE17-4177001

 9th Prov Blois   4,517 p. (1st Club 586 p.)
46th Prov Vierzon 2,341 p.
55th Prov Orleans 6,375 p.
83rd Prov Orleans 5,307 p.

Sire: Kimi BE13-4035420
Winner of a 1st Clermont 251 p., 13th Prov. Tulle 1,440 p., 59th Prov. Argenton 2,231 p., 69th Prov. Orleans 5,970 p., and yet another son of Tsaby x Kim 1.
Dam: Wilma BE13-3074421
A super class breeder and a direct Chris Debacker from stock breeder Nick BE04-3238525 x Ura BE11-3073341.
Click here for the full pedigree of First Kimke

A team that can rely on such a collection of top quality pigeons can look toward the future with great confidence. This was the first chapter of a new success story, and the fanciers from Deinze are eager to add some more chapters in the next few seasons as well. Congratulations and good luck, Annick and Kim.