De Vos Hans, "Middle Distance pigeon Province Zeeland '96"


Hans de Vos lives with his wife Ans in Nieuwdorp under the smoke of the Nuclear plant Borsele. From Belgium you enter the Westerschelde tunnel in Terneuzen and as you come out of the tunnel you can see the small village. Hans has been busy with the pigeon sport for years and has volunteered for many administrative functions.
Four years ago Hans took stock of everything and came to the conclusion that reinforcements were necessary if he was to gain any prizes. Pigeons were bought for breeding from Jan Buise from Lewedorp and Kees Niemeyer from Hansweert, and not without success, because the descendants won the necessary 1st places and championships.

In 2005 and 2006 Hans also bought pigeons from Hans Claeys from Ursel who had raced phenomenally with mainly pure Vandenabeele-pigeons. In the sale during the Champions day from Lewedorp he bought a hen from H Verburg from Wissenkerke out his super "45". This "45" was one of the best middle distance pigeons from Zeeland and 2nd W.H.Z.B. middle distance 2003. A cock from Hans Claeys and this hen produced the NL 06-1129719 who was christened "Bram". Not by chance, because the name BRAM is a combination of the names of Hans and An's grandchildren, namely Bas, Rens, Amber and Mila. Bram only missed once as a youngster and raced a 53rd place from Orleans on the 27th of August 2006 against 4145 p. Province Zeeland.

In 2007 the pigeon showed his true colours;
19-05-2007 72nd place Ablis against 8966 pigeons
10-06-2007 3rd place Argenton against 3659 pigeons
23-06-2007 15th place Blois against 4139 pigeons
28-07-2007 110th place Chateroux against 3955 pigeons.

Because of these magnificent results the "BRAM" NL 06-1129719 became 1st Ace pigeon middle distance 2007 division Zeeland'96. Bram achieved 5th place middle distance by the Winning open magazine. In the West-European Lands trophy for sport pigeons 2007 (preliminary round for Dortmund) he achieved 8th place in the category short middle distance (330-600km.) It is not only Bram that has given Hans so much pigeon pleasure, the descendants are also fine birds. A child out the BRAM, a cock NL. 07-1875548 gained a 1st prize from Chimay in the club PV the Postduif Lewedorp. In 2007 this pigeon was basketted 10 times and won no less than 8 prizes.
It was a beautiful season for Hans, including 6 victories in a very strong club. Not only Hans is crazy about his pigeons but also his grandchildren Bas and Rens Bliek are now pigeon fanciers in heart and soul. The two young fellows race with pigeons from, amongst others, Gebr.Scheele Terneuzen. Leo Goedegebure s Here Arendskerke. "Granddad Jaap" de Vos Nieuwdorp, Cor Hermes en Zn from Lewedorp.

In addition they got a pigeon via an action from Pipa, a beautiful pigeon from Cor Leytens from Oestelbeers. As young as they are, the two showed their worth with a 1st place in the club four times.
So a Total of 10 victories in the loft and Hans hopes he will do just as well in 2008.

NL 06-1129719 :
The father of this pigeon is the 05/210 out the Amatheus originating from Hans Claeys from Ursel [B]
The mother of this pigeon is the 05/960 out the super`45` originating from Verburg Wissenkerke.
27 august 2006 Orleans the 1st place in Lewedorp 94 pigeons.
the 1st place West south Beveland 227 pigeons.
the 2nd place District 4 478 pigeons.
the 53rd place province Zeeland 96 4145 pigeons
19 may 2007 ABLIS the 2nd place in Lewedorp 270 pigeons.
the 5th place West south Beveland 707 pigeons.
the 9th place District 4 1074 pigeons.
the 72nd place Province Zeeland 96 8966 pigeons.
10 June 2007 Argenton the 1st place in Lewedorp 125 pigeons.
the 1st place West south Beverland 311 pigeons.
the 1st place District 4 548 pigeons
the 3rd place Province Zeeland 96 3639 pigeons.
23 June 2007 Blois the 1st place in Lewedorp 123 pigeons.
the 1st place West south Beverland 295 pigeons.
the 2nd place District 4 557 pigeons
the 15th place Province Zeeland 96 4139 pigeons.
28 July 2007 Chateauroux
the 1st place in Lewedorp 152 pigeons.
the 6th place West south Beverland 339 pigeons.
the 8th place District 4 535 pigeons.
the 110th place Province Zeeland 96 3955 pigeons.

Performances and championships 2007
Performances Lewedorp:
Clermont 216 pigeons 1-24-37-38-39.
Ablis 270 pigeons 2-11-30-34-48.
Argenton 125 pigeons 1-20.
Pithiviers 123 pigeons 6-12-13-18-25.
Blois 123 pigeons 1.
Orleans 144 pigeons 7-8-31-33.
Chimay 313 pigeons 1-11-12-13-14.
Bouillon 322 pigeons 3-40-46.
Chateauroux 152 pigeons 1.
Morlincourt 295 pigeons 1-7-12-20-21.
Chantilly 322 pigeons 2-16-18-25-39.
Chantilly 237 pigeons 3-9-24-25-27.
Orleans 189 pigeons 6-25-26-35.
Creil 139 pigeons 2-5-12.
Championships Lewedorp:
Championships Province Zeeland 3rd short distance
1st Ace pigeon middle distance
6th short middle distance
1st middle distance championship district 4
3rd short distance youngsters
3rd middle distance loft
2nd Long distance youngsters
7th short distance loft 6th late races
12th late races loft 4e general
12th general loft
1st Ace pigeon middle distance
5th Ace pigeons short distance