Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) wins 1st and 2nd Niergnies of 7,207 pigeons after winning the 1st Pont St Maxence of 10,043 pigeons

The renowned Geeloger bloodline of Koen Minderhoud has continued to grow in status, with the two year old Maxien, a direct daughter of Geeloger, now winning a provincial first prize from Pont-St.-Maxence of 10,043 pigeons. Two weeks after that victory, a nephew and grandnewphew of Geeloger win the 1st and 2nd Niergnies of 7,207 birds.

The 2017 season has been underway for only four weeks, and yet Koen Minderhoud has already added two first prizes in important races to his palmares. He  claimed a first prize from Niergnies (22 April) against 1,705 pigeons, and the race on Saturday 6th of May provided near-perfect weather conditions for the Minderhoud racing bird: a strong headwind that forced the pigeons to work hard throughout the day. Koen's winning hen is a direct daughter of his new stock breeder Geeloger, which has grown to becoming an iconic pigeon with an international reputation.

1st Pont-St.-Maxence 10,043 p.

The victory in the Zeeland Province was won by NL15-3506900 Maxiem, a compact yet powerful racing hen from the top pairing Geeloger x Generaal Asduifje 725. This makes Maxiem a full sister of NL15-3506915 Max II, which proved particularly strong as a yearling in 2016, winning two first prizes in demanding weather:

30-04-2016: 1st Roye 6,112 p. (a strong northeasterly wind)
10-06-2016: 1st Roye 2,007 p. (warm weather and a southeasterly wind)

Pont-St.-Maxence-winnares Maxiem (click here for the pedigree)

Maxiem's victory adds up to an already impressive list of references for the new stock breeder Geeloger. Just to refresh your memory we have included the highlights in NL11-3014703 Geeloger's own racing career:

1st Province Pithiviers           –  6,340 p. 2013
1st NPO La Souterraine            –  3,077 p. 2013
1st NPO Chateauroux               –  2,227 p. 2013
3rd Province Gien                 –  3,824 p. 2013
6th Province Morlincourt          –  6,625 p. 2013
1st Nat. / 3rd Int. Ace Pigeon Allround Europa Cup 2013

Geeloger's youngsters have won the following prizes since 2015:

1st fastest Pont-St.-Maxence          - 10,043 p. (Maxiem)
1st fastest Province Pont-St.-Maxence -  9,148 p. (Max I)
1st Province Roye I                   -  6,112 p. (Max II)
1st fastest Roye                      -  2,435 p. (304/14)
1st Roye II                           -  2,007 p. (Max II)
1st Peronne                           -  1,398 p. (Max I)
2nd fastest Roye                      -  2,435 p. (300/14)
5th NPO Argenton                      -  2,984 p. (280/14)
9th NPO Argenton                      -  2,984 p. (304/14)

Max II, a full brother of Maxiem

1st and 2nd Niergnies 7,207 p.

Koen Minderhoud won a first and second prize in the provincial race from Niergnies against 7,207 pigeons, with two pigeons closely related to Geeloger. The first prize winner was NL14-3413261 Franse Turbo, which had already won a 1st Peronne of 3,836 pigeons. He does have an excellent pedigree: his sire is Blauwe 170, winner of a 2nd NPO Chateauroux, a 2nd NPO La Souterraine, a 12th NPO Chateauroux and a 13th NPO Chateauroux, and a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele. The dam is Dagfond Duifje 041, a half sister of Geeloger and winner of a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon one day long distance 2013 with 2 second prizes NPO. Click here for the pedigree of FranseTurbo.


The silver medal from Niergnies was won by NL15-3506884, winner of a 7th Prov. Roye 6,190 p. and an 11th Prov. peronne 7,588 pigeons. He is a son of Late Turbo 608, provincial ace pigeon one day long distance 2013 and a full brother of Franse Turbo. This makes him a son of Blauwe 170 x Dagfond Duifje 041. His dam is a dauhgter of De 666, the invaluable pigeon of Henk Melis. Click here for the pedigree of 844.

2nd Niergnies 7,207 p.

Nieuwe Turbo

A special mention goes to NL11-3014705 Nieuwe Turbo, an excellent pigeon that managed to win a 1st prize from Niergnies of 1,705 p. at six years of age, which shows he is far from spent. Nieuwe Turbo has four first prizes in major races on his palmares, as well as two teletext prizes. Needless to say, this successful racing bird will be a promising addition to the breeding loft in the near future.

Nieuwe Turbo, winner of Niergnies 1,705 p on 22nd of April

"A superb start to the season". That is what Koen thought of the first few weeks of 2017. "Obviously I am mostly fond of the one day long distance competition, preferrably with a lot of headwind, but I am more than happy with these early season wins." It might be a prelude to even greater results but Koen knows the sport inside out, and he knows these results are no guarantee for a great season. Still, most insiders will be well aware that team Minderhoud is in pole position for the one day classics of the NPO.