Auction of Gino Clicque closed at 2,145,000 Euro.

The Gino Clicque auction closed this weekend, which consisted of all old birds and a group of youngsters of 2016 bred especially for this event. A group of 405 pigeons were offered for sale over the past two weeks, with the final two lots being auctioned last Saturday and Sunday. The overall revenue amounted to 2,145,375 EURO for 405 pigeons, or an average of 5,297 EURO per pigeon.

Numerous fanciers were looking forward to this year’s most anticipated pigeon auction. Expectations were high, with one of the best long distance pigeons ever, Golden Prince, being sold as well.

Golden Prince was the star of the auction on Saturday. The previous record of Bolt of Leo Heremans (310,000 EURO) had been surpassed already on Saturday morning (316,000 EURO), and that was even a few hours before the auction closed. In the end we had a close call between two Chinese bidders and a combination from South Africa: Samuel Mbiza & Mark Kitchenbrand. They had travelled all the way to Belgium, and they showed their intentions by taking the initiative on Golden Prince already in the opening hours. They were never out of contention, eventually placing the winning bid: a record breaking 360,000 EURO.

Mark Kitchenbrand, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and Samuel Mbiza raise a toast to the record breaking sale of Golden Prince (Pictures: Foto-KaSt)

And this is a short film of the moment when Samuel Mbiza and Mark Kitchenbrand become the official owners of Golden Prince.

This is an updated list of the most expensive pigeons ever sold in auction. These pigeons were all sold through PIPA.

1. Golden Prince        € 360.000 (Gino Clicque)
2. Bolt                 € 310.000 (Leo Heremans)
3. Safier Kweekkoppel   € 270.000 (Leo Heremans)
4. Dolce Vita           € 250.400 (Pieter Veenstra)
5. Nikolaas             € 244.000 (Casaert-Sénéchal)
6. Nieuwe Olympiade     € 210.000 (Leo Heremans)
7. Ouders Bolt          € 184.000 (Leo Heremans)
8. Euro Diamond         € 170.000 (Brockamp)
9. Gilbert              € 162.000 (Leo Heremans)
10. Blauwe Prins        € 156.000 (Pros Roosen)

The auction had quite a promising start indeed, with an overall revenue of 1,000,000 euro already on Saturday morning. Revenue rose to 1,500,000 euro by Saturday evening, halfway into the auction. The most expensive pigeons on Saturday were Prince Rudy, which goes to China for 64,000 euro, and the dam of Prince Rudy, sold for 36,500 EURO to Samuel Mbiza & Mark Kitchenbrand, to be paired to Golden Prince. Argentina was sold on Saturday as well, and will be going to China for 36,000 EURO. Next in line was Gabriella, 1st Int. Agen Hens, which the South African combination purchased for 32,000 euro. She will be the second partner for Golden Prince. Several more top pigeons were sold on Sunday, and the most expensive one was Devil Prince, with a starting price of 50,000 EURO in the morning, and a winning bid of an impressive 126,000 EURO.
The following pigeons turned out to be the five most expensive ones in this Gino Clicque auction:

1 – Golden Prince – 360,000 EURO – South Africa
2 – Devil Prince – 126,000 EURO – China
3 – Super Gaby (sire Devil Prince) – 81,000 EURO – China
4 – Robertina (dam Devil Prince) – 71,000 EURO – China
5 – Prince Rudy – 64,000 EURO – China

With an overall revenue on Sunday evening of 2,145,375 EURO the Gino Clicque pigeon auction now sits in second place in the prestigious list of most expensive auctions of all time:

1. Leo Heremans            May 2013       Online  € 4,346,500
2. Gino Clicque            March 2017     Online  € 2,145,375
3. Pieter Veenstra         January 2012   Online  € 1,899,300
4. Gaston Van de Wouwer    October 2014   Online  € 1,542,800
5. Pros Roosen             January 2011   Public  € 1,368,000
6. Jos Thoné               December 2010  Public  € 1,323,780
7. Andre Verbesselt        January 2012   Online  € 1,292,400
8. Marc De Cock            January 2013   Online  € 1,273,300
9. Erik Limbourg           December 2009  Public  € 1,252,000
10.Etienne Meirlaen        December 2012  Online  € 1,159,700
11.Dr. H.P. & P. Brockamp  November 2010  Online  € 1,017,750

All one million plus auctions have been organised by PIPA

The 405 pigeons were eventually sold to the following countries: China (134), Belgium (93), Taiwan (65), USA (18), Japan (16), Romania (9), France (8), Thailand (8), Slovakia (7), South Africa (7), Germany (6), India (5), The United Kingdom (5), Mexico (3), The Netherlands (3), The Philippines (2), Portugal (2), Morocco (2), Iran (2), Spain (2), Malaysia (2), Iraq (1), Poland (1), Canada (1), Croatia (1), Egypt (1), and Turkey (1).