Christian van de Wetering thanks PIPA for their excellent advice on his resale

In November 2016 Mike Cooney purchased 32 of the 34 pigeons that Christian van de Wetering had offered for sale, until he sadly passed away last month. The only right thing to do was to reimburse the Cooney family, while PIPA and christian agreed to auction the 32 pigeons a second time. It was an approach that Christian appreciated a lot.

Dear Thomas, Nikolaas, Jawin, Lisa and all PIPA amployees in Belgium and abroad

A big thank you for the level of professionalism that surrounded my last auction.

After the sad passing of Mike Cooney, who had bought 32 of my 34 pigeons in my auction in November 2016, you provided me with some great advice and you helped me come up with a solution.  Together with te team we took the only right decision: the money that Mike had already paid would be entirely reimbursed to Mike's family, and my pigeons would be offered for sale a second time.

I can honestly say that the second auction was a major success as well, so a big thumbs-up to the PIPA team.

I would also like to thank all the buyers (and bidders) for their confidence in my pigeons. I hope the new owners will be enjoying their new investments.

Kind regards,

Christian van de Wetering