Auctions ending on 26 December: Bart Geerinckx, Pieter Veenstra, Peter Janssen, G&C Cooper, Scheele Brothers, Jespers-Vanderwegen, Barcelona Special and Mark Gilbert

On Monday 26 December, and not Sunday 25 December, the following eight auctions will end: Bart Geerinckx, Pieter Veenstra, Peter Janssen, G&C Cooper, Scheele Brothers, Jespers-Vanderwegen, Barcelona Special and Mark Gilbert.

Bart Geerinckx (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

The Geerinckx racing bird has been more popular than ever in the international field. Champions from all across the world have visited their home loft in Wommelgem, because they know the true value of the Geerinckx pigeon breed. But it was Bart himself who has benefited the most from his many years of hard work. He has won numerous national victories, KBDB ace pigeon titles and Olympiad Pigeons thanks to his top class breed. He is now selling youngsters from his most renowned pigeons in a spectacular PIPA auction.

Pieter Veenstra (NL)

Youngsters of his best breeders

The Veenstra breed has had an overwhelming impact on modern-day pigeon racing. As most of you know, Pieter himself has been a highly successful fancier for many years as well. The bloodlines of the Mr. Blue dynasty (with Special Blue, Dolce Vita, Chanel No. 5, Rolex etc. as its main exponents) have excelled in competitions worldwide, as they were able to improve the performance of pigeon lofts all across the globe. Pieter is now selling youngsters from his best breeders on PIPA, including a number of special pairings that were created especially for PIPA. We bring you youngsters of Miss Overegge, Seiko (the sire of Esmee), Chanel Nr. 5, and many others.

Peter Janssen (DE/NL)

His entire breeding loft + some youngsters

PIPA presents to you one of the main events in this year's auction season: the total old birds sale of Peter Janssen. These pigeons form the basis of a pigeon breed that has achieved some amazing results at the highest level in recent years. Over the years Peter Janssen from Kleve has impressed many fanciers with his magnificent overall results against often thousands of pigeons. He had been dominating the competition in Germany before he deciced to try his luck in the Netherlands, where he quickly became one of the most sensational fanciers of this decade. The prestigious breeding team of Peter Janssen will now be sold in a top quality auction! Stock breeder BE09-6358797 is quite a special pigeon. He is the sire of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Müller, and he is generally considered to be the best son of Gaston Van De Wouwer's Kaasboer.

G&C Cooper (UK)

Youngsters of their best breeders

They have played an important role in the further development of pigeon racing in Britain: Geoff and Catherine Cooper. They not only dominated the sprint and middle distance competition for years, the combination also managed to win four international first prizes in the course of just a few seasons. This is very impressive! Some of their most renowned racing birds are George, Farmer George, and Wollongong. Youngsters of all of these top class pigeons will now be sold on PIPA.

Gebroeders Scheele (NL)

Youngsters of their best breeders

The Scheele Brothers have a reputation for dominating the NPO competition and the provincial races. Adriaan and Jaap have been winning an impressive number of top prizes and national titles, many of which can be attributed to their invaluable breeding pair Superboy x Dochter 666, the parents of many generations of top class racing birds. Pigeons of Jan Hooymans and Verkerk have been successfully introduced in this breed as well. In this auction we bring you youngsters of their best breeders and racing birds.

Jespers-Vanderwegen (BE)

Youngsters of their best breeders

The Jespers-Vanderwegen combination has been highly successful thanks to their pigeon family based on Dirk Van Dyck and Gaby Vandenabeele. Their descendants of Kleine Dirk and Bliksem have been winning brilliant results time and time again. Their best results in recent seasons are a 1st Nat. La Souterraine with Nadette and a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon title longer middle distance YBs KBDB with Super Ricka. In this exclusive auction we are selling (half) brothers and sisters of both these prize winners, along with a group of descendants of the other national stars of this team.

Mark Gilbert (UK)

Youngsters of his best Brockamp breeders

The introduction of direct Brockamp pigeons has enabled Mark Gilbert to close the gap with the world's best. The results were obvious: he won an international first prize and an impressive 15 national victories in Great Britain. The bloodlines of Euro Diamond and Mistral can be found in the pedigrees of all of his biggest stars, which shows that Mark has quite a valuable collection of Brockamp pigeons in his loft. He is now selling some of his most precious birds. Many extreme long distance fanciers will be looking forward to this auction, in which we sell youngsters of the very best Brockamp breeders paired to each other.

Barcelona Special

Children/ brothers/ sisters from famous Barcelona pigeons

Numerous fanciers across Western-Europe focus their entire season around the first weekend of July, for the most important international classic in pigeon racing. No other pigeon race comes close to Barcelona in terms of overall appeal and popularity. Every winner from Barcelona is a top class racing bird, and many pigeon breeds have been built around the bloodlines of Barcelona winners. PIPA is now selling youngsters of some of the most iconic Barcelona winners. In this auction we sell youngsters of the best Barcelona pigeons of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Jelle Jellema, Mark Gilbert, Geert de Coninck, Pronckaert, and others.