Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) particularly successful in the one day long distance and the young birds' races in 2016

Pieter Veenstra can look back on an excellent one day long distance season. His young birds have had a great year as well, with a few excellent results for the first youngsters of Miss Overegge and N.P.O. Queen.

From left to right: Pieter Veenstra, Aant Arjen Veenstra and hulp Ruud Hoedeman

Pieter Veenstra has a reputation to uphold in our sport, which he successfully did in 2016. His pigeons demonstrated the potential of this pigeon breed again this season, claiming 10 victories in CCG Oostgrens in Province Friesland '96. The team was also very successful in the one day long distance races, as well as in the young birds' competition, which shows in the final results of the ace pigeon championships of Entente Oostgrens, which saw the entire top-10 being won by the Veenstra pigeons, led by a direct descendant of N.P.O. Queen, one of Pieter's most precious investments last season. We will briefly discuss some of his most successful pigeons but not before we take a closer look at his results of 2016 in CCG Oostgrens:

16-04 Deurne      189 km   919 p. 1-11-15-18-28-31-42-48-etc.(28/59)
                           1st Province Friesland 21116 p.
23-04 Weert       213 km   880 p. 1-2-4-5-6-9-11-15-16-19-23-26-27-28-etc.(38/63)
28-05 Nanteuil    505 km   370 p. 1-2-3-5-7-9-11-12-13-17-18-23-24-etc.(27/42)
18-06 Quiévrain   348 km   521 p. 1-4-5-16-25-34-41-43-etc.(19/38)
25-06 Châteaudun  658 km   282 p. 1-2-9-15-18-19-21-24-29-32-33-34-etc.(23/38)
      NPO                 6562 p. 11-12 (Province Friesland'96)
23-07 Tilburg     194 km  1205 p. 1-4-10-11-13-15-16-18-20-23-29-34-42-43-44-45-46-etc.(84/114)
24-07 Issoudun    750 km  1163 p. 10-15-19-28-35-42-51-etc.(18/22)(uitslag District 2)
06-08 Weert       213 km   931 p. 1-2-4-6-8-9-10-12-15-16-19-20-21-30-32-33-35-36-etc.(64/105)
03-09 Morlincourt 454 km   424 p. 1-5-6-7-8-10-15-16-17-18-22-24-25-26-27-28-31-33-etc.(57/98)
      Province            7348 p. 7 (Teletext prize)

The one day long distance

Pieter gained a lot of confidence for the one day long distance with his great results in the sprint and the middle distance, kicking off with a provincial win from Deurne against 21,116 pigeons. His pigeons did not let him down in the one day long distance: they won nine top three prizes in the five one day long distance races of CCG Oostgrens, including two first prizes. He won 116 prizes with a total of 178 basketed pigeons (65%). The ace pigeon championship in the one day long distance saw 8 Veenstra pigeons finish in the top ten in CCG Oostgrens, and Peter was quite successful in Entente D as well, finishing in 1st and 3rd place in the ace pigeon championship one day long distance. The 1st ace pigeon in Entente D was NL13-5305267 Gr.Son Ike, a racing cock with a first prize from Quiévrain (772 p.) and Moeskroen (2764 p.) on his palmares. He is a son of NL12-5200222 zus Dolce Vita, and his full palmares can be found here. The third place in the ace pigeon championship was won by NL15-4273214, a grandson of the iconic Veenstra pigeons NL02-5255446 Mr. Blue (Best Cock WHZB 2004) and NL08-2020821 Dolce Vita (1st Int. Ace Pigeon LD WENC Dortmund 2010).  Click here for his pedigree.

Successful with the young birds

The young birds were on a roll from the first race of the season, mainly thanks to the effort that his son Aant Arjen and his assistant Ruud Hoedeman put into developing this young racing team. In the summer the two fanciers basketed the young birds every single day, to let them get used to the process. The pigeons were now very at ease. The team spent a lot of time with the young birds this season, and it resulted in an excellent young birds' season with team Veenstra claiming the entire top 10 in the ace pigeon championship of CCG Oostgrens. The 2nd and 4th place were won by youngsters of Aant Arjen; the other 8 places went to Pieter Veenstra. The most impressive achievement came in the race from Weert, where Pieter and his son won the first six prizes in district 2 against 6153 pigeons. A few of these young birds deserve a special mention.

NL16-4280078, pigeon champion CCG Oostgrens

NL10-3040963 N.P.O. Queen, 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPO 2015, dam of ace pigeon YBs CCG Oostgrens

The proud first prize winner in the ace pigeon championship is NL16-4280078. This young racing bird won her best result in the race from Heino with a 3rd place against 880 p. Pieter is more than happy to see his investments from last winter pay off in the form of some excellent breeding results. The dam of the 16-078 is NL10-3040963 N.P.O. Queen, which became National Ace Pigeon NPO One Day Long Distance 2015 for Berry van de Brand (Boxtel, NL). N.P.O. Queen was paired to NL11-1159868 Son Dolce Vita, another son of Mr. Blue and Dolce Vita. In other words, some of the very best Veenstra pigeons can be found in this young bird's pedigree, which can be consulted here. N.P.O. Queen is also the dam of NL16-4280100, which really came to the fore, winning a first prize from Gennep (1073 p.), a 7th Morlincourt (424 p.) and an 8th Tongeren (872 p.). His pedigree illustrates the breeding value of N.P.O. Queen, which was paired to a son of Rolex and Chanel no. 5. Click here for the pedigree of the 16-100.

NL14-1499725 Miss Overegge, 1st NPO Sens and 1st NPO Souppes-sur-Loing and already a promising breeder

A promising Miss Overegge

Miss Overegge, that other outstanding hen that Pieter Veenstra managed to obtain, has shown to be quite a promising breeding bird as well. She was paired to NL12-1051111 Brother Dolce Vita, and together they bred NL16-4280061, 4th Deventer 1189 p. Some of her youngsters will get a chance to show their worth as yearlings in 2017. If they can manage to get somewhat close to the palmares of their dam, which won 3 first prizes in Province Friesland in five weeks' time, including two NPO wins, then Pieter can look to the future with great confidence.

A few more champions

Another pigeon that deserves a mention is NL16-4280029, winner of a 1st prize from Weert against 6153 pigeons, which was a great win for Pieter. Her dam NL11-1159984 is another daughter of Mr. Blue and Dolce Vita. Nearly all of Pieter's racing birds are related to these fabulous two breeding birds. Click here for the pedigree of the 16-029.

NL16-1817768 Teletekst Morlincourt

Pieter managed to win a teletext prize with his young birds as well, thanks to NL16-1817768. This young prize winner finished in 7th place in Province Friesland '96 in the NPO young birds race from Morlincourt. As you might have guessed, this pigeon is also related to Mr. Blue and Dolca Vita, which are its grandparents. Click here for a full pedigree.

Aant Arjen spent a lot of time with the young birds in 2016

Get them going

Pieter wins pigeon races with ease, and the enthusiasm of his son Aant Arjen is just what he needs to get in the right mindset and to achieve great results. Aant Arjen is now 12 years old, he plays football in Surhuisterveen, and he helps his father Pieter in the daily caretaking of the pigeon family. Perhaps he might follow in the footsteps of his father one day. He has clearly managed to get his young birds going this season, together with his colleague Ruud Hoedeman.