Fanciers from across the globe win prizes with pigeons purchased on PIPA

A stringent selection process based on palmares, pedigree, and physiology, it has been one PIPA's fundamental principles for years. This strategy has been paying off: every single week fanciers from all across the world tell us about their achievements with pigeons that they obtained on PIPA.


PIPA is not just an auction house for racing birds. Over the years we have been focusing increasingly on one particular section of the market: the very best bloodlines of pigeon racing. All pigeons offered for sale on PIPA undergo a strict selection procedure based on their achievements, their pedigree and their physiology. Only the Rolls-Royces of pigeon racing are good enough to be sold to the prospective buyers.

Countless references

Our clients appreciate our focus towards top quality. After all, a high quailty breeding and racing team increases your chances of success. In fact, many fanciers deliberately opt to purchase their pigeons here on on PIPA. There are not too many fanciers who regret their decision, as you can tell from the numerous auction references that we listed here. We included a brief selection of references below:

Bert Van Den Berghe (Belgium)

I won a 2nd and 11th National Brive in 2016, and the two parents of these national prize winners were both obtained on PIPA. One is a son of Alexia of Hooymans, the other is a direct Vandenheede.


Martial Maindrelle (France)

Both the sire (Heremans) and the dam (Van Noordenne) of my second pigeon in the final race of the Golden Algarve One Loft Race 2016 were purchased on PIPA.


Yong Lin (The Netherlands)

My Error 404 finished in the top 10 of the national ace pigeon championships both in 2015 and 2016. I bought its dam from Verkerk in a PIPA auction.


Are you looking to reinforce your breed? PIPA is is the best place to start. If you have made a purchase in the past and your investment has really paid off, please do not hesitate to let us know at Perhaps your name will soon be included in our overview of top references.