Auction day closes at +500,000 EURO! Exceptional prices in all auctions today! Kitchenbrand 4,437 EURO/pigeon, Christian vd Wetering 4,191 EURO/pigeon, Marijke Vink 3,821 EURO/pigeon

PIPA had another phenomenal auction day today, with this season's best auction weekend so far. The overall revenues have increased by 300,000 EURO just today. Today's auctions raised 513,375 EURO for 179 pigeons, or an average of 2,868 EURO/pigeon.

Guido van Caneghem – 19 pigeons – 2,771 EURO/pigeon
The day started with the auction of Guido Van Caneghem, which had a much better overall result than expected, raising an impressive 2,771 EURO/pigeon for 19 racing birds. The most expensive pigeon was sale 4, Little Anah, winner of 3 x top 40 Nat. Zone, which goes to China for 12,000 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is sale 6, Blauwe Pico, which also goes to China for 8,000 EURO. The 19 pigeons were sold for 52,650 EURO, and will be shipped to China (11), Belgium (6) and Taiwan (2).

Dirk Deroose – 12 pigeons – 1,338 EURO/pigeon
Twelve young birds of Dirk Deroose raised an impressive 16,050 EURO. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of Witpen Rivaldo, sale 1, which goes to Taiwan for 3,200 EURO. Sale 3, a youngster of 2 national winners, goes to Kuweit for 2,100 EURO. The 12 pigeons were sold to Belgium (6), Kuweit (3), Taiwan (1), Japan (1) and France (1).

Mark Kitchenbrand – 33 pigeons – 4,437 EURO/pigeon
This auction had a stellar overall revenue of 146,425 EURO for no more than 33 pigeons; these were all youngsters of the world famous breeders of Mark Kitchenbrand, which had been successfully sold on PIPA last year. In this auction one single fancier from the United Kingdom obtained no less than 25 out of 33 pigeons. His most expensive purchase in the Kitchenbrand auction was a son of Birdy, which he bought for 25,500 EURO. The other two youngsters of Birdy were quite successful as well: one goes to Ireland for 17,200 EURO, the other goes to that same British fancier for 15,000 EURO. The 33 pigeons were eventually sold to the following countries: The United Kingdom (27), Germany (2), Ireland (1), the USA (1), Canada (1), and China (1).

Joel Verschoot – 10 pigeons – 1,090 EURO/pigeon
After another splendid racing season Joel Verschoot organised an auction with just a round of unflown youngsters for the first time. It was a great success with an average sale price of 1,090 EURO per youngster and a total revenue of 10,900 EURO for the 10 pigeons. The most expensive youngster goes to the United Kingdom for 1,400 EURO. The 10 pigeons were sold to the following countries: Belgium (8), China (1), The United Kingdom (1).

Davy Tournelle – 13 pigeons – 3,104 EURO/pigeon
The auction of Davy Tournelle almost tripled in value in just over an hour, resulting in an overall revenue of 40,350 EURO for 13 young birds! Davy's pigeons were particularly popular in China, where fanciers have achieved great results with them over the years. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of stock breeder Tiësto, which goes to Taiwan for 7,800 EURO. Another Taiwanese fancier sold the second most expensive pigeon for 6,800 EURO. The 13 pigeons have been sold to Taiwan (10), Belgium (2) and China (1).

Andreas Drapa – 44 pigeons – 1,159 EURO/pigeon
Every year Andreas Drapa offers for sale a group of youngsters from his best breeders on PIPA. These 44 pigeons raised 51,000 EURO in total. The most expensive one was a youngster of Pokerface, which goes to Australia for 3,600 EURO. The 44 pigeons have been sold to 12 different countries: Taiwan (10), China (8), Germany (7), Poland (5), Japan (3), the USA (3), Qatar (2), The United Arab Emirates (2), Australia (1), Bangladesh (1), Egypt (1), and Slovakia (1).

Christian van de Wetering – 34 pigeons – 4,191 EURO/pigeon
This is an impressive overall result for Christian van de Wetering, who raised 4,191 EURO per pigeon or 142,500 EURO overall for 34 pigeons. This is a well deserved result, as Christian has been a top contender in The Netherlands in recent years. The same fancier from the Mark Kitchenbrand auction sold most of these pigeons, taking home 32 out of 34 pigeons. It is quite exceptional for a fancier to obtain all but a few pigeons of what was a considerable lot. The two most expensive pigeons were both sold for 26,500 EURO: the first was a full brother of New Harry, which goes to The United Kingdom, the other a youngster of Beauty Harry, which goes to Taiwan. The 34 pigeons were sold to just two different countries: The United Kingdom (34) and Taiwan (2).

Marijke Vink – 14 pigeons – 3,821 EURO/pigeon
The final auction of the day put the icing on the cake. Marijke Vink sold 14 pigeons in auction, including some renowned champions. We start with Gerard, which goes to The United Kingdom for 10,000 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was Verdi, which goes to the United States for 6,600 EURO. The 14 pigeons were sold for an average of 3,821 EURO per pigeon, raising 53,500 EURO overall. The 14 pigeons were sold to the United Kingdom (6), China (3), Germany (2), Hungary (2), and Canada (1).