Descendants of renowned Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) achieve great results in 2016

Koen Minderhoud has an exceptional breeder in his collection with Geeloger, whose descendants did great yet again this season. Reason enough for us to dedicate an article to this champion.

Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL)

The renowned Geeloger NL11-3014703

As a racing bird the NL11-3014703 Geeloger was basically outstanding in the 2013 racing season. The blue coloured star won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Allround in The Netherlands that season, as well as a 3rd International Ace Pigeon Allround in the Europe Cup of 2013. These titles were based on the following achievements:

1st Afd. Pithiviers      – 6,340 p. 2013
1st NPO La Souterraine   – 3,077 p. 2013
1st NPO Chateauroux      – 2,227 p. 2013
3rd Afd. Gien            – 3,824 p. 2013
6th Pro. Morlincourt     – 6,625 p. 2013

Three provincial victories in a single season, with two NPO one day long distance races and one middle distance race in the province. How many pigeons can do that? Unsurprisingly, this pigeon was transferred to the breeding loft after his stellar season. Paired to a different number of hens, Geeloger soon showed to be an invaluable breeding bird.

The renowned Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL)

Achievements of Geeloger's youngsters and granchildren

13/09/2014 cock NL14-3413304 (703 X 393) 1st Roye 532 p. and 1st Rayon Noord 2,432 p.
13/09/2014 hen  NL14-3413300 (703 x 393) 2nd Roye 532 p. and 2nd Rayon Noord 2,432 p. 
30/04/2016 cock NL15-3506915 (703 x 725) 1st Roye SS 1,514 p. and 1st Rayon West 2,758 p. 
                                         and 1st Province 6,112 p.
10/06/2016 cock NL15-3506915 (703 x 725) 1st Roye SS 1,160 p. and 1st Rayon West 2,007 p.
23/04/2016 cock NL13-3307621 (703 x 393) 1st Peronne SS 1,398 p. and 1st Rayon West 2,670 p.
07/05/2016 cock NL13-3307621 (703 x 393) 1st Pt.-St.-Maxence SS 1,799 p. 
                                         and 1st Rayon West 3260 p. and 1st Province 9,148 p.
07/06/2015 cock NL14-3413280 (703 x 670) 1st Argenton SS 604 p. and 5th NPO Argenton 2,984 p.
02/05/2015 hen  NL14-3413300 (703 x 393) 5th St.-Quentin SS 1,433 p. 
09/04/2016 hen  NL14-3413300 (703 x 393) 8th Quiévrain 1,534 p. 
16/08/2014 hen  NL14-3413300 (703 x 393) 8th Meaux SS 883 p. 
10/06/2016 cock NL14-3413378 (703 x 343) 3rd Roye 1,160 p.
03/09/2016 granddaughter of (703 x 393)  1st Morlincourt 4,632 for A&B Leideman (Hardenberg)
08/08/2015 granddaughter NL15-1234044    2nd Tessenderlo 10,314 p. for A&B Leideman 
05/09/2016 granddaughter NL15-1234044    3rd Tilburg 8,458 p. for A&B Leideman

We could add many more pigeons to this overview but we decided to keep it at that for now. We will take a closer look at a few of these prize winners. It is worth noting that the new super class couple depicted below is featured in many of the aforementioned pigeons.

NL13-3307621 Max

Max is a son of the new top pair De Geeloger x Blauw Roodoogje. You can find the pedigree of Max here.

Max, a talented son of Geeloger

Max is a late youngster of 2013 that was only basketed for training flights back when he was a yearling. He showed his talent in 2015 and he earned himself a spot in the racing team. He continued to deliver in 2016 winning two first prizes in the Entente:

1st Peronne          Province 1 Entente 7 (178 km) 1,398 pigeons
1st Pont-St.-Maxence Province 1 Entente 7 (252 km) 1,799 pigeons (fastest in the Province 9,148 p.)

NL15-3506915, a promising newcomer

This one year old cock is another son of Geeloger but paired to a different hen: the NL06-1137725. Click here to read more about the pedigree of NL15-3506915.

The promising NL15-3506915

The 915/15 was apparently fond of the race from Roye; he managed to claim victory twice in this race, both in Entente 7 and in Rayon West.

30/04/2016 Roye 1st Roye Entente 7   1,514 pigeons
                1st Roye Rayon West  2,758 pigeons
10/06/2016 Roye 1st Roye Entente 7   1,160 pigeons 
                1st Roye Rayon West  2,007 pigeons
                1st Provincial       6,112 pigeons

If racing bird 915/15 continues to deliver then Koen will have another champion in his collection for the next few years.

Set for the future with Geeloger

It should be clear by now that Geeloger has proven to be an invaluable pigeon for Koen Minderhoud, who can continue to breed new champions for years. We eager to see which of Geeloger's descendants will stand out in the upcoming racing season. There is no doubt that 2017 will be another great season for the Geeloger dynasty.