Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) shows excellent form yet again in 2016

Arie Dijkstra had another great season in 2016, showcasing the allround qualities of his pigeon breed. He also won the title of 3rd National Ace Pigeon WHZB/TBOTB this season with Powerplay, which is quite a special racing bird.

Arie Dijkstra had a great 2016 season


Arie Dijkstra demonstrated yet again this season that his pigeon breed is one of the most versatile out there: he has won numerous championship prizes in almost every discipline in the Friesland '96 province, as well as several ace pigeon titles. Here is a look at the (first) championship titles that he won in Entente C, De Eenheid and CCG De Walden:

Entente C:               1st General Lang Not nominated
                         1st Nominated One day long distance
                         1st Nominated One day long distance
                         1st Nominated Natour
                         1st Ace Pigeon Natour NL15-1163169
Entent De Eenheid:       1st Ace Pigeon Olds NL13-1581415
                         1st Ace Pigeon Natour NL15-1163169
                         1st Nominated Middle Distance
CCG De Walden:           1st Nominated Middle Distance
                         1st Nominated Natour
                         1st Ace Pigeon Olds NL13-1581415
                         1st Ace Pigeon Natour NL15-1163169

Click here for a full overview of the championship prizes in 2016.

NL13-1581415 Powerplay, 3rd Ace Cock national competition WHZB/TBOTB

Powerplay, 3rd National Ace Cock WHZB/TBOTB

Arie Dijkstra had a few excellent racing birds in his team for 2016, and his number one champion this season was NL13-1581415 Powerplay. He became 3rd Ace Pigeon in the national WHZB/TBOTB competition, and he was 1st Ace Pigeon in Entente De Eenheid and Entente CCG De Walden. This racing bird has won an impressive 63 prizes up until this season, with 45 prizes per ten. His full list of achievements can be found here. We take a closer look at the sire and the dam of Powerplay.

NL11-1107095 Dakin, the sire of Powerplay

The sire of Powerplay is NL11-1107095 Dakin, which is a grandson of NL01-5163851 De Big Boom x NL01-5163844 Evita. These two pigeons are the parents of NL05-1857139 Leonardo. Leonardo and breeding hen NL04-4256369 Tinkelbel are in fact the stock pair in Arie's collection. Tinkelbel is the grandmother of Dakin.

NL10-1029924 Body Talk, the dam of Powerplay

The dam of Powerplay is NL10-1029924 Body Talk. Her parents originate from the stock bloodlines of Jos & Jules Engels (Putte, BE). Take a look at the pedigree of Powerplay here.

Other prize winners

Arie has had a few more successful racing birds in his team besides Powerplay; let's have a look:

NL14-1390503 Mano Manos, 1st Ace Pigeon Olds Rayon de Walden 2015

Mano Manos

Racing bird NL14-1390503 Mano Manos becomes 5th Ace Pigeon General Lang in 2016 for the entire Friesland '69 province. It was a logical next step after a strong 2015 season in which he won a 1st Ace Pigeon title old birds in Rayon De Walden. His palmares includes 45 prizes with 32 prizes per ten. Click here for the full list of achievements of Mano Manos.

The sire of Mano Manos is NL11-1107215 Octavio, which developed into an outstanding breeder: he is also the sire of Vito (1st Quiévrain 2528 p.) and NL16-209 (1st Quiévrain 1702 p.). Click here for the pedigree of Mano Manos.

NL11-1107215 Octavio, the sire of Mano Manos


NL12-1000939 Mutai, a great racing bird with 59 prizes on his palmares

Another of Arie's racing birds that deserves a mention is NL12-1000939 Mutai. This racing cock has quite a palmares as well. Mutai won 59 prizes, with 38 prizes per ten. Mutai had a great 2013 season as a one year old, winning the title of 1st Ace Pigeon one day long distance in the Friesland long distance club. He also became 1st Ace Pigeon old birds in Entente De Eenheid that season. Mutai has continued to perform really well over the years, which he illustrated in 2016, winning a 9th prize in the ace pigeon championship one day long distance in the entire province of Friesland '96. You can take a closer look at Mutai's pedigree here.

Yearlings and young birds

A new generation of pigeons is eager to follow in the footsteps of these successful racing birds. Arie's current collection of yearlings and young birds includes a few very talented pigeons that have already shown their potential in the course of 2016. We already discussed the teletext prize of racing bird NL15-1163273 Savannah in the race from Chateauroux in an earlier report. Another yearling, the NL15-1163169, has won the ace pigeon championship Natour in Rayon De Walden, as well as in Entente C and Entente De Eenheid. Click here for an overview of the best yearlings and young birds in 2016.

Long distance racing

We would also like to say something about his achievements in the most demanding one loft races. Arie had basketed 90 pigeons in total for Chateauroux (784km), Issoudun (763km) and Blois (719km), and 59 of them have managed to win a prize (1:4). This leads to an excellent 65% prize percentage. In addition, he wins a 2-19-19-20-23-30-32-42-44-45-52 against an average of 2993 pigeons, which is impressive. This goes to show that the Arie Dijkstra pigeon breed is a highly versatile family with great potential in the extreme long distance as well.