Batenburg-van de Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL) successfully introduces New Laureaat into his superior long distance breed in 2016

Together with the PIPA Elite Center, Hugo Batenburg managed to obtain New Laureaat, the international winner of Barcelona 2013. Hugo's yearlings have shown in the international races from Agen and Narbonne that the New Laureaat bloodline combines very well with his own long distance breed.

Hugo and Anita Batenburg

A great season

The 2016 long distance season has been a major success for the Batenburg-Van de Merwe combination. They have yet again won several national and international top prizes, and they were very close to winning a national first prize a few times as well: they won a 2nd National St. Vincent and a 3rd National Perpignan (hens). In addition, they further expanded on an already impressive series of top prizes, having now won a national top 30 prize in nine consecutive international races which Hugo and Anita competed in. This is quite a remarkable feat. Click here for an overview of all their top 30 prizes at national level. Below is an overview of their palmares for 2016, listing their top 100 results at national level:

19 Juny  Pau             1005 km   3788 p.   7-18-56-etc.(20/48)
26 Juny  Agen YLs         888 km   4679 p.   15-17-30-37-41-53-73-75-90-92-etc.(50/116)
2  July  Barcelona       1163 km   5239 p.   22-49-etc. (7/29)
         Hens                      1778 p.   10
8  July  St.-Vincent      997 km   3387 p.   19-etc.(10/18)
         Hens                       799 p.   2-22-23-89-100
15 July  Marseille        967 km   3320 p.   27-78-79-etc.(6/12)
         Hens                       825 p.   9
24 July  Narbonne         963 km   5042 p.   14-75-77-etc.(17/89)
         Hens                      1237 p.   6-22-68-79-82
29 July  Perpignan       1023 km   4027 p.   15-94-etc. (20/32)
         Duivinnen                 1079 p.   3-21-36-65-82-92-96

BE14-4261247 Naline, 3rd Best European Hen international races - 3 prizes (PIPA ranking)


The best racing hen of Hugo and Anita in 2016 is BE14-4261247 Naline. She is currently holding a 3rd place in the PIPA ranking for Best European Hen in the international races (3 prizes). We take a look at her results in the international races from St. Vincent, Perpignan and Pau:

St.-Vincent  1,015 km     16 – 2340 p.
Perpignan    1,078 km    197 – 2915 p.
Pau          1,065 km    241 – 2829 p.

Naline was bred from a joint breeding with Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE). The sire of Naline is BE11-4312932, a son of BE08-4298059 De Montauban (winner of a 5th National Montauban 6654 p.). The dam of Naline is closely related to Hugo's old Witbuik bloodline of Hugo. Click here for the full pedigree of Naline.

BE08-2222675 New Laureaat, 1st International Barcelona 2013 (25,382 p.)

New Laureaat

In 2016 the first youngsters and grandchildren of BE08-2222675 New Laureaat were put to the test in the international long distance competition. New Laureaat, which was raced by Luc Wiels (Roosdaal, BE) won a demanding 2013 edition of Barcelona, after having already won an 8th national Barcelona back in 2011. He also won the title of Gouden Vleugel in 2013. Hugo Batenburg and the PIPA Elite Centre then decided to try and obtain New Laureaat together. They paired him to a number of hens that are related to the old Witbuik breed of Hugo Batenburg. New Laureaat was also successfully paired to descendants of New Witbuik (1st National Barcelona 2012) and New Ace (1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2012). The fastest pigeons of this loft in the race from Agen and Narbonne were in fact a youngster and grandchild of New Laureaat, just like the best yearling in the PIPA ranking for Best European Yearling in the international races (2 prizes). We take a look at the descendants of New Laureaat that have come to the fore in 2016:

NL15-1689073 Son New Laureaat

National Agen 15e – 4679 p.
Sire:  BE08-2222675 New Laureaat
Dam:   NL13-1219575 Dght. New Witbuik
Click here for the full pedigree of Son New Laureaat

NL09-1244606 New Witbuik, 1st national Barcelona 2012. His daughters were successfully paired to New Laureaat

NL15-1689088 Grd. New Laureaat

National Agen 37th – 4679 p.
Sire:  NL13-1219307 Son New Ace
Dam:   NL14-1040321 Dght. New Laureaat
Click here for the pedigree of 15/088

NL15-1689131 Dght. New Laureaat

International Narbonne Jaarlingen 29th – 7811 p.
Sire:  BE08-2222675 New Laureaat
Dam:   NL09-1137527 Dght. Jonge Witbuik
The full pedigree of 15/131 can be found here

NL15-1689175 Grd. New Laureaat

International Narbonne Yearlings 8th – 7811 p.
Sire:  NL14-1040623 Son New Laureaat
Dam:   NL14-1040549 Dght. New Witbuik
Click here for the pedigree of 15/175  

NL15-1689192 Grs. New Laureaat

National Agen 41st – 4679 p.
Sire:  BE10-2209822 New Remy (1st national Barcelona 2014)
Dam:   NL13-1219566 Dght. New Laureaat
The full pedigree of the 15/192 can be found here

NL15-1689210 Dght. New Laureaat

30th Best European Yearling international races - 2 prizes (PIPA ranking)
Sire:  BE08-2222675 New Laureaat
Dam:   NL07-1765709 Dianne (granddaughter NL94-1340153 Witbuik 153)
Click here for the full pedigree of the 15/210

NL94-1340153 Witbuik 153, a son of NL81-1533120 De Witbuik. His descendants combined really well with New Laureaat

Jelle Jellema

The introduction of New Laureaat has been of great value not only for Hugo Batenburg. The renowned long distance fancier Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) achieved some great results this season with grandchildren of New Laureaat as well. He started the long distance season with seven grandchildren (yearlings), and five of them managed to win two prizes in two races. The most impressive result comes from NL15-1321022 Dafne, winner of a 3rd National Perpignan. Dafne is a granddaughter of New Laureaat paired to NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade (1st International Barcelona 2014). The dam of Dafne originates from the renowned lines of Jellema (Zwart Goud). The full pedigree of Dafne can be found here.

Promising results

The achievements of 2016 are quite promising indeed, as New Laureaat developed into a renowned breeder in no time. This is also thanks to the fact that his partners are related to some of the most renowned bloodlines.