Ending auction: Luc De Roeck

On Sunday 9 October the total sale of Luc De Roeck will end. This is your last chance to reinforce your breeding loft with birds of the Cannibal from Manage who won no less than four national races and one national title in the past twelve years.

Luc De Roeck (BE)

Total Auction

Dominate: this is what the Luc De Roeck's pigeons did for several decades. Often called the cannibal from Manage, this fancier left nothing for his opponents during his career and at all distances. But it is mainly during the last ten years that the De Roeck’s pigeons entered another dimension gaining here and there, several national triumphs. Since 2004, the record list of this fancier gained no less than four national victories, dozens of zonal victories, a title of Belgian National Champion, several classifications in the national championships and a huge amount of prizes in the national top 100.