Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) win 1st Nat. Argenton old birds

Team Vandenheede basketed 52 pigeons for Argenton, and they won a 1st National old birds, a 1st and 2nd Provincial old birds with their two first nominated, as well as a 1st Zone A2 yearlings. Additionally, six of them have won a national top 16 prize, while ten pigeons have finished in the top 100. Quite a performance!

The fanciers from the Heulestraat know how to dominate a race. The Vandenheede pigeons were once again overwhelmingly strong, overpowering the entire field of pigeons. Their racing birds arrived home in short succession, as you can tell from their times of arrival:

15h 37’ 29”:  1st Nat 13,629 olds and 1270.3153 m/min
15h 37’ 33”:  4th Nat 18,363 YL
15h 38’ 32”:  6th Nat olds
15h 39’ 57”: 16th Nat olds
15h 42’ 34”: 15th Nat YL
15h 42’ 40”: 16th Nat YL…

It continued like that, with pigeons arriving home quickly after another. This is their overall result:

Argenton Club 230 olds: 1-2-3-11-20-22-27-30 (7/9)
Prov        3,396 olds: 1-2-7-64… (preliminary top-100)
Nat        13,629 olds: 1-6-16-208-559-844-1013 (7/9)

Argenton club 527 yearlings:
1-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-12-13-15-17-33-35… (26/43 per 3)
Zone A2  6,694 yearlings: 1-6-7-12-14-28-34-36-37-39-58-69-219-234… (23/43)
Prov     4,707 yearlings: 3-7-8-16-17-29-35-38-40-41-64-75 (preliminary top-100)
Nat     18,363 yearlings: 4-15-16-35-41-77-97-101-104-106-172-197-568-609… (23/43)

The Vandenheede brothers are really fond of keeping pigeons. They are very tough to beat, and it does not matter if they basket a small or a large team of pigeons. Their best results with a small basket include the race from Cahors (1-7 club with 2 pigeons), Valence (5-11 club with 2 pigeons) and Montauban (1-16 club with 3 pigeons).

Their first four old birds from Argenton are also their first nominated pigeons (their 1st, 2nd, 4th and 3rd respectively).

1st and 2nd provincial and zonal, 1st and 6th national with 1st and 2nd nominated old birds

Their national first prize was obviously not a lucky win, since it was their first nominated 'Fashion' that claimed victory in Zingem. She is a small yet strong racing hen with quite an impressive palmares already:

-Fashion BE14-4000050

 1st  Nat Argenton           13,629 p. ’16 
74th  Nat Montluçon           9,462 p. ’16
113rd Prov Chateauroux        5,910 p. ’16
496th Zone A2 Bourges         5,147 p. ’16

12th  Zone A2 Gueret          4,878 p. ’15
2th   Zone A2 Chateauroux II  5,641 p. ’15
200th Zone A2 Montluçon       4,541 p. ’15
226th Nat La Souterraine      6,205 p. ’15
337th Nat Argenton I         19,925 p. ’15
167th Prov Issoudun           3,243 p. ’15

Sire: Sound of Victory BE05-4045201
Winner of a 1st Orleans 328 p. and a 21st Nat La Souterraine 15,406 p. He is the sire of a 1st Nat. Argenton 13,629 p., a 6th Nat. Chateauroux 18,725 p., an 8th Nat Tulle 6.695 p., and a 3rd Prov. Vierzon 5,076 p. He is a son of Gaspasjo BE01-4283220, which comes from a son of dream couple De Rauw-Sablon: stock breeder Frans 875/94 x Euro 339/93. The dam of Sound of Victory is Cooler Couleur BE04-6231885,a direct Jos & Jules Engels.

Dam: Etna BE12-4186219
A daughter of Marcelino BE07-4093008 (from Young Marseille 009/04 Aelbrecht x La Fille d’O 179/05) x Ranonkel BE05-4045124 (super class hen and winner of a a 1st Blois 1,245 p. & 1st Blois 1,127 p.).
Click here for the full pedigree and the palmares of Fashion

She was closely followed by a yearling (4th Nat.) and the team's second nominated old bird Hot Superke Freddy 1. He wins a 2nd provincial and zonal, as well as a 6th national old birds. He is another very talented racing bird in Team Vandenheede.

-Hot Superke Freddy 1 BE13-4050201

 2nd  Zone A2 Argenton       4,983 p. ’16 (behind loft mate Fashion)
 6th  Nat Argenton          13,629 p. ’16
158th Nat Montluçon          9,462 p. ’16
88th  Prov Chateauroux I     5,910 p. ’16

31st  Zone A2 Montluçon      2,686 p. ’15
62nd  Nat La Souterraine II  2,548 p. ’15
68th  Zone A2 Chateauroux II 3,150 p. ’15
55th  Prov La Souterraine I  1,009 p. ’15
73rd  Zone A2 Bourges        4,700 p. ’15
111th Nat Argenton          12,187 p. ’15
140th Zone A2 Gueret         4,003 p. ’15

35th  Prov Blois             1,327 p. ’14
62nd  Nat Gueret             9,815 p. ’14
142nd Nat Poitiers          14,094 p. ’14

Sire: Super Champ BE07-4093015
8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB
A top class racing bird and winner of an 8th Argenton 4,526 p., a 28th Nat. Cahors 7,347 p., a 53rd Nat. Brive 17,456 p., a 21st Gueret 4,798 p. and a 31st Souillac 3,290 p. He is a son of Reginald BE05-4045295 (a grandson of stock breeder Frans 875/94) x Trimelore BE05-4045199 (granddaughter of top breeders Jobo, Aline, and Cleopatra).

Dam: Superke Freddy BE09-5110383
A direct pigeon from the late Pros Roosen, bred from Topkweker Freddy BE94-4407032, which is the sire of Dromer, Kastaar, Blauwe Prins etc. He is a direct Vandenheede pigeon from Antigoon x ’t Krijt). He was paired to Dochter Super 36 BE08-5030472, which comes from ten-time first prize winner Super 36 x a daughter of stock sire Chateauroux of Pros Roosen.
Click here for the full palmares and the pedigree of Hot Superke Freddy 1

Last week Freddy and Jacques were close to a national first prize from Montluçon but they had to settle for 3rd place national old birds, and a 7th place national yearlings. Their team has been increasingly strong in recent weeks, as you can tell from their achievements in the national races in 2016 (see below). The well deserved victory came in Argenton, where the team claimed another national first prize, and was very successful overall.
​Team Vandenheede has been winning quite a few first prizes and championship titles over the years. Congratulations Freddy and Jacques, keep up the good work!

Some of their best results in the provincial and national races of 2016

Montluçon 130 olds: 1-2-3-4-6-8-10-11-13… (15/33 per 3-tal)
Prov 1,723 olds: 2-13-26-30-35-46…
Nat 9,462 olds: 3-31-60-74-85-113-158-160-330-473-615.. (17/33)

Montluçon 279 yearlings: 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-14-15-18-19-20-25-26-27-28-29… (42/98)
Prov 2,350 yearlings: 3-17-21-23-29-31-48-64-78-91-93…
Nat 10,753 yearlings: 7-67-86-93-110-117-197-255-297-341-348-441-457-458… (43/98)

Cahors Prov 1,483 olds: 4-44 (2/2)
Nat 6,164 olds: 11-151 (2/2)

Chateauroux Prov 5,910 olds: 52-84-88-89…
Nat 25,126 olds: 266-409-418-419-515-645… (19/25)

Chateauroux Prov 7,617 yearlings: 17-28-48-49-62-64-72-74-90…
Nat 29,591 yearlings: 78-116-202-203-258-264-291-293-345-538… (56/112)

Valence Nat 6,236 olds: 286-584 (2/2)

Limoges Prov 3,427 olds: 5-24-54-93-143-215-220-259-382-399…
Nat 13,493 olds: 18-127-262-402-593-812-820-956… (18/34)

Vierzon Prov 5,825 olds: 7-8-18-24-76-96-104-142-145-152… (29/34)