Laevens Marc - Vervaeke Roger, "Magnificent winners of nice and tough GUERET (2006)"

Laevens Marc – Vervaeke Roger Deerlijk
Jurgen Vervaeke (son); pharmacist Marc Laevens Roger Vervaeke Thomas Gyselbrecht

Saturday September 9: the time had come… Gueret, the final national game of season 2006
It was real pigeon weather with mainly east-northeast wind so the first pigeons would arrive in East- and West-Flanders, contrary to the previous national races… and indeed, they did. Although the young star Eric Berckmoes from Antwerp put up a real stunt by winning the first national Gueret old pigeons.

Over to Deerlijk… who is part of the team of Laevens-Vervaeke?
Mark Laevens is a pharmacist in Deerlijk. Due to a lack of time, he wasn’t able to practice pigeon sport in a solid way. Roger Vervaeke had several reasons to stop with pigeon racing in 1990… he was living close to high-voltage cables and suffered countless losses every year… most likely the worst place to be living as a pigeon fancier.
Roger and Marc decided to join forces in 1996 and son Jurgen Vervaeke is closely associated with pigeon racing as well. They’ve already had many memorable moments. Their talented ‘Goeie Blauwen’ for example has obtained a magnificent list of achievements: Chateauroux prov 118° 7201 p Limoges provincial prov 206° 3967 p Chateauroux prov 47° 4662 p Chateauroux prov 196° 4221 p Brive reg 1° 617 p
prov 4° 3200 p nat 34° 22026 p Limoges reg 1° 462 p prov 7° 3619 p Poitiers prov 151° 4190 p Chateauroux prov 151° 4061 p
They’re racing old and young pigeons. Since they’ve achieved the national victory with a young pigeon, we’ll go more deeply into the game with young pigeons…

Jurgen, Marc and Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht

The game with young pigeons

A young hen on widowhood (a hen of the 2° round) obtained the national victory. They’re practicing winter breeding; when the 2° round has been weaned, they start to darken all the young pigeons (from 6:00 PM until 8:00 AM) until about the 20th of February. The 1° round is darkened until approximately the 15th of June, the 2° round about 14 days longer. Some of the young cocks are coupled with old hens, the hens are coupled with the old widowers by the end of the season. When they have youngsters of about one week old in the nest, everything is removed and the game on widowhood begins.

The winner 3016297-2006
The winner is a beautiful blue hen with yellow eyes, a granddaughter of the previously mentioned champion ‘Goeie Blauwen’. The winner is rather tall, has a strong build and she’s difficult to hold. She was still in excellent shape on Wednesday after her triumph and she had 8 flight feathers. She was put in the company of her cock at 10:30 AM on the day she was basketed and she was offered the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with him. This seems to have been a special motivation factor because she put up an excellent performance….
National winner Gueret 2006 - 3016297-2006

National winner Gueret 2006 - 3016297-2006
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