Annick Goeteyn (Deinze, BE) has been in great form all season

Annick Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem had already won a provincial first prize from Orleans in late May, and her racing birds have continued to excel in the past few weeks with several first prizes and top results in the club, the province and at national level.

Annick Goeteyn appears to be well on her way to becoming a nationally renowned fancier. She has demonstrated this over the years with several provincial, zonal and even national first prizes (Gueret).
Two fantastic breeding pairs, Tsaby x Kim and Orlando x Nicofelia form the basis for this top class racing team that has been successful almost on a weekly basis. Almost every top result was won with a direct descendant of either of the two stock pairs.

Annick and her daughter Kim claimed a 1st Prov. Blois and a 1st Nat. Zone Tulle YLs last year, in a single week of racing. And the team already has a major result to their name in 2018 as well, in the form of a provincial first prize from Orleans in late May (click here to reread our report). The team was already in great form in the early season, and they continue to achieve great results week after week. That includes a double win from Chateauroux, a first prize from Bourges and again from Chateauroux, some early arrivals in Brive and Argenton, as well as some top 100 results at provincial and national level. Here is a look at their most prominent results:

23/6 Brive club   184 olds: 2-12-19-23-42 (5/7)
            Nat 9,278 olds: 25-256-340-397-945 (5/7)

23/6 Argenton 223 olds: 3-8-13-14-25-29-35-47-68 (9/12)
       Nat 11,837 olds: 38-207-406-407-667-853-1160-1502-2449 (9/12)

16/6 Chateauroux 101 olds (Waregem): 1-2-4-5-8-9-17-20-21-28 (10/16)
          Prov 2,714 olds: 36-37-76-79-116-151-291-351-352-414-726-837 (12/16)

16/6 Chateauroux 176 YLs (Waregem): 2-7-8-12-15-41 (10)
          Prov 2,992 YLs: 28-56-57-93-121-374-642-723 (8/10)

16/6 Chateauroux 172 olds (Wortegem): 21-24-25-26-33-55 (6/6)
16/6 Chateauroux 202 YLs (Wortegem): 28-30-61 (3/6)

09/6 Chateauroux 292 olds (Waregem): 1-64-68-77-78-80-86 (7/12)
          Nat 18,799 olds: 70… etc.

02/6 Chateauroux 426 olds (Wortegem): 10-21-29-45-57-89-124 (7/7)

26/5 Bourges 341 olds: 1-18-19-39-54 (5/6)
      Nat 20,284 olds: 33-476-482-973-1613 (5/6)

This is quite fantastic indeed.
Team Goeteyn has delivered on a weekly basis with a fairly small group of birds, which shows how talented both fancier and pigeon breed are. It appears a new chapter is about to be aded to the Goeteyn-Vanrenterghem success story.
Two strong women combined with super class birds; it is a potent combination!