Flanders Collection (Liederkerke, BE) excels from Brive 2015

Winning national top results with a small basket seems to have become very difficult in modern day pigeon racing. And yet, that is what Yannick Deridder and Bruno Van den Brande, better known as the Flanders Collection, have been doing.

Yannick Deridder and Bruno Van den Brane: a golden combination

Brive 2015

They have won 19 first prizes and 9 second prizes this season so far! They did really well in the race from Brive, achieving an excellent overall result with only 6 old birds in the basket.

Provincial - 560 pigeons
1-5-23-43 (4/6)
Zonal - 4,224 pigeons
3-12-94-202 (4/6)
National - 8,674 pigeons
4-19-174-407 (4/6) 

We discuss the first three pigeons in closer detail.

BE12-4073176 - Magnum - 1st Provincial Brive, 3rd Zonal, 4th National

This champion won a 1st provincial Brive against 500 old birds, while finishing in 4th place national. He missed the national first prize by seven minutes but he was the moral winner of the race, given the location of his loft and the wind direction that day. This was not his first great result: he also won a 5th national Zone B La Souterraine against 1,723 old birds in 2013 but was redrawn from the race due to a mistake in the basketing club. The race from Brive was his revenge. He also won a 7th against 2,171 pigeons from Angerville this season, as well as a 3rd from Gueret in the club against 422 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree – Click here for a full list of achievements

He has three highly successful brothers as well:

  • Maximus
    •       3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon (1st nom. in 4 nat. races) Vanrobaeys national championship 2012
    •       7th Nat. Ace Pigeon (best coefficient in nat. races) Vanrobaeys national championship 2012
    •       3x 1st prize
    •       And winner of a 2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-5-7-8-8-9-9-10 etc.
    •       3rd  Nat. Zone La Souterraine – 1,162 pigeons
    •       9th Nat. Zone Chateauroux – 476 pigeons
    •       12th Nat. Zone Bourges – 7,898 pigeons / 46th Nat. Bourges – 20,577 pigeons
    •       16th Nat. Zone Argenton – 730 pigeons
    •       56th Nat. Zone Bourges – 3,153 pigeons
  • Glorious
    •       2x 1st prize
    •       Fastest from Montlucon – 1,090 pigeons / 33rd Nat. Zone 2,545 pigeons
    •       And winner of a 1-1-3-5-7-8-9-9-10-10-11-11-12-12-12-12-13-15-17, etc.
  • Silver Wing 970
    •       1st FCD La Chatre – 1,151 pigeons / 168th Nat. Zone 7,806 pigeons / 511th Nat. 21,123 pigeons
    •       1st Chateauroux 376 pigeons / 4th prov. 1,047 pigeons / 17th Nat. Zone 9,112 pigeons / 56th Nat. 25,263 pigeons
    •       1st  Noyon – 148 pigeons
    •       And winner of a 2-5-6-6-7-7-8-9-10-13-13-18-18-19, etc.

BE13-4011443 -  Iron Fondman – 5th provincial / 12th zonal / 19th national

Winner of a 5th provincial against 560 old birds, and a 12th against 4,224 old birds in zone B. He finished in 19th place national against 8,674 old birds. Klik hier voor de pedigreeClick here for the full palmares

BE13-4011444 – Acy Fondman - 23rd provincial / 94th zonal / 174th national

This cock won a 23rd provincial against 560 old birds. He finished in 94th place in Zone B against 4,224 old birds, and took a 174th place national against 8,674 old birds. Click here for the full pedigree - Click here for a full list of achievements

Mohamet Al-Thani

It was remarkable to see Mohamet Al-Thani from Sprimont, known as the "Prince of Qatar" miss out on the national victory from Châteauroux II yearlings in the same weekend of the race from Brive. Al-Thani had clocked his control ring within the allowed time frame of 15 minutes, which means he had to settle for second national. The two parents come directly from the Flanders Collection, and were obtained in a PIPA auction earlier on.

To conclude

Major investments have been made in the further development of this breeding loft in recent seasons. Besides their De Rauw-Sablon breeding loft they also introduced some speed in their collection with pigeons of Dirk Van den Bulck, the sprint champion KBDB 2013. It proved quite a successful introduction.

We conclude with some excellent results (all won with a small basket as usual):

Soupes (weekend of Brive)
1st prize old birds (10 basketed) / 1st prize yearlings (10 basketed)

Chateauroux II
1-3-4  (5 basketed)

Chateauroux I – 416 yearlings:
1-3-4-12-25-… (9/11)

Bourges I – 651 olds
10-11-16-18-… (9/12)

Noyon (160km) – 74 pigeons
1-2-4-7- … (12/14)

Souppes (320km) – 127 pigeons
1-2-4-5-7-12-… (12/14)