Van Pamel - De Mulder win 1st National Bordeaux

The duo Van Pamel-De Mulder from Zuienkerke in West Flanders are the brand new winners of the national flight from Bordeaux. Their pigeon was clocked at 16:51 after flying a distance of 767 Km, which equals the speed of 1266 m/minute. This result places the pigeon 8 minutes before the pigeon of Gaston and Danny De Vooght, who was the 2nd National and almost 15 minutes before the the 3rd pigeon of Fans Waerniers… That is a proof that their 6 years old champion, the Blauwe SAN SEBASTIAN 3028305/98, who was second nominated out of two basketted pigeons, has done his very best to deserve all this fame. This was not the pigeon’s debut performance, already in 2001 he won 1st International SAN SEBASTIAN. Quite a unique thing in the pigeonsport, because pigeons of that kind generaly move to the land of rising sun for a fixed amount of money. For Van Pamel-De Mulder, who runs a business with lawnmovers, is the pigeon sport a pure hobby. That is why the pigeon was then not sold, but simply further raced. After his excellent performance from Bordeaux will be the pigeon not raced anymore, but there are still doubts about possible selling, even though there are now “big fish” who want to buy the pigeon. But from the headquarters of Van Pamel –De Mulder we get to hear that it is necessary to sleep on it a night or two...

The 1st National Bordeaux winner comes from a very strong family of long distance pigeons. His two brothers have made it by now into the first 120 international from Dax, third brother made an excellent time from Marseille in 2001, on the very same day when the Blauwe SAN SEBASTIAN himself won the 1st International from this liberation place.

His father is a pigeon that was bought from Jules SAMYN, a famous loft for sprint and middle distance in Bredene.

The mother is a pigeon from Marcel De Meyer from Tiegem, who owned a loft of true long distance pigeons - real overnighters. The mother comes from the ‘194-DE MEYER’ (direct Marcel De Meyer) x VANDENBUSSCHE hen, bought from Valere Vandenbussche from Oostende. According to our host, the pigeons took after his father speed-wise and after his mother stamina- wise. Very logic reasoning.

Here in Zuienkerke, the pigeons get rather special preparation. The current national winner stayd until the end of April in an open volière, afterwards he was put back into the loft. The pigeon didnt have that season the chance to raise youngsters, he could only sit on the eggs for 6 days. This was already after Brive, where he won a nice prize, still three weeks till Bordeaux. Before his departure on his “race for fame”, the national winner couldn’t see his hen, only his dish was turned over so that he could sit and wiggle around in it a bit, before he was basketted. In Bordeaux, the duo Van Pamel-De Mulder wins 2 prizes out of 2 regional and also national.

Apart from the above mentioned names, their loft is based on pigeons of Marc Pollin from Snellegem and of Doctor Martin Ravelinghien from Tiegem, who has made a big succes with offsprings of his “grey kind”. The season was started with 32 widowers, from which there are 25 left over in a good shape at the moment, the rest doesn’t meet the criteria. During their whole carrier have Van Pamel-De Mulde raced with long distance pigeons, and the youngsters were raced for the first time only on flights further than Chartres or Paris.

The duo tries to avoid medication like the plague, although in the beginning of the season, it is often necessary to treat older pigeons against coccidiosis. The pigeons get once a week vitamines and two times a week “Cell Oxygen” is administered with the feed. To put it simply – pigeonsport without too many frills, with a very good approach wich made a big jump to the top of international and national races possible. The 1st Internat San Sebastian 2001 and the brand new 1st National Bordeaux (which is the very same pigeon!) is the living example of their succes!!