Descendants of top pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel perform outstandingly well in the loft of Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL)

The name of Arie Dijkstra is often associated with that of his world class pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel, the descendants of which have had yet another great season, winning several top prizes in different races. Leonardo x Tinkelbel is without doubt one of the best breeding pairs in The Netherlands.

Arie Dijkstra lives in the town of Oudwoude in the Friesland region. The 49 year old pigeon fanatic is the proud owner of this exceptional breeding combination, which is called Leonardo x Tinkelbel. We take a closer look at this world famous breeding pair.


The sire in Ari’s world class breeding pair is the blue coloured NL05-1857139 Leonardo. He is a son of the pair Big Boom x Evita, and he is a late youngster of 2005. He is without doubt a top class breeder. Only a few youngsters were bred from him in 2006, and one of them was Choco 606, winner of a 1st and 2nd prize. The dam of Choco 606 is Fire. Leonardo was paired to Tinkelbel in 2007, and it was the start of an exceptional pairing. Leonardo has developed into one of the best breeding cocks in The Netherlands. In his first season as a breeder he became the sire of Ikidoki (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon one day long distance '08), Spikkeltje (1st Champion one day long distance rayon/entente '08) and Boogie (1st Ace Pigeon long distance club Friesland '09). Over the years he has bred an impressive list of successful racing birds. His own parents, Big Boom and Evita, were an excellent pair as well: their descendants have won more than 110 first prizes up until 2014. Leonardo proved a worthy successor of his parents. Click here for the full pedigree of Leonardo.


The blue coloured hen NL04-4256369 is the hen in the Leonardo x Tinkelbel pair. Tinkelbel was a phenomenal racing hen and probably an even better breeder. She won a 1st St. Ghislain 4,317 p., a 2nd Houdeng 5,908 p., a 3rd Blois 1,240 p. and a 10th Orléans 1,527 p. Her sire Lichte Morlincourt is an outstanding breeding cock and sire of several top birds. He was inbred to stock pair Tijger x 't Strikje. The parents of Lichte Morlincourt are grandchildren of this stock pair, and were bred from stock dam De Strik and 't Grijs Orléanske respectively. The dam of Tinkelbel is a daughter of Dikke Blauwe, which is also the dam of Golden Girl (1st Ace Pigeon old birds, 1st champion sprint, 1st champion natour, 2nd champion middle distance, 4x 1st, 6x 2nd and 4x 3rd). Dikke Blauwe was 2nd champion middle distance CCG and 1st champion Natour as a one year old, and he was best ace pigeon old birds in the CCG at the age of five. Tinkelbel developed into one of the best breeding hens in The Netherlands. She was paired to Leonardo in 2007, and they became a world class pair. In her first year in the breeding loft she became the dam of Okidoki, Spikkeltje and Boogie (see earlier). The same pair that bred Tinkelbel has bred a few more great breeders, including De Geschelpte 56, Maximus and Benjamin. Click here for the fulll pedigree of Tinkelbel.


Countless references

As in previous years, the descendants of this pair have not only been successful in Arie Dijkstra's loft but in countless other lofts as well. It would be impossible to include all these fanciers in our article but Arie has made us an overview - click here for an overview of all the references. It is difficult to pick out one of these pigeons but we think Blue Prinses NL14-1394978 of Jacob and Antje Poortvliet deserves a special mention. Blue Princess has won the following prizes in the one day long distance this season:

4th NPO Gien against 6,022 pigeons.
8th NPO Souppes-sur-Loing against 6,886 pigeons
13th NPO Sens against 8,211 pigeons (and 1st – 1,046 p.)

Both her parents originate from a direct Arie Dijkstra. The sire is a grandson of Ajax (bred from a brother of Leonardo x Tinkelbel). The dam is a grandson of Stone (brother Leonardo) and Marta (daughter of Benjamin, a brother of Tinkelbel). Both Stone and Leonardo are sons of stock pair Big Boom x Evita. Click here for the full pedigree of Blue Prinses. Blue Prinses is currently the number one in the PIPA ranking for best long distance bird NL. Click here for the current ranking.

A great result for Arie in the NPO race from Souppes-sur-Loing

The race from Souppes-sur-Loing was a race to be remembered for Arie: he won a 2nd and 5th NPO against no less than 6,892 pigeons. These are the two prize winners from Souppes-sur-Loing:

Nescio - 2nd NPO Souppes-sur-Loing 6,892 pigeons (and 1st against 2,939 pigeons)


Nescio (NL14-1390594) is a son of Genesis (from Boogie x Nienke) and Tori (from Late vd Strik x Het Grijs Orléanske). Nescio is fully inbred to the old breed. For instance, Boogie is a son of Leonardo x Tinkelbel, while Nienke is a daughter of Big Boom x Evita, making her a full sister of Leonardo. Late vd Strik is a brother of Big Boom, making him a grandfather of tinkelbel. Last but not least, Grijs Orléanske is a niece of Big Boom and Late vd Strik. Nescio is a full brother of Oscar, winner of a 1st St. Quentin 3,182 p. and a 1st Gennep against 4,804 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of Nescio.

Alberto - 5th NPO Souppes-sur-Loing against 6,892 pigeons

Alberto (NL14-1503846) had been given to him by Albert Timmerman from Steenwijk, simply because the dam of Alberto has been invaluable in Albert's loft. This dam is De 726, a daughter of Leonardo x Tinkelbel. Descendants of 726 have won a 1st prov. Boxtel 19,604 p., a 1st Prov. St.Quentin 13,661 p., a 2nd Prov. Quievrain 10,802 p., a 2nd Nat. Morlincourt 6,297 p., a 2nd NPO Sens 9,934 p. and an 8th NPO Sens 5,592 p. Click here for the full pedigree of Alberto.

Back on track

It was no surprise that Arie Dijkstra would make his way back to the top after his PIPA auction in 2012. His team is back on track and there is no holding back. The perfect proof is theri 2nd and 5th prize in the NPO race from Souppes-sur-Loing. What does Arie have in store for us in the remainder of the 2015 season? We will keep an eye on him for sure.