Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen, NL) takes impressive overall result in NPO one day long distance race from Sens

The race from Sens was the first NPO one day long distance race of 2015 for rayons 5 to 8 in Province 10 North East Holland. Gerard Koopman came out as the big winner, not only claiming a first prize but having an impressive six pigeons in the top ten.

Team Koopman takes places 1-3-4-5-8 and 9 NPO Sens

All provinces organised their first one day long distance race NPO of the season last weekend, and the southern part of Province 10 picked Sens as their release site. Again, no races took place on Saturday due to unfavourable weather. Pigeons were eventually released on Sunday at 8:15, with the pigeons of Team Koopman having to cover 563km. Their pigeons did a flight from Quievrain the week before Sens, where they put in a brilliant effort. As a result, hopes were high for Sens, as the team of Gerard appeared in great shape exactly when they needed to. Below are the overall results from Quievrain (Rayon 7, Province 10) and the NPO race from Sens (Rayon 5 to 8, Province 10):

17 May Quievrain 338 km 1994 p. 1-2-3-4-5-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-
                                21-25-33-38-40-42-44-48-49-etc. (108/218)
24 May Sens      563 km 4237 p. 1-3-4-5-8-9-17-19-20-21-22-27-28-29-

NPO One day long distance race Sens

The cocks and hens are kept in traditional widowhood in Ermerveen, except for the first races of the season, when the partners are kept waiting at home. The breeding boxes of the cocks are partly open, and they have access to the breeding bowl. The hens are not being shown. However, a different approach was used for the basketing of the widower hens for Sens. For the first time this season they could spend about 30 minutes together with their partners. The first four pigeons from Sens were actually hens but the team of cocks had a great race as well. For most of the Koopman pigeons the flight from Sens was their 7th race in the 2015 season. Pigeons were given a Beijters mixture called All In One in the week before Sens. This is a mixture that contains additional animal proteins. They were also given DHP's new feed supplement (Koopman, Variamix).


There was a remarkably high number of yearlings in the winning team from Sens: there were 61 one year olds. Many fanciers are hesitant to basket their yearlings in the first NPO race of the season but the fancier from Ermerveen does not mind. In fact, both the 3rd and 4th NPO Sens were one year old hens. This is how Gerard prepared his young birds' team of 2014 for the 2015 season: the one year olds that he basketed for Sens are young birds that were partially darkened and that competed in the 2014 program races. Another part of the team consists of non darkened summer youngsters that were trained in the Natour and Taart races. Afterwards, the young birds were released twice near the French border, for a trip of just over 330km. To prepare for Sens 2015, the pigeons were raced six times, with a flight from St. Quentin being the longest one (406km).

NL02-2373002 Cassius, grandfather Fahsai 1st NPO Sens

Fahsai 1st NPO Sens 4237 p.

The strongest pigeon of the impressive Koopman team was NL13-5310073 Fahsai. This vetkras hen was the fastest of a total of 4237 basketed pigeons from Sens with a velocity of 1304 mpm. Her pedigree shows that her grandfather is NL02-2373002 Cassius, which proves that Kleine Dirk continues to influence the Koopman pigeon breed. After all, Cassius is a son of Kleine Dirk which was paired to his sister NL99-5971341 Annelies. Cassius is also the sire of Daydream, 1st NPO Ablis (8519 p.) and grandfather of Jerson, Olympiad Pigeon Cat. C Nitra 2013. The inbred descendants of Kleine Dirk combine really well with top pigeons of other bloodlines. Fahsai originates for instance from the bloodlines of BE12-3013470 Pollin 470, a daughter of BE04-3003154 Dortmunder, Olympiad Pigeon Category Long Distance Dortmund 2009 for Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE). Click here for the full pedigree of Fahsai.

NL09-1674343 Magic Victory, the dam of 3rd NPO Sens

Dochter Pricus x Magic Victory 3rd NPO Sens

The third prize from Sens was won by the chequered hen NL14-4750788. Her dam is a daughter of NL00-4728193 Ermerveen's Hope, a strong racing bird and a son of Kleine Dirk's sister Judy, and winner of a 1st Orléans 9188 p. Ermerveen's Hope was 2nd Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2002 and 1st Olympiad Pigeon 2003 in the sports class category all round. The dam of Magic Victory is NL06-1597157 Zina, 2nd National Ace Pigeon NPO One day long distance 2007. The bloodline of Kleine Dirk was now paired to BE12-6323131 Pricus, a son of BE03-6460062 Gladiator of B & L Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE), 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Porto 2005 for Belgium. Click here for the full pedigree of NL14-4750788.

NL01-1135568 Brandon, sire of 4th NPO Sens

NL14-4750882 4th NPO Sens

The fourth prize was won by NL14-4750882. His sire is NL01-1135568 Brandon, a son of NL88-2763913 Ons Louis (NPO winner Bourges in 1993). Brandon was paired to BE05-4391941 Hebberecht 941, a granddaughter of BE99-4262210 Pancho of Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE). Pancho was National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2004. Click here for the pedigree of NL14-4750882.


Fien, 5th NPO Sens

Another chequered hen that managed to finish in the top 5 in the NPO race from Sens is NL13-5310047 Fien. She is a daughter of the aforementioned NL02-2373002 Cassius (Kleine Dirk x his sister Annelies). Fien had already won a 1st Quievrain 2817 pigeons. Tthe dam of Fien is BE12-2080229 Derwa 229. She is in turn a daughter of BE06-2090139 Paulien of Albert Derwa (Herent, BE), 8th National Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. 2007. Click here for the pedigree of Fien.

NL10-1109753 Zara, the dam of 8th NPO Sens

Son Pricus x Zara

The NL13-4727672 (8th NPO Sens) is a son of NL10-1109753 Zara and BE12-6323131 Pricus, and he is another example of the successful combination of Kleine Dirk paired to the pigeons of B & L Geerinckx. Click here for his complete pedigree.

NL07-5724619 Amastar, dam of 9th NPO Sens

NL12-4703579 9th NPO Sens

To conclude we introduce you to the blue band hen NL12-4703579, the last Koopman pigeon to finish in the top 10 NPO from Sens. She is a daughter of NL07-5724619 Amastar. Click here for the pedigree of NL12-4703579.

To conclude

We are only seven flights into the 2015 racing season and Team Koopman has already managed to win a prestigious NPO victory. Their impressive performance in Sens, where just over 40 pigeons arrived home within no more than fifteen minutes' time, makes us wonder how long it will take for Team Koopman to take another important win.