The bloodlines of Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) are well represented at the Budapest Olympiad

Two Dutch and Two Polish pigeon fanciers will be attending the Budapest Olympiad with a collection heavily based on the lines of Veenstra, with Mr. Blue, Special Blue and Dolce Vita playing a prominent role once again.

We think almost everything has been said about Pieter Veenstra, who organised a total auction in 2012 before making an impressive comeback with a team of yearlings in 2013. It demonstrates that Pieter is a skilled fancier with a collection of top quality pigeons. Today, his top class pigeons have become a vital part of many other lofts at home and abroad as well. Descendants of super class pigeons Mr. Blue, Dolce Vita, Special Blue and others have demonstrated their exceptional value time and time again. This year’s Olympiad in Budapest had no less than four pigeons that were based on Pieter’s exceptional breed. The Netherlands were represented by Olympic Toe of Douwe & Pieter Soepboer (Burgum, NL) and Esmee of Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga (Harkema, NL). Poland sent their Super Anna, winner in the long distance competition.

PL0235-10-867 Super Anna

Super Anna was the best pigeon of Poland in 2014, and she took the first prize in the long distance at the Budapest Olympiad. Both her parents carry the bloodlines of Veenstra’s Mr. Blue. Click here for the full pedigree of Super Anna.

NL11-1162778 Olympic Toe

Olympic Toe of Douwe & Peter Soepboer finished in third in the one day long distance in Budapest, and he was also best one day long distance pigeon of 2014 in The Netherlands in the WHZB/TBOTB competition. Click here for the full pedigree of Olympic Toe. 

The dam of Olympic Toe (NL09-1647200) comes from two direct pigeons of Pieter Veenstra. The sire of this 200 is the 415, which is in turn bred from Blue Wonder x Daughter Gladiator. The dam of the 200 is Sissy, which is probably one of Pieter’s best hens ever. For instance, she was the best hen in the WHZB competition in The Netherlands in 2009. The sire of Sissy is a half brother of the world famous Mr. Blue, best cock and 3rd best Ace Pigeon WHZB. The dam of Sissy is a daughter of Champ 49, which also won the title of Best Long Distance Pigeon WHZB. The full pedigree of the dam of Olympic Toe can be found here.

NL12-1005204 Esmee

Esmee of Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga represented The Netherlands in the Budapest Olympiad as well. Esmee finished as 9th ace pigeon allround TBOTB in 2013, and became first ace pigeon old birds WHZB/TBOTB in 2014. She originates from Seiko from her father’s side, and the sire of Seiko is Rolex, which won the title of best pigeon WHZB in 2009. The dam of Seiko is a granddaughter of Mr. Blue. Click here for Esmee's pedigree.

Stock breeders

It would be almost impossible to list every stock breeder in Pieter’s collection but some of the most prominent ones include Mr. Blue, Special Blue and Dolce Vita. Mr. Blue was one of the best racing birds in The Netherlands for two seasons but he was even more successful as a breeder. Basically every top class racing bird today is to some extent related to Mr. Blue.

He is for instance the sire of Special Blue, and Special Blue is in turn the dam of an impressive number of world class descendants. She is the dam of Rolex, Ultima, Golden Blue and last but not least the exceptional Dolce Vita.


A one loft race in Rumania was won by a pigeon of Jan Hooijmans (Kerkdriel, NL) from the lines of Harry x Davinci this season. Meanwhile, 16 pigeons made it through to the next round in a South African one loft race, one of which belonged to the team of Jan Hooijmans as well (14th). Both these pigeons originate from the lines of Pieter Veenstra. The 7th edition of the Belgian Masters in Nevele was won by the Van Wanrooij combination (Geffen, NL) with a 50% Veenstra pigeon. 
The pigeons of Pieter Veenstra have an impressive track record, as the descendants of Mr. Blue, Dolce Vita, Special Blue and others continue to achieve brilliant results both in their home loft in Drachtstercompagnie and in lofts all over the world.