PIPA Collectors Edition III is now available

It begins to look like a repeating scene; pigeon fanciers displacing each other at the stand of PIPA, like at the front row of a rock concert, eager to get what they want. Again in 2014 and 2015 - in Lang Fang and at the Olympiad in Budapest - the same appeared. The trophy that lead to this excitement? The release of the 3rd version of PIPA Collectors Edition.

The entire PIPA Team is very proud of the final result, that lead to so much enthusiasm at the International shows. The combination of the world’s best fanciers presenting their exclusive pigeons in an impressing lay-out under the PIPA flag still leads to great success. PIPA already adjudged an ‘online’ preview half December, it is now possible to order the book and have it send home.

Click here to acquire your version of PIPA Collectors Edition III.